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Talent Management System

We develop AI-powered Talent Management Systems from scratch for any specific business needs. If rational, we can use our own proprietary framework to cut your development costs.

AI boosts e-learning to a new level by addressing challenges that are not obvious at first glance.

Dmitry Baraishuk Belitsoft's CTO on

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Who Benefits from Using a Talent Management System

HR and L&D leaders:

find the right talents for the right positions, based on verified employees’ skills, not formal CVs or subjective interviews

address and close skills gaps through AI assessments and providing relevant and personalized training

Heads of departments

assemble high-performing teams by filtering employees based on their actual verified skills needed for a project

keep key specialists by enabling internal career growth opportunities and succession planning

Training providers:

attract more clients by offering a comprehensive AI-powered solution that your competitors cannot offer

retain your clients by providing an all-in-one solution that will eliminate the inconvenience of using many disparate systems

Customize Your Talent Management System with Modular Selection

Use our flexible AI-powered talent management framework to create a solution tailored to just for you. Easily add or remove modules to fit your organization's unique needs and watch efficiency soar.

Get Full Visibility of Employees' Skills and Assess Them with a Skills Management Module

Get a game-changing system that grants leaders full oversight of the employees' skillset within the organization:
A snapshot of a skills matrix showcasing the ranked competency levels of employees
  • Create a centralized skills database (skills matrix) for a full view of competencies across all organizational departments.
  • Use machine learning algorithms to automatically grade and rank the job-ready skills of each employee, drawing from profiles (job descriptions, courses taken, projects, career histories, and more) and skills matrix.
  • Verify and validate the system-inferred skills by allowing employees manual modification and seeking endorsements from peers and managers. This ensures profiles genuinely reflect their expertise.
  • Monitor the proficiency levels of skills, highlighting any that may require updating or enhancement due to inactivity, keeping employees at their optimal competency.
  • Pinpoint skills gaps in reduced or absent competencies timely, aiding decisions on training needs.
  • Generate a ranked list of candidates according to the skills vital to the company, fostering a self-sufficient, high-performing workforce.

Upskill and Reskill Employees using LMS/LXP Module

The AI-powered talent management software, integrated with eLearning software such as LXP or LMS, helps address skill gaps, meet the demands of digital transformation, and anticipates future skill necessities.
A dashboard with the employee's skills, actual courses, learning progress, certificates, and other details of the learning experience
  • Automate the entire corporate training process—from onboarding and compliance to licensing and ongoing professional development.
  • Create a personalized learning path for faster knowledge acquisition with AI algorithms that analyze an employee's current skillset, match them against the job requirements, highlight the missing skills, and suggest relevant courses.
  • Track the training progress in real-time to objectively identify top performers and flag low-performing learners.
  • Validate acquired knowledge through certified exams, online tests, or assessment by a mentor/manager.
  • Increase engagement, training efficiency, and knowledge adoption with cutting-edge features, like:
    • gamification—making learning more interactive and fun
    • microlearning—offering short, focused lessons
    • social learning—encouraging group discussions and collaborative learning
    • AI chatbots—providing instant automated assistance during the learning process.

Increase Knowledge Adoption by Personalizing Training with AI Chatbot

The true potential of Artificial Intelligence in education shines when enhancing training efficiency. Leverage its power in corporate learning through AI chatbots, designed to:
The AI chatbot encourages an employee to finish a pending course, helping bridge a skill gap
  • Facilitate onboarding, delivering information on company policies, specific job requirements, and health and safety guidelines.
  • Offer personalized course recommendations for relevant learning experiences
  • Track the training progress in real-time to objectively identify top performers and flag low-performing learners.
  • Send employees timely notifications about pending courses, ensuring they complete them on time.
  • Gather employees' feedback to offer L&D heads actionable insights for refining training approaches.

Allocate Your Resources Effectively with the HR Module

Get a powerful tool that will save recruiting costs and increase organizational efficiency.
A snapshot of a dashboard highlighting industry benchmark report and emerging skills trends
  • Use the tool for a clear understanding of the open positions within the organization and the required skills for each position.
  • Match employees with the most suitable job roles and projects based on their skills.
  • Get accurate workforce planning and skills forecasting by performing human capital analysis in the company and comparing with the real-time industry average.
  • Retain top talents more effectively by implementing Artificial Intelligence in education of employees, internal career growth opportunities.
  • Make requests for new hires to close skill gaps and deliver projects on time.
  • Predict emerging jobs and evolving skills that companies need to invest in for building future-ready teams.

Empower Your Talent Management with AI At Belitsoft

We integrate AI into our Talent Management Systems to enhance their capabilities. By doing so, we help organizations better manage, acquire, and retain their talent. Beyond this AI-boosted framework, we offer a range of additional services tailored to your needs.

Extra Services

We offer a range of specialized services besides our core AI-driven Talent Management Systems.

Content Creation & Digitization

Should you need custom content or digitization of your content from the hard-copy version, our specialists work closely with you to create effective eLearning content in any format compatible with all modern eLearning solutions (xAPI, SCORM, LTI).

Data Transfer

Suppose you are switching to TMS from another eLearning software and need to safely and reliably move data (courses, learner records, etc.). In that case, our specialists can ensure the integrity and security of the migration so that nothing gets lost during the switch.

Integration with Your Systems

To provide unified access to all company data through a single system, our specialists use custom APIs and seamlessly integrate talent management software with other systems like CRM, ERP, or HRIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number one threat for CEOs is the “talent risk” – the challenge of attracting and retaining the right talent with the necessary skillsets. Nearly 90% of executives and managers report that their companies either already face skill gaps or anticipate facing them within the next five years.

The most common tactic for addressing skill gaps is upskilling and reskilling for internal mobility (cited by 56% of respondents), and, of course, external hiring. However, almost 70% of HR professionals are still not satisfied with their organization’s ability to meet their internal mobility goals.

At the same time, top-performing companies such as IBM, Hilton, Unilever, and others have already adopted Artificial Intelligence tools to successfully manage this challenge.

Attracting and retaining enough employees at all levels to meet the needs of a company's growth, developing a robust leadership pipeline, and transferring key knowledge are among the top talent management challenges.

AI helps to raise to a new level the hiring, upskilling, and reskilling processes.

AI-powered talent management software is often based on three key components:

  • AI-based tool for workforce skills assessment. Managers use it for a clear understanding of the skills and capabilities of their workforces to be transparent with employees about the skills that are needed, especially when the workers don’t possess them.
  • AI-driven career path with integrated LMS/LXP for upskilling & reskilling. The tool identifies the skill set a person needs to excel in their role and their skill gap, then connects the person with training content from LMS or LXP that corresponds to that gap.
  • AI-powered workforce forecasting tool. It can accurately forecast talent gaps which your company may face in the near future. It benchmarks your employees' skills set with competitors to align with industry trends. AI provides recommendations for internal mobility or redeployment strategies.

Companies that are aiming at the more effective strategy to address skill gaps may consider taking these actions:

  1. Start with creating a competency matrix and perform employees’ current skill set analysis. To determine which skills need cultivation, contrast the available skills with the strategic objectives of the business.
  2. Integrate your HR software with eLearning software using the Talent Management framework. Organizations will probably need to blend their in-house learning resources with eLearning content from multiple providers (online platforms, universities, and eLearning content providers). 
  3. Get expert HR/eLearning software integration consulting. They gather business requirements for digital transformation, perform an audit of the current level of workflow automation, help you make the right software decision, and perform implementation using AI where it offers better value for money. 


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