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Custom LXP for Corporate Training


Our Client, a US-based startup training company, offers online courses to businesses for employees’ upskilling and reskilling, licensing, or exam preparation.

Belitsoft has helped the training company to deliver highly effective, personalized online learning through a custom LXP to their first corporate client – a design corporation with 600+ employees.


Like most businesses worldwide, the design corporation faced a talent shortage, which impeded delivering projects to clients cost-effectively and on time.

To get enough qualified specialists with the required skillset to meet demand, the corporation hired the training company to address the talent shortage within the company by upskilling and reskilling employees.

Being an expert in eLearning, the training company detected the typical learning challenges that should have been resolved:

  1. What to teach? The company didn't use a unified system for measuring their employees' current skills level. Without this information, the company couldn't timely reveal skills gaps and decide what to teach for closing them.
  2. How to teach? Without revealing individual skills gaps, the company could only offer a standardized curriculum that might not consider
  3. How to measure learning results? The company had to arrange human-based assessments to track the learning experience and outcomes. Such assessments require a lot of time and can be biased.
  4. How to improve learning results? The company considered a course to be successfully completed, without further analysis of whether the learning process was useful and engaging, and whether employees felt satisfied with the experience. As a result, employees didn't feel motivated to start training new skills, and the skill gap across the company was growing.

To resolve all the mentioned challenges when deploying online corporate learning and manage great employees' learning experiences, the Client decided to use LXP.

The training company was aware of the common disadvantages of ready-made LXP platforms and wanted to avoid them. That's why, they decided to partner with eLearning experts from Belitsoft to build a proprietary LXP that is intuitive, easy to use, secure, and has rich functionality both for admins and learners.





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