PowerBI Business Intelligence Services

Gather all your data in one secure location and turn it into insights for impactful business results:
  • 321% return on investment over 3 years
  • 25,7% lower TCO compared to traditional solutions
  • 1,75h of employees’ time saved per week for high-level tasks

according to the corporate VP of Azure Data department

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Direct PowerBI Connection
Limitations in managing complex data tasks due to a lack of custom algorithms for multi-source data integration and special calculations
Efficiency issues using a single database for both daily operations and analysis, causing potential slowdowns and bottlenecks
Limited scalability due to 2 GB file size cap, hindering larger data sets expansion and management
After you get PowerBI from Microsoft, we can link it to your data quickly. But years of expertise show direct data linking isn't always the best. That's why we've developed a proven method to effectively implement PowerBI in your business
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Custom PowerBI Solution with Data Migration Core
Custom ETL components for efficient complex data operations
Performance enhancement through a dedicated Data Warehouse
Scalability improved with a modern ETL module and Tabular Cube

Data Visualization Services with PowerBI

You provide the data, and we create the necessary data management architecture. We then visualize this data to give you clear, actionable insights

data visualization services powerbi

Analytical Assessment

To create an analytical strategy, we analyze how things are done, your goals, and decide on KPIs

Our data audits involve collecting regional and industry information, analyzing market trends, and assessing company-specific factors

Data Management

Our system supports 100+ types of data sources (files, databases, cloud services, etc.) and ingests various data formats (relational, IoT, big data)

We keep your data well-organized for quality transformation

We run ETL procedures to integrate, clean, and enrich your data

Your data is secured through encryption, with workspace-level access to authorized users and row-level security for granular data visibility control

Data Visualization

Our team designs, develops, and implements PowerBI data visualization

Our insightful reports and visualizations are easily understood by all departments

We consolidate and visualize business data in one place using charts, cards, and maps

We can also add AI/ML modules on demand for advanced and predictive analysis

How We Build Your PowerBI Solution

business intelligence powerbi
Our PowerBI Expert Team

In our approach, we don't assign one person to handle multiple responsibilities. Instead, we have speacialists who manage each aspect of the work in their respective fields. This guarantees high-quality and professional outcomes

BI Business Analyst

  • Requirement gathering
  • Data stories
  • Data mapping
  • Data verification
  • QA

BI Project Manager

  • Requirement gathering
  • Estimation & budget
  • Resource management
  • Project rituals & artefacts
  • Reporting & Closing

BI Architect/ Tech Lead

  • Architecture & Tech Stack
  • Tech team management
  • Project planning
  • Tech audit

BI DevOps

  • Environments configuration
  • Connection configuration
  • Security management
  • Productivity refinement

Data Engineer

  • DWH configuration
  • ETL/ELT Pipelines
  • ETL/ELT scripts
  • Data quality
  • Data transformation & enrichment
  • Analytical layer configuration

Data Scientist/ Data Analyst

  • Data strategy
  • Complex Analytical models
  • Prototyping
  • Dimensional models
  • Data modelling
  • Data vizualization

Stay Calm with No Surprise Expenses

  • You get a detailed project plan with costs associated with each feature developed
  • Before bidding on a project, we conduct a review to filter out non-essential inquiries that can lead to overestimation
  • Weekly reports help you maintain control over the budget

Don’t Stress About Work Not Being Done

  • We sign the Statement of Work to specify the budget, deliverables and the schedule
  • You see who’s responsible for what tasks in your favorite task management system
  • We hold weekly status meetings to provide demos of what’s been achieved to hit the milestones
  • Low personnel turnover rate at Belitsoft is below 12% per annum. The risk of losing key people on your projects is low, and thus we keep knowledge in your projects and save your money

Be Confident Your Secrets are Secure

  • We guarantee your property protection policy using Master Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Employee Confidentiality Contract signed prior to the start of work
  • Your legal team is welcome to make any necessary modifications to the documents to ensure they align with your requirements
  • We also implement multi-factor authentication and data encryption to add an extra layer of protection to your sensitive information while working with your software

No Need to Explain Twice

  • With minimal input from you and without overwhelming you with technical buzzwords, your needs are converted into a project requirements document any engineer can easily understand. This allows you to assign less technical staff to a project on your end, if necessary
  • Our communication goes through your preferred video/audio meeting tools like Microsoft Teams and more

Mentally Synced With Your Team

  • Commitment to business English proficiency enables the staff of our offshore software development company to collaborate as effectively as native English speakers, saving you time
  • We create a hybrid composition with engineers working in tandem with your team members
  • Work with individuals who comprehend US and EU business climate and business requirements

Technologies and tools we use

Power BI Development
PowerBI Service
Azure Analysis Services
Data Storing and ETL
Azure Data Fabric
Azure Data Factory
Azure SQL
Azure Data Lake

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive collection of business intelligence tools. It helps to import, aggregate, and present data in immersive reports and visuals. The suite includes:

  • Power BI Desktop: A Windows desktop application for creating detailed data analysis and reporting
  • Power BI Service: An online platform for collaborating and distributing Power BI reports
  • Power BI Report Server: An on-premises server to host Power BI reports, available with Premium licensing
  • Power BI Embedded: A service to embed Power BI visuals, reports, and dashboards into your applications, creating a cohesive user experience
  • Power BI Mobile: A mobile application that allows you to access Power BI reports on the go
  • Power BI Report Builder: A tool for creating detailed paginated reports

Our PowerBI visualization and analytical solutions are tailored to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency in various job functions and industries:

  • Corporate and management, streamlining high-level strategic planning and reporting
  • Customer service, optimizing interaction tracking and resolution analytics
  • Finance & Accounting, simplifying financial data consolidation and reporting
  • Human Resources, improving workforce analytics and organizational insights
  • Information Technology, managing IT service data and infrastructure analytics
  • Marketing, both digital and traditional, for campaign analysis and ROI optimization
  • Manufacturing, monitoring production processes and efficiency metrics
  • Sales, analyzing sales trends and performance metrics
  • Supply Chain and Logistics, optimizing logistics planning and supply chain visibility
  • We can also customize our solution to meet your specific requirements and address other business tasks


Migration from Power BI service to Power BI Report Server
Migration from Power BI service to Power BI Report Server
Last year, the bank migrated its financial data reporting system from a cloud-based SaaS hosted on Microsoft’s cloud platform to an on-premises Microsoft solution. However, the on-premises Power BI Report Server comes with some critical limitations by default and lacks backward compatibility with its cloud equivalent.
BI Modernization for Financial Enterprise for 100x Faster Big Data Analysis
FinTech BI Modernization for 100x Faster Big Data Analysis
A private financial enterprise needed to fully modernize the architecture of a custom Business Intelligence system to effectively identify trends, mitigate risks, enhance customer experience, and optimize operations.
Power BI Inventory Management to Prevent Over- and Understocking
Power BI Inventory Management to Prevent Over- and Understocking
Our client is one of the largest retail suppliers who is tracking millions of records across multiple retail stores in different cities and would like to know how to walk the fine line between over- and understocking.

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