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PHP Development Services

Develop dynamic and powerful PHP solutions to facilitate your business growth and get a competitive edge on the market!

79% of websites, including major world brands such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack, and Yahoo list PHP in their technology stacks. Since 2004, Belitsoft has been helping businesses to leverage the full capacity of PHP on the way to their success.

Hire PHP developers from Belitsoft to create interactive and scalable web solutions ranging from simple web pages to complex enterprise level applications (eg. ERP, CRM and EDM systems). With 100+ PHP projects, including 30 middle & large-scale (2000+ man-hours each) completed, we have the knowledge and tech expertise to implement your boldest ideas.

Belitsoft is included in the industry-recognized independent list of the top software development companies. The geography of our clients spans the USA, the UK, Israel, Europe, Canada, and other countries.

Our clients include
Medium business
Established enterprises
International corporations

Our PHP development services

key domains

Belitsoft provides full cycle PHP development services. It is more profitable to work with a single vendor who has strong expertise in all facets of software development compared with several companies narrowly focused either on front-end or back-end sides. Additionally, it's harder to manage several providers.

During 15+ years of hands-on PHP experience, we’ve got a strong case history in domains like healthcare, e-learning, sports, e-commerce, entertainment, and finance.

php development

Our services include:

Custom PHP development (from scratch)
Refinement of existing solutions
UI/UX design
Consulting and business analysis
QA and testing
Dedicated teams
Long-term support and maintenance
Migration to the latest PHP version

Our team of more than 250 in-house IT professionals is well-versed in all major modern technologies. To complement the PHP team, you can also hire mobile developers to work hand-in-hand with them. Seamless cooperation allows us to effectively develop mobile solutions connected to PHP-based web services.

Why choose PHP for your project?

php leads the market

PHP dominance on the market entails the availability of a broad range of servers and server presets that support its development stack. Also, great demand and supply balance of PHP developers lets us pick the most skilled professionals with the relevant expertise for your project.

fast project launch

PHP allows developers to significantly speed up the wireframing stage due to the lesser amount of interdependencies while retaining the same functionality and productivity levels. It’s also easier to assemble a PHP team in a short time.


PHP projects are usually more cost-effective compared to other technologies both on development and support & maintenance stages. PHP is completely open-source, which eliminates any spendings on downloading, licensing, and high-priced web hostings. Moreover, low entry threshold increases market competition and drives the prices down.

Our PHP solutions

With 100+ versatile PHP projects up-and-running, Belitsoft programmers have fully mastered the range of PHP frameworks and CMSs. Hire our PHP developers to get your own custom solution of any complexity and consider our SaaS-based development services.

custom php development

PHP web application and website development

Our PHP engineers are not only well-versed in backend development tools, but also have solid competence in creating cutting-edge front-ends. This way, we ensure a classy look, feel, and operation of our software.
Elearning: LMS, online courses, etc.
Hospitality: hotels and tickets reservations, appointments management, etc.
Social networking and collaboration: online communities, media content distribution apps, streaming services, etc.
E-commerce: online marketplaces, eAuctions, supply chain tracking, etc.
Enterprise: CRM, ERP, BI, etc.
api development

API development

API may become a crucial part of your application, so it is necessary that it is developed by experienced engineers according to the best practices.
Custom API development allows you to give third parties a simple way to connect with features or data of your service.
3d party API integration empowers your solution with additional capabilities owned by other vendors (ex. access to maps, social networks’ features, payment gateways).

PHP backend design & development

We devise robust backends with strong business logic for web, mobile, and IoT. Focusing on the system scalability, our PHP architects apply the best practices for its faultless operation under any loads.


Be it a company intranet, document and knowledge management system or digital archives, our PHP engineers address the specifics of your private network to spur workflow automation and enhance productivity.


Data-driven BI provides our customers with powerful tools for information management and monitoring. Efficiently analyzed data encourages the right business decisions, increasing revenue and preventing unnecessary costs.

How we work

Exceptional service was, is, and will always be the foundation of Belitsoft values. This is reflected in 4.9/5 stars rating that our clients give us on Clutch, attesting to the quality of the mutual cooperation.
Our company takes a proactive approach to understand your business challenges and industry. If you are a startup, we’ll help you enter the market cost-effectively by using MVP/MLP approach. Hire PHP professionals from Belitsoft not just for programming but for serving your business goals and needs.
Depending on the scope of work, objectives clarity and the type of cooperation, we offer you the most suitable pricing model. Large-scale and complex projects with changing requirements are a good fit for T&M. At the same time, if your project has well-defined and carefully compiled software specification, which requirements won't change lightning-fast during the development stage, it is possible to work on the Fixed Price model.
Analysis and Estimation
Idea assessments
Business Analysis and market research (Optional)
Splitting the work into sprints
Development and QA
Product delivery
Support and further development
New features implementation
New software version adaptation
Server management

Hire dedicated PHP team

You can hire skilled PHP developers from Belitsoft either as an augmentation to existing in-house staff or as a fully functional software team united by a single goal. The developers are handpicked to match the requirements of the client, who has full control over their working activities. We can build the teams of 5-40 specialists. To date, our largest projects involve 7-10 PHP programmers working together. Also, with our dedicated teams, it is possible to reduce costs by 40%+.
Over 15 years, Belitsoft has gathered invaluable expertise in progressive staff training and providing first-class dedicated teams for a large variety of projects. Development and customization of SaaS platform for insurance brokers, custom LMS for an ed-tech company, custom EHR - these are just some of the projects we are proud of.
hire dedicated team
Our PHP development tech stack
Our PHP developers have a firm grasp of all major PHP frameworks as well as a profound understanding of PHP coding peculiarities to nail the most elaborate project requirements.

Frameworks: Laravel, Yii2, Zend, Slim, Symfony

Pure PHP

CMS: Joomla, Drupal. E-commerce: Magento, Opencart, Prestashop.


Vanilla, VueJS, jQuery

Data Management

MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL; MongoDB

Optimization helpers

Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ

HTTP Servers

Apache, Nginx

OS and platforms

Ubuntu, Centos, Docker, Kubernetes

Why Belitsoft?

Reliable partnership
We focus on stable and fruitful cooperation, offering value for money PHP services. This is proved by 20+ clients that stay with us for more than 5 years.
Low attrition rate
3 years is the average tenure of a Belitsoft employee, which minimizes the risk of losing key people on the project. As a result, we ensure knowledge retention and save your money.
Fast project kickoff
It takes us 1-2 weeks from the contract signing to the actual launch of the development process so you get your fully-functional software earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. That is why we have adequate security in place to protect your IP, reflect your product ownership in our Agreement and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you at the start of a business relationship to ensure the utmost security of all your critical data, ideas and other confidential information.
The exact costs greatly depend on the scope and complexity of the given project. Contact us for a free quote and we will give you projected estimates based on your desired functionalities. We are a resident of the Hi-Tech Park - a specific economic zone, counting 180 of the 1000 IT companies. Reduced tax rates allow our PHP software development company to keep the prices down in contrast to non-resident companies.
During the preparation stage, we consider two development methodologies - Waterfall and Agile - depending on your goals. Yet, the development process also usually involves iterative approach (regardless of chosen methodology). For Agile, this is an inherent part of its architecture. In Waterfall projects, iterations allow us to better control development progress as well as prepare regular demo versions.
Online Web Store for Marketing With Social Media
Online Web Store for Marketing With Social Media
Technologies: Yii Framework, PHP, React.JS, MySQL Effort: 12 man-months
Custom Live Video Streaming Web / Mobile  Development For a Video Surveillance System Company
Custom Live Video Streaming Web / Mobile Development For a Video Surveillance System Company
Technologies: React.JS, Laravel, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Flussonic (ErlyVideo) API Effort: 160 man-hours
Custom Chatbot Development for a Chatbot Store / PAAS for Bot-Building
Custom Chatbot Development for a Chatbot Store / PAAS for Bot-Building
Technologies: PHP, Laravel Effort: 1 back-end developer, 2 testing specialists
Custom SAAS ERP / CRM Platform for Car Service Stations
Custom SAAS ERP / CRM Platform for Car Service Stations
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
Technologies: Node.js, Meteor, PHP, Laravel, MongoDB, Angular, Bootstrap, MySQL Effort: 20 man-months
Electronic Document Management Application for a Parliament
Electronic Document Management Application for a Parliament
Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, React.JS, Yii Effort: 1600 man-hours
eCommerce Website and Joomla Extensions
eCommerce Website and Joomla Extensions
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, PayPal, 2CO Effort: 15 man-months
Custom Web Development For a Model Agency
Custom Web Development For a Model Agency
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, PayPal, 2CO, Joomla CMS Effort: 12 man-months
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Belitsoft has successfully developed an MVP version of a cloud-based electronic healthcare record (EHR) platform for a well-known Company in the healthcare industry.
Custom Software Development  for a Life Insurance Company
Custom Software Development for a Life Insurance Company
Technologies: Zend Framework, DOJO Lib (AJAX), PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, PDF Lib, Open Office Effort: 18 man-months
Dedicated Software Development Team for Insly SaaS Company (Customization with Microservices)
Dedicated Software Development Team for Insly SaaS Company (Customization with Microservices)
Technologies: PHP, Laravel Team size: The Team Lead, 7 programmers, and 2 QA-engineers
ERP System Solution for Granite Industry Vendors
ERP System Solution for Granite Industry Vendors
Organizations need to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a software to manage these activities. Belitsoft has created an efficient ERP system for a vendor from Canada.
Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator
Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator
Technologies: Yii Framework, Apache, MySQL, PHP, CSS, React.js Effort: 7 man-months
Custom Healthcare Web Development
Custom Healthcare Web Development
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, xAjax, Joomla!® CMS Effort: 8 man-months
Custom LMS Development For an Edtech Company
Custom LMS Development For an Edtech Company
Belitsoft has developed a flexible Learning Management System that reached tens of thousands of learners and has become a foundation for multiple other successful startups.
E-learning Mobile App
E-learning Mobile App
Technologies: React Native, React.js, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, SCORM Team size: 2 React Native developers, 2 Full-stack PHP developers, Designer, Project manager
Truck Load Tracking Web Application
Truck Load Tracking Web Application
Our client is a software development and product company from the USA. This company came to us with an idea of a truck load tracking web application (a custom trucking tracking). The target audiences of the application are customers from transportation freight industry, which need tracking trucks with their goods in real time from any smart device.
Custom Music Social Network Development
Custom Music Social Network Development
Technologies: Joomla, Yii Framework for API methods, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Restful API, MySQL, AJAX, Twitter API, LinkedIn API, SoundCloud API, Facebook API Effort: 25 man-months
Dedicated Software Development Team for U.S. Software Company
Dedicated Software Development Team for U.S. Software Company
Technologies: Yii Framework, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, iOS, Android Team size: Project Manager, 2 Team Leads, 10 Yii developers, 3 mobile developers (IOS, Android)
Custom Magento Development for the RuffleButts' Store
Custom Magento Development for the RuffleButts' Store
Technologies: PHP, Magento, SugarCRM
Custom Magento Extensions Development
Custom Magento Extensions Development
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XML, Magento, AJAX, SOAP, SugarCRM, Dropbox, Google, Box, AmazonS3 API, PEAR Tar Archive



I expected and demanded a lot of you at Belitsoft company, but you exceeded my expectations. You acted pro-actively, challenged me at the right moments. Thanks!

Martin Beijer

CEO at Ticken B.V. (Netherlands)


We have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner. Any software development, programming, or design needs we have had, Belitsoft company has always been able to handle this for us.

Bjarne Mortensen

СEO at ElearningForce International (United States, Denmark)


They use their knowledge and skills to program the product, and then completed a series of quality assurance tests. We were working in an agile way with them. Belitsoft performed very well throughout our project. We are definitely looking at Belitsoft as a long-term partner.

Eddie Nicholas

Service Delivery Director at Crimson (United Kingdom)


I highly recommend Belitsoft for website design and development. We were up against a tight deadline to launch the project. The work was delivered on time and within budget! I will continue working with Belitsoft as a valued partner for our web development!

Adrienne Herd

Program Administrator at UC Berkeley (United States)


We have worked with Belitsoft team over the past few years on projects involving much customized programming work. They are knowledgeable and are able to complete tasks on schedule, meeting our technical requirements. We would recommend them to anyone who is in need of custom programming work.

Kevin M. Rice

Main Partner at Hathway Tech (United States)


Belitsoft company is able to make changes instantly. One of our internal engineers has commented about how clean their code is. Belitsoft seems to know what they're doing, which I appreciate.

Darlene Liebman

Co-Founder at HOWCAST MEDIA (United States)


It was a great pleasure working with Belitsoft. Software Development Company. New requirements and adjustments were implemented fast and precisely. We can recommend Belitsoft and are looking forward to start a follow-up project.

Renè Reiners

Deputy Head of Division at Fraunhofer FIT (Germany)

Apollo Matrix

Belitsoft company has been able to provide senior developers with the skills to support back end, native mobile and web applications. We continue today to augment our existing staff with great developers from Belitsoft.

Pete Johnson

CEO at Apollo Matrix (United States)


Belitsoft company delivered dedicated development team for our products and technical specialists for our clients time to time custom development needs. We highly recommend that you use this company if you want the same benefits.

Bo Sejer Frandsen

Managing Director at Key2Know A/S in 2012 (Denmark)

Regen Med

We approached BelITsoft with a concept, and they were able to convert it into a multi-platform software solution. Their team members are skilled, agile and attached to their work, all of which paid dividends as our software grew in complexity.

Nicolas Tierney

COO at Regenerative Medicine LLC (United States)


Having worked with Belitsoft as a service provider, I must say that I'm very pleased with the company's policy. Belitsoft guarantees first-class service through efficient management, great expertise, and a systematic approach to business.. I would strongly recommend Belitsoft's services to anyone wanting to get the right IT products in the right place at the right time.

Guy Doron

CEO at Moblers (Israel)


If you are looking for a true partnership Belitsoft company might be the best choice for you. They have proven to be most reliable, polite and professional. The team managed to adapt to changing requirements and to provide me with best solutions. I strongly recommend Belisoft.

Ivo Downes

Director at ShowCast Limited (Germany)

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