Azure Cloud Migration Services

You get full assistance in the end-to-end migration strategy, including the security and compliance framework development, optimization of your app for reducing costs, and migration to Azure with no disruption to the end-user or business workflows.

Carry out a complete migration of your project, relying on comprehensive consultancy of Azure application migration company Belitsoft.

Our experts balance strong software development expertise with a state-of-the-art approach to managing cloud migration.

An investment in on-premises hosting and data centers can be a waste of money nowadays, because cloud technologies provide significant advantages, such as usage-based pricing and the capacity to easily scale up and down. In addition, your downtime risks will be near-zero in comparison with on-premises infrastructure. Migration to the cloud from the on-premises model requires time, so the earlier you start, the better.

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Azure Migration Services

Creating a Proof-of-Concept of Migration

You get a full vision of how your app will function in Azure with a detailed Proof of Concept developed especially for you. You can see the best way of Azure migration for your case, understand how cloud-based components will interact with on-premise ones, identify any obstacles that might affect the migration and further work of your software.

Assessing Scope of Work and Cost of Migration

You receive an accurate assessment of the migration cost and time, as well as the required technical resources. We also offer you the ways to decrease expenses, such as preventing the purchase of unnecessary services and suggesting you deployment alternatives.

Modernizing Your App for Azure

Your app gets modernized to meet Azure requirements, decrease migration expenses, and further cloud management costs. Based on challenges identified during a code audit, our experts may suggest you optimizing a database structure, switching from monolithic architecture to microservices, applying active geo-replication, etc.

Deploying Your Application in Azure

You benefit from quick and smooth migration of your software to Azure with near-zero downtime. Our DevOps team migrates your database, enhances security by applying cloud-native backup tools, and seamlessly deploys your software in the cloud.

Reducing Cloud Costs

You take advantage of the expertise of Belitsoft’s development and DevOps teams in reducing costs when using Azure after the migration. The teams focus on continuous improvement and troubleshooting to optimize services in use, ensure maximum security, increase access speed, and improve performance.


Azure Cloud Migration for a Global Creative Technology Company
Azure Cloud Migration for a Global Creative Technology Company
Belitsoft migrated to Azure the IT infrastructure around one of the core business applications of the global creative technology company.
Xamarin Mobile App for a Delivery Marketplace
Xamarin Mobile App for a Delivery Marketplace
Our client, a European medium-sized logistics provider, came to Belitsoft with a long-term strategy for entering the same-day delivery market with the help of a mobile app.

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