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Belitsoft is a Laravel Development Company well-versed in Laravel, one of the leading PHP-based frameworks on the market today. Our Laravel experts can easily build creative and professional looking web and mobile applications. From simple apps to complex CMS for e-Commerce websites, Belitsoft Laravel Development Services are ground on building and delivering projects of any size at affordable prices.

  • Laravel Custom Website Development: SaaS, eCommerce, Social Media and etc.
  • Laravel Application & RestFull API Development
  • Migration to Laravel
  • Upgrade of Laravel applications
  • Laravel Module & Package Development
  • Lumen Development
  • Integration of Laravel apps with external API
  • Support & Maintenance of Laravel Projects
  • Laravel Consulting

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Laravel Development ServicesBelitsoft Laravel Development Services include front-end and back-end services, dedicated Laravel developers, and award winning design. Get Laravel consulting, development, and support from Belitsoft's top Laravel experts!

Are you trying to find a reliable company to help with Laravel projects you have? See examples of our Laravel work. If you are looking for the best, make sure you got a free quote or details of our rates from Belitsoft Laravel Development Company!



Custom Laravel Application Development Services

  • Laravel-based e-commerce solutions development. We can build online shops, B2B or B2C e-commerce websites or marketplaces. Our flexible solutions can scale well from one product to several million and is optimized for mobile devices. With Stripe and Laravel Cashier integrated, and your product catalog created, it's time to begin selling products!
  • Laravel-based CRM development. CRM holds a wide range of features to help the individuals or organizations to manage the interactions with its customers: collecting data on existing customers, quick responses to customer inquiries regarding order status and product details, provide consistent and reliable information to sales and accounting staff, searching the database for information, launching eMail and social media campaigns, multi-language and multi-currency support, issue tracking for customer support etc.
  • Laravel-based ERP development. ERP helps to manage, integrate and plan for all resources (Man, Material, Machine, Money) of an organization. For finance it helps in Financial accounting like receivable, payable, ledger, cash management, consolidation, Fixed asset management. For Purchase & inventory it helps with supply chain management concept, order to receive, ware housing, supplier management, rating, budgeting etc. For HR you can do recruitment, employee management, payroll, salary, leave management, training, assessment etc.
  • Laravel PHP Framework is a good starting point for building a CRM/ERP. 

Migration to Laravel Framework Services

  • Do you wish to convert your existing code to Laravel with an idea to achieve high-performing, feature-packed and fully scalable web solution? Are you looking for a senior level architect who can lead a team of PHP developers for migrating a PHP monolithic application to PHP based microservices?
  • We can easily migrate your existing PHP/MySQL website to the Laravel-based website. The application structure (models, tables, controller layout) of your legacy application will be rewritten using Laravel's helpers and syntax, including blade templating. The new Laravel-based website will have the same functionality, mobile-friendliness and features as the original website. We can port your existing code to the Laravel 5 Framework with Eloquent ORM, replace your existing local user account login and registration with Laravel Socialite to support authentication with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram.

Laravel Package Development Services

  • Are you looking for a developer with experience in Laravel package development? Do you have a Laravel Project and looking for expert Laravel programmer who could rewrite an open-source library into solid Laravel package? Do you need to install a Laravel package and make customizations to it?
  • Packages are the primary way of adding functionality to Laravel. Laravel packages allow access to the routing, migrations, tests, views, and numerous other useful features of Laravel. We can use the Packalyst directory or create custom packages.

Laravel Integration Services

  • Do you want to build a website in PHP and use multiple third-party APIs in it? Laravel framework is a good choice to integrate these APIs because of the easy routing of API endpoints. Additionally, Laravel supports many third-party solutions such as AWS, Stripe, Zendesk, Mailchimp or Paypal. We can also use Laravel to build any set of HTTP based APIs that you need. They could be external facing APIs, like Paypal, or a set of APIs to support a javascript web application running in a browser, or a set of APIs supporting a native mobile app.

Laravel Consulting Services

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