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Hire Dedicated Backend Developers

Learn how to get top dedicated backend developers and how they benefit businesses. Real-life success stories and best practices based on 17+ years in recruiting and assigning the right dedicated backend developers to clients’ projects.


Hire dedicated backend developers to create scalable and feature-rich server-side solutions with a reliable partner.

Belitsoft is a full-service software development company that provides dedicated backend development services both for early-stage startups and mature product companies.

Backend developers ensure the proper functioning of websites, focusing on databases, back-end logic, application programming interfaces (APIs), architecture, and servers. With the help of coding, they facilitate communication between end-user devices (mobile devices, browsers, desktop applications, etc.) and databases, as well as storing, understanding, and deleting data.

Backend developers use a range of programming languages such as C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc. to create codes they can further accompany with front-end developers.

What skills are necessary for a Dedicated Back-end Developer?

  • Competency in the usage of well-known frameworks, such as Node.js, Laravel, Django for Python
  • Deep understanding of scripting languages, such as Javascript
  • Solid grasp of database management systems like MySQL, Postgresql, or Oracle
  • Acquiring knowledge of database optimization and server functioning
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, Google
  • Experience working with the version control system like Git

The excellence of your web and mobile application relies on the proficiency of your app's backend. We assist in the recruitment of high-level backend developers who can take your data and turn it into user-friendly applications. With Belitsoft, you can save up to 40% on backend development, testing, and support costs. Let us have an exchange of ideas.

When You Need Dedicated Backend Developers

Lack of resources

When your workload is substantial, such as upgrading your backend codes to achieve a more efficient integration and quicker operations, or scaling your app or web development project to satisfy customer needs, you may have to enlarge your team. If you lack available developers to synchronize development with growth, hiring dedicated backend developers is a go-to option.

Lack of expertise

If your company needs a backend developer with expertise in a specific tech stack to work on a short-term project, consider outsourcing rather than hiring someone full-time. Or if you have a startup and require a skilled team of backend developers to create a fully functional solution, you may face difficulty finding a local software development team in your country with the required expertise.

Limited budget

Your project requires multiple or complex features and functions, but you don't have the resources to hire an appropriate backend developer to deliver it. Reduced cost of developers and larger selection in Eastern Europe makes outsourcing a viable option.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Backend Developers


Partnering with a team of dedicated back-end developers can be a cost-efficient solution compared to building an in-house team. There are no expenses for hiring, training, and onboarding. For startups, partnering with an offshore development team can offer top-notch cost-effectiveness. This is beneficial for startups based in high-income countries like the US, UK, or Israel, as they can partner with top backend developers from offshore countries.


Skilled backend developers who have worked on multiple projects bring the innovation to make your solution's server-side more secure, scalable, and efficient in a timely manner.

Easy Scalability

Collaborating with an outsourcing vendor is essential for business expansion. Bringing in a dedicated backend development vendor provides you with the flexibility to add new members and resources as the project demands, while also having the option to downsize promptly when necessary.

Large Talent Pool

A reliable software development vendor has a robust talent pool covering all major industries and technologies to create a high-quality solution for various businesses.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Backend Engineer?

The development cost remains unstandardized. Factors like expertise, scope, and hours affect the expenditure.

The company tailor the prices to your specific needs. Belitsoft conducts a thorough discovery phase prior to work to ensure that your project plan is well-defined, and our work process aligns with your project quote and plan.

On average, hiring Belitsoft's backend developers is two to three times less expensive than hiring from Western Europe, Israel, and the USA.

How to Hire a Dedicated Backend Developer

Step 1. Choose a software development vendor

One way to assess the competency of a backend development team is to examine their portfolio of similar projects. Previous experience makes them the right choice. However, if you're working on a novel idea, they may not have a portfolio of similar projects.

Besides their portfolio, it's important to check for excellent reviews and ratings from past customers. You can research their website, social media profiles, and case studies to get a sense of their work quality and customer satisfaction. Get feedback from customers in your industry or network.

Step 2. State your requirements and get project assessment

The choice of a programming language depends on your tasks and goals. Find developers who can write high-quality code in preferred language or in line with specific demands.

To get started, simply discuss your project requirements and specifications. Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your intellectual property. After that, the vendor’s professional team will share the resumes of available backend developers so that you can choose the best fit for your project.

Step 3. Review CVs and interview candidates

The selected software development vendor reviews the CVs of the backend developers. After examining the CVs, a vendor shortlists the applicants and interviews with them.

Step 4. Sign required contracts

After selecting a suitable dedicated backend developer, we will sign all necessary documents to begin the development process.

Step 5. Final approvals and billing

Once they have finished the project, they will bill any outstanding fees that they agreed upon but not yet billed, and they will officially close the project. We bill outstaffing customers monthly for extra work requested.

Why Hiring Dedicated Backend Developers from Belitsoft


Based on various statistics, hiring a backend developer who is based in Eastern Europe might result in significant cost savings. Compared to hiring developers locally in countries such as the UK, USA, and Canada, it is often estimated to be around 2 to 3 times less expensive.

Access to a Highly Experienced Talent Pool

Belitsoft's clients have access to competent backend developers proficient in programming languages Python, Java, C#, PHP, and expertise in database development and cloud deployment. 

Belitsoft has put in place a thorough selection and grading system, to ensure that we can provide you with first-rate backend developers while still being cost-effective. Our team has expertise in everything from connecting your application to a robust database to API development, ensuring seamless communication between systems. We offer the opportunity for you to evaluate our developers' skills by conducting one-on-one interviews and assigning them tasks to complete within a deadline, enabling you to choose the best fit for your project requirements.

No Freelance Resources

We dedicated our company to delivering excellent service to our clients. To achieve this, we employ a team of skilled backend developers who work full-time in-house. We carefully select our developers to ensure that we consistently deliver projects on schedule.

Full Cycle of Backend Development Services at One Place 

Our dedicated backend developers work closely with front-end developers, UX/UI designers, QA specialists, and cloud experts, as well as with your in-house team with a single aim to ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience for your customers.

Belitsoft also provides ongoing support and other resources (Business Analyst, Project Manager) to help our clients succeed.

High and Budget-Saving Scalability

Easily adjust the number of backend developers as your business grows.

We prefer a core team of senior backend developers who can start working right away and help onboard new people to the project.

Best Backend Practices

To ensure efficient and uninterrupted deployment, our backend developers use automation platforms to review code. We also incorporate the most current tools available.

Continuous Learning Policy

Belitsoft dedicates 20 hours per quarter to allow our backend developers to engage in learning opportunities. We encourage and provide training for our developers to stay current with the latest technologies daily.

Data security

We prioritize stringent application security through dependable development techniques, and our developers maintain a strong awareness of the data accessibility rights involved with your project. We guarantee your data remains private and you maintain exclusive ownership of the IP rights.

Communication and Financial Transparency

It commits us to transparency and honesty in our reporting and never hides emerging issues or concerns. We keep you informed of your project's progress. Our clients pay clear and upfront monthly recruitment fees for our services, with no hidden costs.

Business Ethics

Our teams frequently collaborate with companies from all over the world, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. We have experience in the development market in each region. Our team also prioritizes project security and maintains strict measures to ensure the safety of your data and keep your development plans confidential until you're ready to launch your project.

Quick Start

Finding the right developer usually takes two weeks. We can assemble a team more rapidly. All you need to do is provide us with your project specifications and approve our quote. We'll sign a non-disclosure agreement and get to work without delay.

Effortless Management

Our clients are always aware of every upgrade, delivery, or change. For each individual project, our dedicated backend developers create a well-structured communication system, including Jira, daily meetings, reports after every 2-week sprint, and much more depending on the client’s preferences and company culture.

Flexibility in Choosing Engagement Models

We start by selecting a contract model that will decrease the client's costs for development and speed up the software product delivery. Usually, we offer Time & Material, Fixed Price, or Cost Plus pricing models depending on the specifics of each individual case.

Every business can hire a dedicated backend developer, the entire team, or backend developers for a certain project.

  • The Team of Dedicated Backend Developers

This model is dominant for startups tackling complex solutions and secure backend architecture. Under this model, we can provide a team of dedicated backend developers to collaborate seamlessly with your existing systems and development structures, assisting you in hiring web programmers and elevating your IT capabilities. 

The convenience of sourcing a dedicated full or part-time team without the burdens of hiring in-house. This model is perfect for those lacking technical expertise in backend frameworks for continuous projects. It is also well-suited for startups that do not have in-house backend engineers.

  • Backend Developer

If you require a backend developer on your team but lack the resources to hire an in-house developer directly or prefer a cost-effective approach to adding a team member to your internal workforce, we can provide outsourcing services for 1-2 top backend or full-stack developers.

  • Backend Developers on a Per-project Basis

You can engage our dedicated team to develop highly complex features within a larger project. We provide a well-balanced team, coordinated by a project manager, under this model. This is the ideal cooperation model for programmers seeking a cost-efficient approach, requiring specific skills to create backend functionality, and seeking a timesaving solution.

Expertise in Top Backend Technologies

We deliver clean, error-free code before deadlines. We strictly follow standards, syntax, principles of Object-Oriented Programming, and intuitive design. The technologies and tools we use include but are not limited to the following ones:

Wide domain expertise

For 17+ years, our dedicated backend developers have been building custom software for businesses of all scales and niches, from startups to enterprises to ISVs and tech companies in a wide range of domains. Customers’ reviews and multiple case studies prove the expertise in them.

Extensive expertise by solutions

Need a custom ERP to manage unique workflows in your business effectively? Or an enterprise learning solution, like a custom Learning Management System or Talent Management System, to fill skills gaps and ensure internal mobility in the company? Or a custom EHR/EMR with advanced tools like video conferencing, IoT technology, voice recognition, appointment scheduling, and many more features that you or your clients need?

Belitsoft’s talent pool also has professionals in Business Intelligence, building SaaS solutions, CRMs, and many more. Haven’t found the solution you need? Drop us a line to learn if we have the right specialists for your project.

Results and Dedicated Backend Success Stories for Our Recent Clients

The Team of 100 Specialists Cut the Cybersecurity Software Development Cost by 40%

Find Dedicated Development Team for Enterprise
Losing Clients due to Failing to Deliver Software Products to B2B Clients On Time

Our client, an Israeli cybersecurity company, had a series of complex software products that were sold to B2B customers. To sell a product, the company had to customize it for each client's individual needs and thoroughly test it before delivery.

The capacity of the company’s in-house team wasn't sufficient to fulfill so many tasks on time, so the queue of orders was growing, leading to poor customer experience and the potential loss of clients.

The company partnered with the Belitsoft software development company to get the specialists with Java, Python, and Cybersecurity domain knowledge immediately and at a 40% lower cost than in Israel.

Applying Best Practices to Scale the Dedicated Team from 5 to 100 Specialists

➥ Recruiting the team's core

To urgently deal with the challenge, Belitsoft started by building a dedicated team of 5-10 backend developers and QA testers to create a high-performing core of senior-level specialists.

We gradually added new dedicated backend developers and QA testers to the project when work was growing. The initial core team was successfully onboarding the new team members, creating an effective team scaling and expertise-sharing pipeline.

➥ Managing a team of dedicated backend developers and QA testers

Belitsoft not only creates high-performing teams but also smartly builds and manages the process of joint work between the remote and in-house teams to achieve significant results quickly.

For communication and visibility of progress, we use project management tools (Jira), and source code management tools (GitHub), in combination with regular online meetings and calls.

➥ Keeping core specialists for 2+ years on the project

Thanks to the transparency of work, regular communication, and attention to feedback, we’ve achieved 85% of team retention after 2 years of work.

The dedicated team works on a Cost Plus pricing model, which is ideal in this case because

  • the project lasts for over 1 year,
  • the company has an in-house development team but needs to augment its capacity,
  • the business managers want to fully manage the dedicated developers like their own in-house employees.
Delivering Software Products to End Clients on Time at a 40% Lower Development Cost

Belitsoft has created and effectively manages a team of 100 dedicated backend developers and QA engineers. We've implemented our techniques to ensure the in-house and external teams work together efficiently.

Outsourcing software development, customization, and testing to Belitsoft allowed the Israeli enterprise to 

  • save 40% on development and testing,
  • keep all customers thanks to maintaining the products on top of technologies,
  • deliver products to end customers on time.

Learn in more detail how an Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers Lowered the Development Cost by 40%. Let's discuss how it can work in your case.

Skilled Dedicated Backend Developers for a Fortune 1000 Telecommunication Company

Hire Dedicated QA Team
Insufficient Development Capacity to Upgrade an MVP Urgently to a Full-Featured Software Product

Our client, a US-based global telecommunication company, launched an MVP to test a new idea - a product for prepaid calling services. Immediately after launching, the MVP made a revolution, which required a rapid development of a full-featured version that would gain market leadership for long and be easy to use and high-quality to attract and keep paying customers.

However, the software product company didn’t have enough skilled in-house specialists to meet the business goals. That’s why they opted for hiring dedicated backend developers. As the company already had a positive experience with Belitsoft, they contacted us immediately.

Getting 15+ Senior Backend Developers Quickly to Increase the Development Capacity

➥ Assigning the team core from existing Belitsoft’s talent pool

To meet tight deadlines, we built a dedicated team by assigning 7 reliable, senior-level backend developers and UX/UI designers.

As a result, the team-building process was quick, and our highly senior specialists started performing immediately, delivering significant results quickly.

➥ Recruiting backend developers to scale up the team quickly

Belitsoft fully managed searching and sifting hundreds of applicants for the project, offloading the company management, and speeding up the process because of our extensive expertise. The Client’s decision-makers approved the shortlisted applicants.

In only 6 months, the dedicated team grew up to almost 20 specialists.

➥ Managing dedicated backend developers effectively to deliver results on time

To effectively manage a constantly growing development team, we involved the core initially assigned senior developers in the process. They not only helped select the specialists according to the project requirements, but also onboarded the newcomers, and managed them to deliver excellent results.

We’ve chosen an Agile project management method to deliver tangible results and make requested changes frequently and regularly.

They selected the Cost Plus pricing model as the best option for long-term projects that last 1+ years. It’s given the entire control over the development process to the client while offloading them from creating the infrastructure for the developers and handling administration processes like hiring.

➥ Keeping the dedicated backend developers for 5 years

Belitsoft has helped set up and manage the communication between the remote and in-house developers, making their mutual work transparent and productive. Regular communication with developers has allowed us to stay aware of any issues and be ready to resolve them right away.

During the 5 years of joint work, the development team reached 25 specialists involved in the project on a full-time basis.

Delivering a High-Quality Product in 3 Months to Achieve Market Leadership

The effective work of Belitsoft and Belitsoft’s and in-house teams resulted in the creation of a well-designed SaaS application with great functionality and UX from scratch. Outsourcing software development to Belitsoft helped the telecom enterprise solve all initial challenges, including

  • getting many skilled backend developers quickly
  • scaling the development team fast based on the project scope
  • entering the market first with a revolutionary software product
  • achieving and keep leadership and a larger market quote thanks to delivering highly performing and engaging software

See the project details in our portfolio – Urgent Need for 15+ Skilled .NET Developers for a Fortune 1000 Telecommunication Company. Or contact us directly to learn how we can help you.

Senior Developers to Scale B2B BI Software for the Company Gained $100M Investment

Urgent Need for Top Backend Developers after $100M Investment
hire dedicated developers

Our client, an Independent Software Vendor (Israel and the US), developed a BI software product for digital employee experience management. Because of the pandemic and a global shift to hybrid and remote work, the company gained extensive attention from investors and gained $100M of investment.

To upgrade the software product according to the high expectations of investors, the business had to grow the development team by 40% in 1 year.

After Receiving a positive review of Belitsoft, the ISV reached out to our company to gain the highest quality .NET services.

Getting Top Backend Developers Urgently to Meet Tight Deadlines

➥ Recruiting stellar backend developers in a short term

To search for only the best software engineers, Belitsoft collaborated with the client's management team to develop a hiring procedure that has shown its effectiveness. The team-lead level specialists combed through multiple CVs to find the best candidates. Our goal was to supply the 2 best candidates for a personal interview with the client side steadily.

➥ Managing the team and scaling it up on demand

When the project required more capacity for development, we repeated the recruiting process to scale up the team quickly. As a result, Belitsoft has provided 16 senior-level .NET developers to the client.

Despite a specific knowledge domain and a complex software product, we’ve reduced the onboarding process to 2 weeks.

For that, we have divided all the engineers into mini development teams with a mix of newcomers and those who work long. This has allowed us to create viable knowledge-sharing and mentorship.

To ensure timely delivery and effective communication between teams, we’ve introduced daily meetings and the use of tools like Jira that have made the process fully transparent and predictable.

➥ Retaining backend developers on the project

Belitsoft has used reliable techniques to make sure the developers remain with the project for the required period. For that, we’ve created the conditions for employees’ upskilling.

Besides, we’ve been maintaining a trust-based relationship with managers and have done our best to detect interpersonal issues timely and resolve them.

Delivering High-Performing Lucrative Product Meeting Investors' Demands

Belitsoft recruited, onboarded, managed, and kept the senior-level, high-skilled, and motivated backend developers that have allowed the company to meet all its business goals: 

  • upgrade the core business software to make it highly competitive in the market,
  • meet high expectations of investors,
  • meet tight deadlines,
  • increase profit.

Learn the project details in the success story 15+ Senior Developers to Scale B2B BI Software for the Company Gained $100M Investment. Our team is waiting for your message to help with your business case.

Belitsoft provides senior Java, .NET, Python, and PHP backend developers to take your application to the next level. Do you need expertise in a specific programming language or technology not mentioned above? We have a solution for you, too.

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