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Talent Management System

Decrease the onboarding expenses and improve employee retention with corporate TMS.

Whenever you need to onboard new hires or continuously raise your employees’ skills, having an automated learning system in place is an asset. We have been working in the eLearning software market for over 16 years and have consolidated our knowledge in a Talent Management System easily tailored to your company’s needs.

16 years
years in LMS development

What Will Your TMS Do



Let your new hires study the basics at their own pace. The chat-bot will test their knowledge and show whether they are ready to get to work. This is useful for learning company policies, job-specific requirements, health and safety procedures, and other similar information.
Professional Development

Professional Development

Help your employees develop the skills that benefit both them and the company. Keep the learning process fully digital, or add a touch of real-life study for a more varied approach and better knowledge retention. The system will motivate users with gamification (e.g. points and achievement badges) and will also suggest new courses based on the employee’s position, performance, and interests.


Make sure the employees are up to speed with their knowledge. Help them locate their weak spots and show how to improve.
Talent development system

HR Management

Help your human resources department find the best candidates for promotion or filling a newly opened position. Increase their efficiency when working with potential hires and their CVs. Give them an opportunity to track each employee’s lifecycle as they reach their full potential.
Prominent Features
Onboarding chatbot

An automated agent that helps your freshmen learn the basics and verify their readiness.

Skill matrix

A visual tool to help the head of the HR department plan out the required skills for each position within the company.

Recommended skills

A system that suggests courses an employee should take based on their position, learning history, department, etc.

Employee records

Personal profiles with the users’ interests, completed courses, skills, known languages, and other parameters.


A points and achievements system that creates a competitive spirit and improves the motivation of the learners.


Inbuilt communications with the technical support team, mentor/mentee or other users.

Why Use TMS from Belitsoft?
Personalized Training

Thanks to the smart recommendations system, the learners would interact with content that is most useful to them. This translates into saved time, more efficient learning, and higher qualified employees.

Succession Planning

Detailed personnel files with the skill assessment of each worker help the management objectively decide on the best candidates for promotion. Moreover, this can be a useful source of information for locating potential stars and growing them to their full potential.


Compatibility with all major eLearning standards ensures the wide variety of available content and the most detailed reporting out there. The system can use both internally-stored training courses and those on the outside platforms - Coursera, edX, YouTube, etc.

Extra Services


Tailor an already flexible system to precisely fit your company. This can include anything from basic branding to new and unique features.

Content Creation

Should you need custom courses, our L&D specialists together with professional voice actors, designers, and programmers can create effective eLearning content in any format.

Data Transfer

If you are switching to a new system and need to safely and reliably move data (courses, learner records, etc.) our specialists can ensure the integrity and security of the migration so that nothing gets lost in the process.


Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
We developed custom game-based learning platform for elementary mathematics, Dutch language and their exams for our customer - an educational business owner from the Netherlands.

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