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Business Intelligence Software Development

From Data to Insights and Decisions.

Get your own cost-effective Business Intelligence (BI) solution that fits your unique business processes and includes all the necessary KPIs.

Quickly derive meaningful insights out of your raw data from all the necessary sources, using a single business intelligence data warehouse (DWH).

Predict trends, be informed on any potential business challenges and make well-informed decisions.

We have developed and successfully implemented BI solutions for standard business processes fitting your industry, department, or business function.

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Our BI Solutions

Executive Analytics Solution

Helps you to assess the current state of your business efficiency: all important management KPIs in a single place, insights for executives of all levels.

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Sales Analytics Solution

For in-depth sales analytics with details in time periods, channels, customers, nomenclature, divisions, managers, suppliers, documents, lots, etc.

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Customer Analytics Solution

Allows you to monitor all relevant customer KPIs and manage the customer base. Provides for the possibility of segmentation and analysis by channels, customers, sales funnel.

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Financial Analytics Solution

Allows you to make sales and budget forecasting (by sales channels, assortment structure, cost structure), analyze the financial indicators (cost, discounts, margins, profits, etc.) and generate standard financial reports (P&L, CF, BS, etc.)

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Accounts Receivable & Cash-flow Analytics Solution

With in-depth analysis of cash-flow and receivables detailed by types and categories of debts, amounts and terms of debts, the ratio of normal and overdue receivables, receivables turnover, etc.

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Supply Chain Analytics Solution

Supply Chain Analytics Solution (Vendors, Logistics, Inventory) with in-depth analysis of supply chain and inventories: cost, illiquid assets and goods with expiration dates; turnover, average balances in days of sales; insurance stocks and stock shortages.

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Marketing Analytics Solution

Created to analyze the effectiveness and further development of the marketing function in the organization. The analysis is carried out through promotion channels and events in relation to commercial and financial indicators.

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HR Analytics Solution

HR Analytics Solution allows you to plan, select, hire, and motivate staff. In-depth analysis of motivation, salary, staff turnover, the effectiveness of training procedures, etc.

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Analytics Solutions by Industry

Help you to enrich your analytics with all the necessary specific industry KPIs

Manufacturing & CPG Analytics

Supply Chain & Logistic Analytics

Marketing & Advertising Analytics

Distribution, Retail, E-commerce Analytics

Travel & Hospitality Analytics

Education Analytics

Software & IT Services Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

BFSI (Banking, Finance, Insurance) Analytics

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solutions

Healthcare Business Intelligence transforms raw healthcare data into actionable insights to enhance healthcare service efficiency and patient care. These solutions are typically implemented through Business Intelligence software, data visualization software, and analytics platforms.

EHR Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence enables healthcare providers quickly analyze and interpret both structured and unstructured data within an Electronic Health Record system. Once a patient's data is entered, immediate analysis is possible, expediting the diagnosis and treatment process.

Healthcare CRM Analytics. This tool allows providers to monitor patient compliance with care plans, identify those lagging, and schedule necessary follow-ups. With our CRM analytics solution, insurers can examine utilization trends to enhance operational efficiency and identify at-risk members neglecting care plans. Medical device firms can identify critical account patterns and proactively engage with clients at high risk of churn. Meanwhile, sales managers can assess their teams' performance.

Pharmacy Business Intelligence. Data analytics enhances store performance assessment, aids in identifying prescriptions due to refill, and categorizes them based on profitability. This strategy can highlight regular patients who haven't visited recently or those with unfilled prescriptions. Proactive outreach, guided by these analytics, can improve patient adherence. Moreover, discerning drugs sold at a loss is key to efficient inventory management and sustaining profitability.

Healthcare IOT Analytics. A unified business intelligence and data analytics platform capable of handling data from diverse medical devices across various manufacturers, overcoming the challenge of non-standardized data structures. The synergy of BI, IoT, and aggregated data across large patient groups uncovers trends and insights. These findings can guide effective treatment strategies and lifestyle management decisions for specific individuals or broader patient groups, such as those with diabetes. IoT data, sourced from health monitors to telematics, also aids insurance companies in reducing risk and promoting premium savings for customers.

Business Intelligence in Transportation Industry

We create custom business intelligence solutions for the logistics and transportation sectors, focusing on data collection and visualization related to clients, freight forwarders, logistics operators, and administrative elements such as warehousing, transport, customs, and ports. For third-party logistics providers, known as 3PLs, we provide real-time intelligence tools specifically designed to improve effectiveness in two key areas: transportation management and inventory. BI solutions of our transportation and logistics software development company offer full supply chain visibility, enriched with live tracking data for complete shipment monitoring. These tools are engineered for a variety of analyses—ranging from carrier performance and mode-cost evaluation to supplier compliance—down to specific functionalities like routing and scheduling, as well as claims analysis. In the domain of warehouse management, our technology specializes in inventory assessment, performance metrics, and space utilization, aiming to reduce distribution costs.

BI and Data Warehouse consulting services

BI and Data Warehouse
We analyze your business workflow and technology infrastructure to understand what you can get with your BI solution.
We prepare documentation on the business, functional and infrastructure requirements for your BI solutions based on the results of the previous analysis.
You get the BI solution roadmap with a data warehouse project implementation plan (schedule and budget) and specification (metrics and indicators for monitoring and evaluation).

DWH, ETL, OLAP Design and Implementation

Data Warehouse

Get a single data warehouse with the necessary databases tailored to the analytical needs of your team and based on your existing technology landscape.


Get the preconfigured automated ETL processes to eliminate the necessity of using human resources for the routine tasks connected with extraction and data mining, data quality assurance, and processing of various types of data from multiple sources and storing them into the data warehouse.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your data with measures and dimensions that aren’t included in the initial data sets but are required for advanced analytical tasks such as ABC(XYZ)-analysis, ranging, categorization, forecasting, modeling, etc.


Get an OLAP database (OLAP cube) - the powerful online reporting and visualization analytical processing system optimized for the fast generation of multidimensional reports by using pre-calculated and pre-aggregated data.

Data Sources
Flat Files
Marketing Analytics
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ETL - Real Time

Data Warehouse
Data Marts
Provides data structure for the reports
Simplifies DB queries
Transformations depend on the reports
Warehouse Core
Data storage model
Ensures data quality
Purified data
Complex transformations
Primary data
Provides raw data upload
Decreases system load
Simple transformations
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OLAP — Dashboards

Data Visualization
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BI Reporting & Visualization

BI and Data Warehouse
Get multidimensional reports and visualizations with required measures and dimensions generated from multiple databases using OLAP technology.
Use preconfigured reports’ and dashboards’ templates (BI solutions) adapted for your industry’s business processes with metrics and indicators, including KPIs, under your requirements.
Give your business users the possibility to utilize self-service BI tools for ad hoc requests, reducing the reliance on IT resources.
Use advanced analytics based on statistical and mathematical methods to uncover upcoming trends and risks that are not apparently visible through standard analytics.
You will not be left alone with your new BI solution with our rapid BI training for different users, including data engineers, business analysts, and business users.

Power BI Services

Power BI developers

Hire Power BI developers at Belitsoft to transform raw data into meaningful and actionable information, empowering better decision-making and driving business growth.

Power BI Dashboard Designing
Power BI Development
Integration with Power BI
Power BI Consulting Services
Power BI Predictive Analytics
Support and Maintenance

BI Performance Tuning


Not happy with the performance of an implemented BI solution? You need BI performance tuning for every phase of the BI lifecycle.

We are here to help you with:

Tuning Techniques for the ETL Phase.
Tuning Techniques for the Query Phase.
Tuning Techniques for the Reporting and Visualizing Phase.

You get the highly performant and scalable BI solution that reduces the time for creating complex reports and visualizations and runs as fast as possible.

BI Security implementation


Be assured that sensitive information from your BI solution is protected from hackers, leaks, and thieves.

With the role-based security, your BI solution will offer different levels of access to users, depending on whether you want to allow them to view all the dashboards/reports, or just some of them, to create dashboard/reports, and so on.

BI Features

Request a custom price quote for your BI System. Use the Features list below
to describe the project and we will get in touch with you within 1 business day.

Choose your industry
Choose the business processes you want to analyze
Choose the necessary dimensions you would like to see in your reports
By Periods
By Customer
By Location
By Supplier
By Organizational structure and staffing
By Product
By Sales documents
By Budget Items
Do you need reports based on advanced analytics methods?
Choose the necessary type:
Which data sources do you use?
Something else?


Migration from Power BI service to Power BI Report Server
Migration from Power BI service to Power BI Report Server
Last year, the bank migrated its financial data reporting system from a cloud-based SaaS hosted on Microsoft’s cloud platform to an on-premises Microsoft solution. However, the on-premises Power BI Report Server comes with some critical limitations by default and lacks backward compatibility with its cloud equivalent.
BI Modernization for Financial Enterprise for 100x Faster Big Data Analysis
BI Modernization for Financial Enterprise for 100x Faster Big Data Analysis
A private financial enterprise needed to fully modernize the architecture of a custom Business Intelligence system to effectively identify trends, mitigate risks, enhance customer experience, and optimize operations.
15+ Senior Developers to scale B2B BI Software for the Company Gained $100M Investment
15+ Senior Developers to scale B2B BI Software for the Company Gained $100M Investment
Belitsoft is providing staff augmentation service for the Independent Software Vendor and has built a team of 16 highly skilled professionals, including .NET developers, QA automation, and manual software testing engineers.
EHR CRM Integration and Medical BI Implementation for a Healthcare Network
EHR CRM Integration and Medical BI Implementation for a Healthcare Network
The significance of this achievement has garnered the attention of the US government, indicating an intent to deploy the software on a national scale. This unique integration allows for pulling data from EHRs, visualizing them in a convenient and simple way, then allows managing the necessary data to create health programs, assigning individuals to them, and returning ready-to-use medical plans to the EHRs of health organizations.
Hotel Business Intelligence
Hotel Business Intelligence
Our client is a startup owner who came to us with the idea to develop a new Business Intelligence System for hotels. He needed more than just senior-level experts who are able to choose the right architecture of the new system - he needed a team that could deliver enterprise-level analytical products.
Cloud Analytics Modernization on AWS for a Healthtech Company
Cloud Analytics Modernization on AWS for a Healthtech Company
Belitsoft designed a cloud-native web application for our client, a US healthcare solutions provider, using AWS. Previously, the company relied solely on desktop-based and on-premise software for its internal operations. To address the challenge of real-time automated scaling, we embraced a serverless architecture, using AWS Lambda.
Power BI Inventory Management to Prevent Over- and Understocking
Power BI Inventory Management to Prevent Over- and Understocking
Our client is one of the largest retail suppliers who is tracking millions of records across multiple retail stores in different cities and would like to know how to walk the fine line between over- and understocking.

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