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Hire Dedicated .NET Developers

Hire dedicated dot NET developers and employ Belitsoft capacity for rapid scaling and their years of experience in .NET team dedicated building and have your software product delivered in a timely manner. Our net programmers specialize in constructing .NET business software for a variety of industries, including healthcare, eLearning, logistics, financial, and more. Belitsoft dedicated teams have developed expertise in the building of a wide range of web, cloud, IoT, and mobile applications.


Pick Belitsoft specialized dedicated .NET developers to double the app development pace and cut its costs up to 50%. To deliver the top-level services, we hire experienced professionals in NET solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated .NET Developers

  1. You save the budget. On a long-term basis, it is often more cost-effective to hire dedicated dot NET developers than to bring in full-time net programmers or recruit via a consulting web development firm with monthly or weekly payments.
  2. You scale the net development team swiftly. Adjust the team size to the changing specific requirements and timelines of the project quickly, which is far more troublesome with in-house net experts developers.
  3. You get access to a wider pool of specialists. Hire dedicated dot NET developers worldwide with no location limits. Get the best programmers with specialization in the NET technologies and tools for efficient software development.

Hire profesional Net developers and craft your business-critical application into a robust, innovative NET solution under a friendly budget. Let’s discuss it now.

How to Hire Dedicated .NET Developers that 100% Match Your App Development Project

Step 1: Gather project requirements

Start the process by scheduling a call with our experienced specialists. Share the details of your application development project and business objectives, and receive expert guidance in defining the ideal dedicated team structure and collaboration model. If required, receive specialized consulting on .NET application development.

Step 2: Define the skills and qualifications needed for the project

To hire the Net developers that suit the specifications of your dot net project, we create a list of know-how to evaluate in the technical interview and assessment. Here is an example:

Hard Skills

  • Sound knowledge of the .NET framework and its components, such as .Net (.Net Framework, .Net Core 1-3, .Net 5-6-7), ASP.Net (MVC3/MVC4/MVC5, Web API 2), ASP.Net Core, Xamarin
  • Hands-on experience with .NET libraries, like AutoMapper, Swashbuckle, Polly, Dapper, MailKit, Ocelot
  • Familiarity with .NET IDE and text editors, like Visual Studio (Code) or Rider
  • Hands-on experience in integrating and managing databases, like MS SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, CosmosDB
  • Higher proficiency in .NET testing tools, like Coded UI Test, dotTrace, dotCover, NUnit
  • Proficiency in doing server-side and client-side implementations
  • Knowledge of Azure cloud computing platform
  • Comprehension of the Agile software development method

Soft Skills

  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Client-first mindset
  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities
  • Attention to detail and competence to write clean and maintainable code
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies quickly

Step 3: Create a high-level project plan and estimate 

Depending on your goals, we prepare a high-level .NET project plan with a tech roadmap, preliminary estimate, and a hiring strategy detailed on skill set and experience for your dedicated development team.

Step 4: Interview and shortlist the top talents to match your .NET project

This phase selects a few outstanding Net developers from the many that were evaluated.

We look for the perfect candidates in our pool for you first.

If not, then we hunt, run campaigns, and use our recruiting strength to hire NET programmers matching your specs. Through a series of technical interviews, practical tests, code reviews, and live coding during an interview, we test the candidates for coding skills in .NET technologies, understanding of the agile process, well-documented code, a disciplined approach to testing, and communication skills.

The last step is arranging interviews with the shortlisted .NET developers for you regularly.

Thus, our clients skip the tiresome and costly HR process and step in while closing the hiring relevant dedicated dot net developers.

Step 5: Sign agreements to ensure your privacy and ownership

Our experts will create an MSA, an agreement that includes non-disclosure of information, NDA, and a full-proof legal contract to protect your IP after you confirm their competence in NET development.

Step 6: Deploy and onboard a dedicated .NET team

Upon signing, the hired .NET team, comprising software developers, UI designers, QA specialists, and project managers (if needed), are ready to work on your project. We hire them for or integrate with your development team immediately.

Services that Dedicated .NET Developers from Belitsoft Provide

Our .NET developers bring their extensive expertise and employ agile development methodologies to ensure we execute your project professionally and on time. We assist you with the full-cycle .NET development services listed below.

Web App .Net Development

Build a .NET web application either on-premise or in the cloud, with powerful back-end, secure databases (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.), and responsive front-end, and apply REST APIs and microservices to scale the app faster. Belitsoft leverages the complete set of .NET tools to design, deliver, and test lightweight, stable, scalable web-based dot net applications for medical, health-tech, scientific, or business purposes.

.NET Mobile App Development

Develop a .NET mobile application on .NET MAUI or Xamarin frameworks. Our engineers will write clean code on C#, create an engaging client-side web UI (.NET MAUI Blazor and rich UI component ecosystem), store data securely and use authentication flows with .NET MAUI cross-platform APIs, libraries (Xamarin.Forms, SkiaSharp, etc.), and much more. Our .Net developers manage complex mobile app development projects and create cross-platform solutions.

.NET Cloud App Development

We can couple cloud technologies effectively with .NET applications for faster, more secure data operations. Our software architects deploy cost efficient .NET applications in the cloud (Azure, AWS, or others), perform load balancing (ALB, NLB, etc.), configure cloud infrastructure, handle storage solutions using database services (e.g., Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora), and supervise automated backup, recovery, and scaling.

.Net Application Modernization

Our offshore .NET developers migrate any outdated application to the latest ASP.NET or .Net architecture, yet you stay ahead of the technological advancements. We aim to modernize your .NET application by updating the technology stack, enhancing databases, conducting query profiling, executing targeted revisions of legacy code, and redesigning software architecture as necessary.

.NET SaaS Application Development

.NET technology offers great potential for developing SaaS platforms in the cloud, so our .NET developers build for you SaaS apps to provide users with subscriptions and online updates.

.Net Database Management

To design and manage your database, our .NET developers set up its streamlined and automated running process.

.NET Integration Services

To incorporate .NET applications with other critical systems within your organization, our .NET developers use their years-long expertise. They are skilled in integrating APIs and Microsoft products such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and others to improve your application performance.

.Net Customization Services

Our specialized .Net development services focus on modifying and adapting the .NET framework to meet specific business requirements and needs. This includes customizing existing .NET applications, creating the new ones, and integrating .NET with other technologies. We cover the development of custom .NET components, modules, and extensions, as well as the creation of custom user interfaces and integration with other systems and data sources.

Enterprise .NET Development

Belitsoft provides robust, scalable, and secure .NET solutions aimed to meet the individual needs of your enterprise and help in achieving business goals. Our dedicated .NET developers create .NET-based enterprise solutions that streamline your business operations and maximize revenue.

.NET Application Maintenance and Support Services

We provide quick and high-quality maintenance and support outset to ensure fast page load times, seamless plugin functionality, automated backup services, reduced downtime, updated software versions, security, and more.

Get secure, scalable, and reliable .NET apps with eye-catchy and responsive UI/UX for a smooth support of SDK/API integrations and your business goals success. Our .NET experts are ready to answer your questions.

Cost of .NET Development Services from Belitsoft

At Belitsoft, we tailor the project cost individually to fit your budget and only charge for the hours spent on your project.

The price of .NET app development services varies based on several factors. The most important one in case of hiring a dedicated team is the experience level of the selected .NET developers. Also, we consider the project's scope and the number of hours needed to complete the work.

Why Dedicated .NET Developers from Belitsoft

At Belitsoft, we work with mature tech teams and enterprises to augment their development capacity. We not only build teams, but also deliver value across the entire project lifecycle. We take pride in rigorous screening and selecting only the top-tier .NET developers to create high-performance and dynamic web applications that meet your unique needs.

We work with startups, SMBs, and enterprise customers to provide the skills for any business idea. We recognize the value of having the right NET technology and tools in place for startups, and bring years of expertise to favor your digital transformation and business growth.

Expert Talent Matching

At Belitsoft, we carefully select your dedicated .NET developers to guarantee a prime talent of the highest quality. Out of multiple applicants, we select only a few matching your project. You will collaborate with engineering specialists (not generic recruiters or HR representatives) to comprehend your NET application development objectives, technical requirements, and team dynamics. Our network reaches expert-vetted skills to match your business demands.

No freelancers

All your .NET developers are Belitsoft’s employees on a full-time basis who have passed a multi-step skills examination process.

Quick start

Reckoning the vacant .NET programmers of our pool and your launch time progress, you can start working with them within 48 hours of signing up.

High developers’ retention level

We keep core developers on a NET project long enough to achieve the expected results. For that, we have implemented a culture of continuous learning to favor constant evolution and prime motivation among employees. We also review employees to estimate the level of productivity, satisfaction, and potential and to detect interpersonal problems timely that usually lead to bad performance.

Scale as needed

Scale your NET development team up or down as needed to save the budget or push up the product delivery to the market.

Seamless hiring

We handle all aspects of billing, payments, and NDA’s while you focus on building a great NET application development solution.


18 years in .NET development with multiple large projects for Healthcare, eLearning, FinTech, Logistics, and other domains.

Transparency of project management

At Belitsoft, we aim to simplify project management for you by assigning a proficient PM to handle your project. To keep you informed, we provide regular updates on the development project's progress through various means: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, email, and call. We use advanced KPIs such as cycle time and team velocity to give you a clear insight into the project's status, so you can track NET development progress with ease.

Flexible Engagement Models

When you partner with Belitsoft and involve dedicated .NET developers, you have access to flexible engagement models to cater your unique app development requirements - full- or part-time, or on specific projects. This allows for a personalized and customized approach to your project, ensuring that we deliver it efficiently and effectively.

Security Prioritization

At Belitsoft, the confidentiality of your data, ideas, and workflows is of utmost importance to us. Our NET programmers operate transparently and are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements to ensure the security of your information. We also take following the rules seriously and always stick to important guidelines for software creation to give you a sense of security.

Join fast-scaling startups and Fortune 500 companies that have put their trust in our developers for their business concepts.

How Our .NET Developers Ensure Top Code Quality

Coding best practices

We focus on developing secure, high-quality code by using the best tools and techniques.

  1. Code violation detection tools like SonarQube and CodeIt.Right to check code quality.
  2. Adherence to .NET coding guidelines and use of style checking tools.
  3. Strict adherence to data security practices.
  4. Quality metric tools like Reflector for decompiling and fixing .NET code.
  5. Custom modifications for token authentication to enhance password security.
  6. Optimal utilization of inbuilt libraries and minimization of third-party dependencies.
  7. Refactoring tools like ReSharper for C# code analysis and refactoring features.
  8. Descriptive naming conventions and in-code comments for clarity.
  9. Detailed code documentation.
  10. Code that is split into short and focused units.
  11. Use of frameworks APIs, third-party libraries, and version control tools.
  12. Ensured code portability and standardization through automation.

Unit testing

We thoroughly test the code to ensure that the code we deliver meets all requirements and functions as intended:

  1. Creation of unit tests as part of the functional requirements specification.
  2. Testing of code behavior in response to standard, boundary, and incorrect values.
  3. Utilization of the XUnit community-based .NET unit testing tool to meet design and requirements and confirm expected behavior.
  4. Rerunning of tests after each significant code change to maintain proper performance.
  5. Conducting memory testing and monitoring .NET memory usage with unit tests.

Code review

We have a robust code review process to ensure the quality and accuracy of our work, including:

  1. Ad hoc review - review performed on an as-needed basis.
  2. Peer review - review performed by fellow developers.
  3. Code walkthrough - step-by-step review of the code.
  4. Code inspection - thorough examination of the code to identify any potential issues or improvements.

Top dedicated .NET developers are in high demand. Hire your stellar team at Belitsoft now!

Success Stories of Businesses That Hire Dedicated .NET Developers at Belitsoft

Skilled .NET Developers to Develop Highly Secure Enterprise Software with Scalable Architecture and Fast Performance

Our client, an international enterprise, had a legacy Resource Management System with slow web access and limitations in functionality. The enterprise didn't have its own in-house developers, so it hired dedicated .NET developers from Belitsoft in order to modernize its IT infrastructure fast and resolve the pressing issues.

Their request was a high-performing and easily scaling team that can be involved in the project on demand. Belitsoft fulfilled the client's requests by maintaining the core of 8 back-end and 4 front-end .NET developers on the project that showcased high performance and fast delivery of results.

Belitsoft has taken the responsibility for the full-cycle software development process. Together with .NET developers, Belitsoft's team covered a Business analyst, Project manager, Designer, Frontend developers, and QA engineers.

Our .NET developers resolved slow performance issues by optimizing databases, transferring the business logic to the backend, automating complex processes, and migrating the software to Azure.

After resolving the first challenge, our dedicated team developed a custom app to give the enterprise’s top management full visibility of the organizational workflows and the possibility of stepping into strategically important tasks.

Find the full case study in our portfolio – Custom Development Based on .NET For a Global Creative Technology Company. Or let’s talk directly about your case.

15+ Stellar .NET Developers to Meet High Investors’ Expectations in Tight Deadline

Our client, an Independent Software Vendor, built a B2B BI software for digital employee experience management. After gaining a $100M investment, the business stakeholders got not only the budget for further evolution but also multiple responsibilities that had to be fulfilled in tight terms to meet investors’ expectations.

The current in-house capacity of the ISV was insufficient for the exploded new workload. The business had to expand its workforce by 40% in one year to fulfill the plan.

To urgently hire dedicated .NET developers for the project, the ISV needed a reliable partner with strong project management and problem-solving skills and a well-organized recruiting process. Having received a positive reference about Belitsoft, the ISV partnered with us.

The request was to recruit only senior-level, top talents with years of hands-on expertise. Another must-have was a high retention level within a team.

Belitsoft set up a steady, step-by-step pipeline to meet the client’s request:

  • Hiring dot net developers through interviewing and filtering dozens of .NET developers to shortlist the best ones
  • Introducing the new specialists with the most effective techniques for exchanging information and offering guidance
  • Scaling up the team quickly by supplying the client with 2-3 shortlisted NET experts for the client’s personal interview every week

We have built a full-stack team of 16 senior, highly experienced .NET developers in less than a year. Besides, we ensured high retention as the key to achieving great domain expertise, which leads to rapid web development and outstanding results.

Belitsoft's recruitment and staff management strategies helped the customer get a successful team that upgraded the software to make it competitive and achieved multiple investors' demands, completing the task quickly.

Read in detail how a company 15+ Senior Developers increased their B2B BI Software and gained $100 million in Investments. Let’s talk to see how we can help in scaling your business.

Senior .NET Developers to Make EHR Cross-Platform and Grow a Client Base

Our client, the Healthcare Technology Company, provides customized EHR solutions. They used the legacy .NET Framework to build their core product, compatible with Windows OS only and couldn't be sold to medical organizations using macOS. It held back the business growth plans.

To reach and keep healthcare organizations worldwide without technical limitations, the business stakeholders made their software product cross-platform. It required migrating the EHR to .NET Core.

The HealthTech company's in-house team dedicated themselves to software customization, so they teamed up with Belitsoft to hire dedicated .NET developers for the software migration tasks. Outsourcing software migration to Belitsoft brought the business a series of tangible benefits:

  • immediate application development start because of the fast onboarding process, smooth integration of the remote specialists with the in-house team, and quick understanding of the project and its requirements
  • expertise in both .NET Framework and .NET Core, which favored high-quality and quick delivery of the results
  • the capability to scale the team as needed throughout the project

Dedicated dot net developers prepared the software for migration by checking the dependencies compliance and fixing incompatibilities, migrated libraries, ensured steady API support, and finally, migrated the backend to .NET Core.

With .NET Core, the software became available not only for Windows users but also for macOS, attracting more customers and favoring the client's business growth.

See more details about the case Migration from .NET Framework to .NET Core for a Healthcare Technology Company. Let’s partner to grow a client base for your business.

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