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Privacy Notice

1. Who we are?

We are Belitsoft International JLLC, Expert Software Development Company Specializing in Application Modernization, Development From Scratch, and Cloud Solutions Our team provides a range of enterprise technologies, including Microsoft and Amazon software products, applications and services, and focuses on delivering customized software solutions. We serve a diverse range of corporations across the USA, UK, Europe, and Israel.

2. What does this Data Privacy Notice cover?

This Privacy Notice applies to our website.

Our website and offerings are directed to people in their business or professional capacities. They are not intended for children under 16 years of age. We do not knowingly solicit information online from, or market online to, children under 16 years of age.

Please note, for purpose of this Privacy Notice, personal information means data or set of data that can identify an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address. For what type of data we collect for a specific purpose see below.

3. What personal data do we collect and how do we intend to use it?

3.1. Data collected for marketing purposes (contacting you via email or telephone for offerings of services, news or events registration)

  • Type of data: name, email address, telephone.
  • Purpose: promoting our or our partners services and products.
  • Legal basis: consent. You can unsubscribe any time by clicking the unsubscribe link available in all our marketing communication or contact us at the relevant contact points indicated below.
  • Retention time: we will keep the data as long as necessary to provide you with the information you subscribed for, but no more than 3 years since the last interaction.
  • Source of data: the data is provided by you directly through the subscription for our newsletter and from the contact form.
  • Requirement to provide data and consequences of not providing: the fields are necessary for subscription, not providing such data will result in failure to register for the newsletter.

3.2. Data collected and when you contact us directly via email, telephone or post

  • Type of data: depending on the content and channel of your communication to us, this includes business contact details, content of your communication.
  • Purpose: to provide you with requested information and respond to your queries.
  • Legal basis: consent.
  • Retention time: we will keep the data as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose pursued but no more than 3 years since the last interaction.
  • Source of data: the data is provided by you directly, through interactions with our company and website, and from publicly available sources of business-related information.
  • Requirement to provide data and consequences of not providing: not providing such data will result in no ability to obtain required information.

3.3. Data collected through cookies and similar technologies

(for more details please visit our Cookie Policy) – upon visiting our website you will be provided with a customized cookie consent tool to make such choices as might be applicable.

  • Type of data: IP address and related information such as location and internet provider, browser and content type, version and settings, viewed content and activities.
  • Purpose: maintaining our websites, general statistics and measurement of effectiveness of our websites and marketing techniques, marketing.
  • Legal basis: consent, but generally we consider that our legitimate interests justify the processing for necessary cookies and consent for all the other ones. We find the legitimate interest to be justified considering that the data is necessary for making the website functional (our website does not offer any content directed to individual consumers as well as any content which might be used for any inferences about your private life habits or interests), and limit the retention of data.
  • Retention time: for details of expiration of cookies/similar technologies please visit our Cookie Policy.
  • Source of data: data is obtained automatically through your use of the website and from external parties such as Google Analytics.
  • Requirement to provide data and consequences of not providing: you are not required to provide any data yourself.

3.4. Data collected through webforms from candidates

(for more details please visit our Candidate personal data processing policy).

  • Type of data: name, email address, telephone, Portfolio link, linkedin link, and other personal data, including special personal data specified in the resume or application form, as well as all attachments.
  • Purpose: reviewing candidates' resumes and recruiting for vacant positions.
  • Legal basis: consent.
  • Retention time: 1 year.
  • Source of data: the data is provided by you directly, through interactions with our company and website, and from publicly available sources of business-related information.
  • Requirement to provide data and consequences of not providing: failure to provide data will result in your resume not being considered.

3.5. Data collected for concluding and executing contracts for the sale of goods or services

  • Data subject categories: representatives and employees of companies purchasing goods and/or services. Natural persons purchasing goods and/or services.
  • Type of data: full name, email address, phone number, country, IP address.
  • Purpose: concluding and executing contracts for the sale of goods or services.
  • Legal basis: performance of a contract.
  • Retention time: we will keep the data until the termination of the contract, plus the applicable statute of limitations. Full name, address, identifiers of payment transactions information will be kept to comply with the applicable financial and accounting records legislation.
  • Source of data: the data is provided by you directly.
  • Requirement to provide data and consequences of not providing: all information requested is necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract. Not providing such data will result in failure to conclude and execute said contract.
  • Additional purpose: the data will be used for statistical purposes in order to better understand our customers and deliver high quality of services and goods.

3.6. Data collected in promotion of the company itself and its goods, works, services

  • Data type: name, position, photographic image.
  • Target: establishing trust with site visitors and attracting new customers.
  • Legal basis: consent, contract.
  • Storage period: based on consent 3 years from the date of giving; based on a contract, for an indefinite period.
  • Data source: data is transferred to you directly based on agreement and contract.
  • Requirement to calculate data and consequences of failure to provide: required fields for subscription; failure to provide such data results in the impossibility of posting photos on the company’s website.

4. With whom we share data?

On our website, we use cookies for various purposes, such as content personalization and user experience improvement. We share cookies with other services for data storage and processing purposes, such as hosting and mail services. However, we do not allow other services to use our cookies.

For analyzing user behavior on our website and displaying ads, we use Google services, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Adsense. If you agree to save cookies on our website, your data will be used by these services to display our ads on Google networks.

In addition, we utilize hosting provider services and Cloudflare to ensure the stability and security of our website.

Your data is also transferred to the Yandex counter and Microsoft Clarity for tracking visit statistics.

Finally, we use the IP address identification service to collect information about the country of each, who has left an application on our website for the purpose of analytics and improving the quality of our services.

5. What are your rights?

Subjects of personal data have the right to:

  • Withdraw the consent of the subject of personal data;
  • Obtain information concerning the processing of personal data;
  • Amend their personal data in cases where personal data is incomplete, outdated or inaccurate;
  • Demand the termination of processing of personal data, including its deletion, in the absence of grounds for its processing;
  • Appeal the Operator's actions (inaction) and decisions, related to the processing of personal data, to the authorized body on protection of the rights of subjects of personal data, in the manner prescribed by the legislation.

You may exercise any of your rights in relation to your personal data by written notice to us, using contact details set out below.

6. How do we safeguard your personal data?

We use a range of security measures to protect your personal information, which based on the specific data we process and the risk that the processing activity might pose to your rights and freedoms, might be:

  • Measures for ensuring ongoing Confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services;
  • Measures for ensuring the ability to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident;
  • Processes for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures in order to ensure the security of the processing;
  • Measures for user identification and authorisation;
  • Measures for the protection of data during transmission Measures for the protection of data during storage;
  • Pseudonymisation and/or encryption of personal data;
  • Measures for ensuring physical security of locations at which personal data are processed;
  • Measures for ensuring events logging;
  • Measures for ensuring system configuration, including default configuration;
  • Measures for internal IT and IT security governance and management;
  • Measures for certification/assurance of processes and products;
  • Measures for ensuring data minimisation;
  • Measures for ensuring data quality;
  • Measures for ensuring limited data retention;
  • Measures for ensuring accountability;
  • Measures for early detection, management and recovery for incidents.

For personal information collected from individuals, written inquiries to the data protection responsible may be addressed to: [email protected]

7. How do we keep this Privacy Notice updated?

We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time. If we materially change it, we will take steps to inform you of the change.

The date at the bottom of this Privacy Notice shows when it was last updated.

January 31st, 2024

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