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LXP Development

Break into the eLearning market or increase the efficiency of your corporate training program with LXP development services at Belitsoft.

A Learning Experience Platform is a powerful tool and an innovative approach to knowledge transfer and professional development. Belitsoft has embraced LXP and uses it for the benefit of our customers.

12+ years in eLearning
years in eLearning

LXP Development Services

Custom LXP Development

Creating a product for your startup or an advanced learning system for your employees.

Content creation

Populating your software with clear, interesting, and useful learning materials.

LMS Extension

Adding new features to an existing open-source LMS to transform it into an LXP.

Data Transfer

Migrating all the important information from your old LMS/LXP to a new system.


Developing new functionality, up- and downscaling, optimizing performance - anything to keep your system at top performance.


Making your LXP exchange information with other systems: CRM, ERP, Talent Management Software, etc.

What’s the Difference Between LXP and LMS?

Learning Experience Platform is similar to the Learning Management System but focuses on personalization, microlearning, and social integration. Some compare it to Netflix, referring to the system that can adapt to every individual’s preferences. See the difference in detail below.
Content from internal storage and external platforms
Flexible learning paths
Curated by the system itself or by the learners
A user is learning while working
Internal content only
Predefined learning paths
Curated by the administrators
A user is learning and working separately

Common LXP Features

Inbuilt AI

Based on what the system knows about the user’s strengths and weaknesses, an AI can automatically suggest the best learning materials and courses, including those from third parties and “non-learning” systems (e.g. YouTube).

Bite-sized lessons

LXPs tend to include brief learning materials that answer specific questions precisely (e.g. “How to create formulas in Google Sheets”). This advice improves employee efficiency.

Social integration

Besides connection with various social networks, LXPs allow user-generated content uploads to share new solutions to common problems and improve the employees’ morale.


Adding the elements of play (leaderboards, points, progress-bars etc.) gives the learners extra motivation.


Detailed reports showing the growth of learners’ skills, ROI, and other business data.


SCORM, xAPI (Tin Can), LTI - have your system accept content from anywhere and in any popular format.

Advantages of a Custom LXP

Cheaper in the long run

After the system is up and running, there are no license costs. Together with reasonable pricing of cloud hosting services, this makes a custom system’s TCO lower compared to a boxed one.

Higher valuation

A custom LXP is a valuable intellectual property. It will add to your company’s valuation and please your investors.

Total control

While you can often adapt off-the-shelf products to better suit your needs, with custom LXPs you have total control over the feature set, stored information, and learning materials.

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