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Custom LMS Development

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Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards, Global Head of Commercial Development
L&D at Technicolor Corporation (USA/UK)

LMS Development Services

If needed, we’ll transfer your hard-copy curriculum or course content to a platform.

LMS Customization

You’ll get a renewed LMS that ideally fits your business vision whether you come to us with your current LMS or want to customize any open-source platform like Moodle, JoomLMS or others.
customization of any platform;
quicker delivery;
long-term saving;
100% security;
custom branding and design;
adding new functionality (mobile app, live video, chatbot, etc.)

Custom LMS from Scratch

You’ll get an exclusive LMS built exceptionally for you with unique instructional design and the features that meet your industry-specific business goals.
fully adapted to your business and industry;
total control and full ownership (no license fees);
100% security;
custom branding and functionality;
unique instructional design;
rich integration possibilities (CRM, TMS, LXP, HRIS, CMS, etc.);
deployment of AI-features.

Customizable LMS

You’ll get a ready-to-use LMS “literally tomorrow” with rich functionality that can be used as is or be quickly customized to your business specifics.
immediate start;
cheaper in the short term;
100% security;
highly configurable design and interface;
support team;
additional features at the moderate price.

Your Final Custom/Customized LMS

Here is how it may look in real life. Or even more unique. Contact us to discuss your idea.

Features we can implement in an LMS

Quizzes Quizzes

Educational games, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, open-ended

Gamification Gamification

In-app currency, progress bar, achievements/badges, leaderboards

Monetization Monetization

Payments systems, subscriptions, paid certification, discounts, coupons

Speech processing Speech processing

Speech-to-text, voice control, speech synthesis, voice biometrics

Analytics Analytics

Learning reports, graphs and diagrams, financial reports, personalized metrics

Communication Communication

Live video, Instant messaging, VoIP calls, Notifications

Mobile version Mobile version

Native apps, cross-platform apps, mobile web apps, mobile-friendly design

Other Other

Webinar support, File Import/Export, Self-registration/enrollment, Customizable user profiles

Compliance Compliance


Why Choose Belitsoft as Your Custom LMS Development Company

Existing CodebaseExisting Codebase

We have our own LMS. Its code can serve as a foundation for your system, significantly decreasing the time and money needed to develop your product.

Skilled TeamSkilled Team

We have over 350 in-house developers, including 50+ specialists that work specifically in the eLearning domain. Most of them are in the domain for over 5 years to the date.

Quality productsQuality products

The average rating of 4,9/5 on Clutch and other reputable review websites proves that our clients are impressed with the quality of our work.



How We Work

How We Work

Belitsoft organizes the work in the following way:

Analysis and Estimation rhombus
Idea assessments
Business Analysis and market research (Optional)
Preparation rhombus
Splitting the work into sprints
Development and QA rhombus
Support and further development
New features implementation
New software version adaptation
Server management

Numbers about Belitsoft

Completed projects large and medium-scale
Senior & middle-level LMS developers
Customer retention after MVP development
9.1/10 NPS*
Customer satisfaction *annual Net Promoter Score from our existing clients
16 years
In custom LMS development

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Who can benefit from an LMS?

An LMS can be an asset to the organization of any size. Our customers include startups, mid-sized companies, large enterprises, non-profit organizations and corporate training centers.

✅ What is the purpose of an LMS?

The purpose of an LMS is to manage the planning, implementation and evaluation of a specific learning process. Simply put, it is the software used in eLearning programs and which helps in the administration, documentation, tracking and recording.

✅ What Features we can implement in an LMS?

We can implement gamification, speech processing, live communication, monetization and much more.

✅ How much do learning management systems cost?

After the NDA is submitted, our business analyst will study all the issues and features of the required LMS to estimate the development costs for each function.

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