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LMS for a Healthcare Training Company


Belitsoft was approached by an accomplished medical professional and educator specializing in implant dentistry. Besides running his own practice, he taught Master’s degree courses and lectured for a postgraduate program at a university. People from all over the UK and Ireland came to study under him. However, there were a few issues:

  • Traveling to his classes took students a lot of time;
  • The existing virtual learning environment (VLE) provided little useful information;
  • While teaching our client couldn’t treat patients himself, which resulted in lost revenue opportunities.
  • An obvious solution to all these problems was an online education program. And that’s where we were able to help.

The client’s idea was to create a blended learning environment that would both allow students to learn on their own and support the existing live training. He also needed a new website that would serve as a place for signups.


The most cost-effective way to deliver a system like this was to customize a premade learning management system for training providers. It would already have many features that the client needed thus decreasing both the expenses and the time-to-market.

Our client provided all the content for the project and served as a subject matter expert.


The end result is a system that lets users study online, supports in-class activities, and provides certification. It incorporates video classes, a document library, quizzes, and external links to useful learning content.

The core course lasts one year and includes online learning and examination, as well as 8 days of in-person training treating actual patients. There also are several complementary courses, as well as a dental nurse training program.

Offline activities take place in a number of medical centers and are supervised by highly qualified dentists. Thanks to the online component, the live training could be spread out throughout the year. This gives the students more options in terms of choosing the time, the place and the supervisor for their practical work.

After passing the course, participants from the UK receive a GDC-compliant (General Dental Practice) certificate, significantly improving their career prospects.


Since this elearning product has gone live, it gained users and now caters to learners in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the USA, France, Spain, and other countries. The program has turned out to be rather cost-efficient: it is about 30% cheaper for learners than the competing courses in the UK.


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