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Behind the pretty face of your app or website, we create the back-end that allows users to interact with your product. Thanks to a powerful and solid back-end, you get software with consistent performance, well-thought business logic, smooth calculations, and database interactions. We also provide API development to connect different back-end components, facilitate integration, and contribute to the overall scalability and maintainability of your applications.

Backend Development Services

Web/Mobile App Backend Development

The expert dedicated backend developers build unbeatable backend systems for your web and mobile app. With their skills, your applications will perform flawlessly, remain stable, and be secure.

Database Development Services

Backend developers will extract valuable and concise information from complex data structures to provide valuable output when applied in your solutions. For that, backend developers are proficient in managing databases, including but not limited to MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite, Postgre SQL, and more.

API Integration and Programming

When you hire dedicated backend developers, they can seamlessly implement API programming to enable third-party integrations. They easily integrate the current backend with other applications with no complications.

Server-Side Scripting

Dedicated backend developers make sure that all of your project servers are efficient, speedy, and up to date with current project criteria. Skilled backend developers remain abreast of the newest technologies and tools to deliver risk-free and error-free server scripting services.

Cloud Migration

Proficient dedicated backend developers migrate your backend system to the cloud or build a new cloud-based system. They have expertise in AWS migration and development and Azure migration and development, and can help you modernize your software system. Hiring dedicated backend developers enables effective and advanced re-engineering.

Software testing

We conduct rigorous testing of the software to prevent issues during the last delivery of the product. The team defines the development life cycle and application modules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluating developer’s tech skills and experience based on project requirements

We use methods to test a candidate's tech skills and working experience:

  1. Technical interview asking specific questions related to the technologies and programming languages a candidate has listed on their CV.
  2. Technical test based on a practical task to test the candidate's skills in a specific area, such as database optimization or API design.
  3. Code review of the previous candidate's code samples (often in GitHub) to assess the knowledge, programming style, and attention to detail.
  4. Live coding during the interview, usually in a shared code editor, to assess coding skills in real-time.

Assessments help find a developer who will be a good fit for the project or the team, can work with minimal supervision, and comprehend the project specifications.

Evaluating the developer's soft skills that will favor your project

Together with hard skills, we always evaluate soft skills, ensuring that a developer will contribute to the success of your project:

  1. Self-learning and adapting to new tools and methodologies increases backend developer productivity in creating scalable, and easy-to-use software for you.
  2. The ability to converse with colleagues, customers, and business stakeholders and articulate technical principles to those without technical expertise, besides the skill to listen and comprehend the needs and expectations of others, is essential for a successful workflow.
  3. Collaboration in a group for delegating tasks, sharing knowledge, and solving problems together with other team members, such as designers, project managers, and stakeholders, to combine forces for achieving total effectiveness.
  4. Problem-solving skills to think critically, analyze information and come up with creative solutions to work independently, keep up high productivity, and effectively troubleshoot and debug code to guarantee the quality and stability of the final product.
  5. Time management to handle multiple tasks, prioritize time effectively, and meet commitments, avoiding underestimated deadlines, over-promising in deliverables, and frustration among stakeholders.

Setting up regular transparent communication

When our developers get a task, they log it in tools like Jira or Clickup. That’s how a client can see the number of current tasks and who handles what.

Every dedicated backend developer logs all the work in Jira during the process, so the client can always track the progress. When questions arise, we arrange meetings or calls by Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, etc. for getting responses.

Client representatives with the product expertise join us in regular meetings.

We provide timely updates and feedback to the client at the end of each sprint.

Keeping flexibility in the project management

Belitsoft and a client mutually agree on the most effective project management method (for example, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, or Three-Point Estimation Technique).

According to the selected method, we set up a working process. For example, if we choose Agile, we divide our work into 2-week sprints and assign the roles (Project Manager, Scrum Master, Team Lead, etc.).

During the project lifecycle, we keep on analyzing accomplishments to adjust the workflow of dedicated developers. We offer advice based on the client's specialists' performance, by mutual consent.

Scaling the team of dedicated backend developers quickly on demand

If the project scope grows or the development process requires changes, we scale up or down the number of dedicated backend developers in your team.

We put together a team of experienced senior level backend developers who can quickly start making progress, and help teach new members the project.

The onboarding process of every new hire may take 2 months considering the specifics of the knowledge domain, which significantly delays product or service delivery time.

We’ve created a strategy for onboarding a newcomer and delivering results within about 2 weeks only.

  • A new hire package. Every newcomer gets all the training materials and internal resources to dive into the project without the need to guess or constantly ask their new colleagues or mentors.
  • Mentorship. A newcomer gets a mentor whose task is to explain short-term expectations and assign their first project.

Motivating employees to grow

Encouraging employees to learn continually benefits both the company and the staff.

The major outcomes of employees’ education are:

- discovering and using employees’ potential

- satisfying employees’ professional ambitions and needs for self-fulfillment

Dealing with interpersonal issues and building a trust-based relationship

Every 2-3 months, we review employees to estimate the level of productivity, satisfaction, and potential and to timely detect interpersonal problems that usually lead to bad performance. 

Teams and their managers do their best to overcome the concern once it is raised.

Invest in the best solution for your needs - choose Belitsoft’s team of talented backend developers who recognize how to deliver software that users appreciate and pay for.

Technologies We Offer

By selecting the right back-end technologies and well-versed back-end developers, you ensure that your software interacts with users and performs correctly, handles business logic effectively, scales easily, supports integrations, manages and hosts data securely.

.NET Back-End Development

Choose .NET framework if you need an interactive web app, MVC-patterned app, real-time app, web API, or REST APIs/microservices. By using .NET back-end framework, its ASP.NET Core branch, to be exact, with tools and libraries for building web apps and services for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker, we’ll create for you:

.NET back-end development
Example of a web app with ASP.NET core architecture.
Websites. Our back-end developers use .NET and C# to build websites with interactive UIs and dynamic web content on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript that work fast and securely and can be easily scaled to millions of users.
Real-time apps. Belitsoft’s back-end developers use SignalR to add real-time functionality to your product. As a result, your dashboard, map, or application receives real-time messages without hitting a refresh button.
REST APIs and Microservices. We will help you scale a complex solution by breaking it into REST microservices using ASP.NET Core. If you already have an app, we can adopt microservices without overwriting your app from scratch.

Java Back-End Development

Java is one of the widely used back-end programming languages. Belitsoft provides dedicated Java developers for hire. Java frameworks make back-end web development quick and hassle-free due to removing most of the boilerplate code and configuration. Thanks to a wide range of supported APIs, tools, and technologies, our developers can use Java to create for you:

Java back-end development
Example of deploying architecture for Java-based apps with a cloud provider of your choice
Web applications.We biuld Java-based web applications running inside servlet containers.
Cloud apps with Spring Cloud middleware modules.We can develop your app as microservices packaged into multiple apps. Each service runs in its own process and uses APIs to communicate. They are set up around business capabilities.
Java EE / Jakarta EE applications. By applying Jakarta EE, our developers ensure that you get the best technologies for developing modern, mission-critical Java applications from scratch.
Serverless applications. Supported triggers include responding to changes in data, responding to messages, running on a schedule, or receiving an HTTP request.
JAR applications. We build applications that are invoked directly from the command line. They incorporate HTTP communication to handle web requests and all other dependencies directly into the application package.
Batch applications. We provide you with apps that run briefly, execute certain workloads, and exit without waiting for a request or input.

Python Back-End Development

Python programming language enables server-side web application development. Python has dozens of extras for handling typical web development tasks, such as site maps, user authentication, RSS feeds, content administration, and many more — right out of the box. Hire dedicated Python developers to build:

Python back-end development
Example of a typical Python architecture
Web applications in the Cloud. Using Python, you benefit from a vast choice of compatible back-end frameworks, tools, libraries, and other technologies for fast and effective web programming. To name some of them, Django framework, Django CMS, Requests (a powerful HTML library), Pandas (data analysis and modeling library), and much more. We can also build apps with Django and Flask using popular relational and non-relational (SQL and NoSQL) databases.
Business Applications. Python is used to build business applications for managing sales, inventory, marketing, HR, and other business aspects. Using Python, you can build all-in-one management software with advanced data analytics and visualization. Python helps describe and categorize data, as well as perform exploratory data analysis, which includes profiling data and visualizing results.
Apps featuring AI and ML. Our developers can build, train, host, and deploy your models using the Python SDK or 3-party APIs for vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search functionality.

Node.js Back-End Development

Node.js is an event-driven JavaScript runtime designed to build scalable network applications. Using Node.js our back-end developers can build for you:

Node.js back-end development
Example of Node.js architecture
Real-time apps. We can use Node.js to create real-time web applications with push capability, real-time chats, streaming apps, or real-time collaboration tools.
Internet of Things (IoT) apps. The event-driven architecture and asynchronous processing of Node.js allow handling multiple concurrent requests and make Node.js a fast-performing layer between IoT devices and databases used for storing data from them.
Microservices. Using Node.js-based microservices reduces app deployment time and improves its maintainability and scalability. Due to easy integration with Docker, Node.js allows you to put microservices in containers to avoid conflicts between development environments
Complex Single Page Apps. Node.js is ideal for SPAs as it effectively handles asynchronous calls and heavy I/O workloads.

PHP Back-End Development

PHP is one of the widely-used back-end languages for creating web apps, including e-commerce applications, CMSs, REST APIs. Our back-end web development team can design, configure, and deploy a server cluster either on-premises or in the cloud, define application monitoring, code tracing, and caching rules and add valuable PHP engine extensions. Our PHP back-end development services include:

PHP back-end development
Example of a microservice-based web application architecture using PHP framework
Performance audit. Ensure scalability and improve the UX of your software by detecting and timely removing bottlenecks. We can perform comprehensive audits of your application architecture (its scalability, maintainability, testability, PSR standards, coupling, etc.), performance (database analysis, profiling of the scripts, query analysis and optimization, etc.), and security (Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities, SQL injections, timing attacks, etc.).
Continuous delivery. We’ll help you improve your app quality and innovate it faster by creating effective pipelines with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). For that, we assess your CI/CD requirements, design and deploy a CI/CD pipeline using CI/CD best practices, use ready-made plugins with 3rd-party technologies to simplify CI, help with specifics of your CI/CD workflows, and more.
Migration. PHP application upgrades and migrations are a must for increasing security and performance of your product. We can upgrade PHP version of your app, migrate it to a new PHP back-end framework (Laravel, or Symfony), modernize your CMS plugins, or migrate to a new Object–relational mapping (ORM) like Doctrine or Eloquent.

Get senior-level developers that will apply their years-long expertise in back-end development services to deliver you a scalable and high-performing web application with consistent business logic and advanced security.


Backend Modernization

Enhance your business operations with our modernization services for backend systems. We specialize in updating the server-side of your applications, taking care of essential aspects such as data management, application logic, server hosting, and system integration. Our comprehensive services include transitioning to more modern and scalable architectures, updating databases and storage systems, enhancing security practices, and automating processes for efficiency.


Custom Investment Management and Copy Trading Software with a CRM for a Broker Company
Custom Investment Management Software for a Broker Company
For our client, we developed a custom financial platform whose unique technical features were highly rated by analysts at, compared to other forex brokers.
Custom Development Based on .NET For a Global Creative Technology Company
Custom Development Based on .NET for a Global Company
Based on modern and cost-effective .NET technologies, Belitsoft delivered a robust, scalable, and high-performance core business app as well as modernized the IT infrastructure supporting it.
Migration from .NET to .NET Core and AngularJS to Angular for a Healthcare Technology Company
Migration from .NET to .NET Core and AngularJS to Angular for a Healthcare Technology Company
Belitsoft migrated EHR software to .NET Core for the US-based Healthcare Technology Company with 150+ employees.
Azure Cloud Migration for a Global Creative Technology Company
Azure Cloud Migration for a Creative Technology Company
Belitsoft migrated to Azure the IT infrastructure around one of the core business applications of the global creative technology company.
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Customization of ready-to-use EHR for individual needs of particular healthcare organizations
Belitsoft has helped the Client to customize web and mobile applications that сombine EHR clinical data with patient-generated health data.
100+ API Integrations for Data Security Management Company
100+ API Integrations for Data Security Management Company
Our Client, the US data management company that sells software for managing sensitive and private data in compliance with regulatory laws, needed skilled developers for building API integrations to the custom software.
Custom Backend for a Smart Flower Pot
Custom Backend for a Smart Flower Pot
Agile development of an application for the flower pot. Our main goals were to decrease the time for requests processing and improve other features without a budget increase.

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