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HTML5 Game Development

Excite, entertain, teach, and motivate people with HTML-based games from Belitsoft.

HTML5 is a markup language of the Internet, which also allows creating visually impressive and smooth-feeling games that can be played on any platform. Advertising, education, entertainment - these are just a few domains where this technology can be successfully applied.

10 years development
years in HTML5 game
HTML5 Game Development Services
Game Development

New games in different genres.

Game Testing

Ensuring that the 3rd-party software works as it should.

Support and Maintenance

Updates (including converting Flash to Html5), patches, and extra features.

HTML5 Game Development Process

Framework (Phaser.js, Babylon.js, Lime.js, etc.)
Server-side (Node.js, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc.)
Database (e.g. SQLite)
1. Choosing Technology Stack

Each prospective game has a set of technologies that fits it best. For example, Phaser.js is for 2D games, while Babylon.js is for 3D one.

2. Development

The bulk of the work, where the visual assets are made (or purchased), mechanics are designed, and the code is written and checked.

Game design
Asset design
Mobile-first (with Phonegap, Cordova, etc.)
3. Distribution

HTML5 games can be uploaded to the Internet and become instantly available for all platforms. For release in AppStore, PlayMarket, or Amazon Appstore you will need to “wrap” the game with the mobile-web development tools like Phonegap.

4. Support
Updates, new features, and expansions.

See the Extraas showcase for details on each step.

Who Can Benefit from HTML5 Game?

Besides being a pure entertainment product (e.g. Facebook games), they can serve many other industries. Advertising games can promote products. Learning games can teach and help retain information. Business simulations can bring the teams together. Medical games directly affect people’s health.

HTML5 Game Genres

The technology is relatively simple, yet flexible. It allows the creation of many different kinds of games


The fastest horses, cars, boats, and even spaceships.

Match 3

The king of hypercasual games, with the largest audiences and revenues.


Help your players flex their minds and learn something new in the process.


Games to win Olympic gold in any discipline.

Board Games

Digital reimagining of popular tabletop titles.


Serious, realistic games that teach practical skills.


Expand your empire, conquer your neighbors, and set up a top-notch economy.


Immersive role-playing experiences.


Thrilling shooters and hack-and-slash games.

HTML5 Games Advantages

Work on Any Platform

Games using this technology can be played on any device with a browser: PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.


Developing an HTML5 game tends to be cheaper than using full-fledged engines like Unity or Unreal.

Available Developers

HTML5 is a very popular technology. Should you part ways with your original developer, you will easily find a replacement without being vendor-locked.

Easy to Maintain

You can make updates available instantly, without having to wait for approval from app stores.

Short Time-to-Market

HTML5 allows for quick delivery of games, saving your time and money.

Offline Play Possible

While they are browser-based, HTML5 games can be played both online and offline.

Why Belitsoft?

We have been developing HTML5 games since 2009 and can use our knowledge to deliver your project faster and with higher quality.


We are rated 4,9/5 on the independent review websites (e.g. Clutch) which shows our dedication to the customers’ success.


Our team ensures regular updates and mutual understanding so you get exactly what you wanted.

How We Work

Belitsoft organizes the work in the following way:

Analysis and Estimation
Idea assessments
Business Analysis and market research (Optional)
Splitting the work into sprints
Development and QA
Product delivery
Support and further development
New features implementation
New software version adaptation
Server management


Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
We developed custom game-based learning platform for elementary mathematics, Dutch language and their exams for our customer - an educational business owner from the Netherlands.
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Online Fast Typing Course
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Online Fast Typing Course
We developed a custom game-based online typing course for our Client - instructional designer from the Netherlands. This is the fastest typing course on the market that won the prestigious award and has about 100,000 users who have successfully completed the course.
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