Belitsoft included in the Top Software Development Companies

Belitsoft has retained its Top Software Development status for 2017. Independent Washington-based B2B ratings and reviews agency has released updated research on the top software and web developers in Belarus. Belitsoft was confirmed in the Top-15 Leaders Matrix.

Jul 17, 2017
Belitsoft included in the Top Development Companies

In Belarus, more than 1000 companies work in IT industry, among them 173 have the residency of the Hi-Tech Park (aka Belarus Silicon Valley) and 82 of them are tracked by Clutch Agency.

Showcasing the best web and software developers is an ongoing effort by Clutch. Each year, the Agency takes into account Belitsoft’s clients feedback (they conduct independent in-depth interviews) to update the list of leading vendors with years of technical experience and highly competitive industry rates, firms with a proven record of success.



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