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Our customer is an aviation training company that required a custom LMS to train aviation professionals from engineers to executive managers by providing regulatory compliance and vocational training courses. Besides thousands of individual learners, it boasts the names like Airbus, Saab, Emirates, and Wizz among their corporate customers.


Aviation companies need to train staff constantly to comply with strict safety regulations, technology changes, and complex procedures and systems.

Our client is the EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization with more than 250 courses for learners from the aviation industry available as classroom training.

Their goal was to migrate all classroom-based training online and continue optimizing it.


Choosing an elearning platform

In fact, the client needed a powerful, secure, and flexible aviation training management platform to store and display hundreds of full-fledged courses, safely preserve important personal information, and reliably update the certificates.

We chose for their training company the best airline training management system due to several reasons which allowed better use of the customer’s budget:

1. That Aviation training management platform already had most of the necessary functionality and didn’t require a lot of adjustments to fit the customer’s requirements;

2. This system was designed to be highly customizable and easy to adapt to the individual company’s needs.

3. We had intimate knowledge of the system and could make customization work more cost-efficient for the client.

LMS Customization

The customization of a ready-to-use aviation training management platform included such tasks as adapting platform to the brand, making a course finder, and turnkey reports.

The most complex task was building a custom certification system.

Automatic issuing of electronically signed certificates to the learners became an important value proposition for the company.

The client had a lot of repeat business associated with issuing new and updating existing certificates to the learners.

Now when a user enrolls in a course that they have already completed, their old certificate is transferred to the special storage. After the refresher is finished, they receive an updated version with the new completion date.


The online aviation academy that we’ve created for the client turned out to be hugely successful. At the moment, up to 10.000 people can be enrolled in their courses at once.

They offer their online clients training content similar to classroom-based but at prices that are around 80% lower.

To enroll online a learner needs to create an account on the elearning website, pick the necessary course, and pay online through PayPal's standard checkout.

PayPal payments through this web-based LMS are processed automatically. Once the payment process is completed the learners are enrolled automatically.

Online training courses are available to the user for 6 months, to complete the training and sit the exam.

One may stop and continue from the place they stop whenever they like. When they decide to continue the system remembers when the learner logged out and starts the course from the module (slide) they stopped last time. This means that they can divide courses in any way that is convenient for them.

There is an exam at the end of each of the training presentations, after they successfully pass the exam they will be able to download and print out their certificate.

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