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C++ Development Services

Belitsoft is a top C++ development company offering a wide range of IT services to the customers from the USA, Western Europe, UK, Israel and other countries. We leverage our C++ technology skills, experience, and best practices to be your reliable partner. Belitsoft is customer-oriented, thus we always focus on your business needs and requirements. All our development processes stay transparent to guarantee our trusted partnership. We are a strong team of well-versed software developers, QA-engineers, project managers, business analysts, and IT consultants you can rely on to develop a product of any type and complexity.


C++ is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages that is used for multi-device and multi-platform app development. The C++ language combines increased capacity and optimal performance of software, that is why it is widely used for building well-organized applications. In addition, this programming language is compiled, having the best compatibility with C of any other language, and can be implemented on different platforms.

The C++ programming language is used for either client or server side development. Whether you want to deliver great user experience, or need high-performing middleware servers, or backend systems, powerful C++ seems to be the best choice. C++ programming is focused on code safety and high usability. This programming language can be used for the development of an advanced mobile application (iOS or Android) as well as modern desktop software (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux). C++ can be as simple and as powerful as you need.

Our C++ development services

If you are looking for a reliable partner to provide you with high-quality full-cycle C++ development services, Belitsoft is here to help you. We deliver innovative and efficient solutions according to your specific needs and requirements.

C++ technology consulting

Our experts will assist you from the very beginning of our collaboration. We process your request as soon as possible, then offer a free consultation as well as project analysis and estimate.

Custom C++ application development

Our C++ development team creates clean code, leveraging the best programming practices and C++ standards, and delivers custom solutions that always have market success. We support you at each stage of product development

Dedicated C++ developers for hire

Belitsoft offers individual C++ developers or a dedicated C++ development team to create a unique software product according to the specific requirements of your business or industry.

Upgrading of existing C++ application

The C++ development team of Belitsoft can translate source code, make structure improvements, modernize your existing program, and organize software re-engineering and refactoring.

QA and testing services for C++ applications

Our experienced QA-team possess various types of testing such as Functional Testing, Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Integration Testing and much more to ensure fast, scalable, and efficient software.

Cross-platform C++ application development

We save money and time by creating high-performance cross-platform applications of any complexity for desktop, mobile, and embedded OS. Our cross-platform solutions remain highly usable and effective. With a cross-platform solution, you will have a possibility to attract more customers and win the market.

Native C++ application development

Our C++ development team creates software for any OS (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux).

C++ application support and maintenance

Our expert team provides on-going customer service and software product support to drive top-notch user experience.

C++ application enhancement and optimization

Belitsoft creates and optimizes server- and client-side systems to ensure their stable and efficient performance.

Our C++ solutions

Operating systems
Data Processing Software (image, video, and audio processing)
Web Applications
VMware Tools
Mobile Applications
Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Customer Relationship Management Systems
Networking Tools
VoIP Applications
Engineering Applications
B2B and B2C Web Portals
Document Management Systems
Business Intelligence & Analytics Software
Enterprise Content Management Systems
Billing & Invoicing Software

Our C++ developers

Our C++ development team has a real passion for quality programming and designs software that is high performing and efficient. Being our Client, you will have a possibility to select a needed number of software developers according to the skills and knowledge of C++ they possess. Our development team is highly motivated and leverages all the benefits of the C++ technology. Hire our dedicated C++ team or individual C++ developers to create a powerful software product.


C++ development process

C++ application development consultation
Choosing the type of software development (application/system)
Software requirements gathering
Project documentation preparation (requirements and design specification)
Project prototyping
Selecting resources for your project development
Using the C++ programming language for software development
Continuous code improvement
End-to-end software testing and Quality Assurance
UI/UX design
Software tutorials preparation
Software delivery

Our technology expertise


Platforms & Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Frameworks & Libraries: Win API, MFC, ATL, WTL; STL, Boost, POSIX; DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL; Cocoa, Carbon, wxWidgets and other

Development Tools: MS VC++, GCC, Make and other

Networking: HTTP, FTP, e-mail, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP and other

Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other.

Web Services: SOAP, REST, XML-RPC.

Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other.

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