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Offshore Software Testing Company

Belitsoft provides offshore testing QA services that help you get required expertise remotely at a reasonable cost. Hire offshore QA team to be sure that your product is completely error-free, while you focus on development and other processes. Hire offshore testing team now!

Advantages of Offshore Software Testing Services

Bug-free software

Hire offshore software testing team from Belitsoft to ensure your software meets all standards. Your developers will get detailed reports to fix errors quickly and effectively. As a result, you’ll get an error-free product created with our offshore software QA team’s assistance.

Save more time

When you collaborate with Belitsoft’s offshore testers, your developers get more time to focus on implementing new features. The testing engineers cover all bug-searching processes using advanced techniques. All that’s left for your in-house team is checking the QA team’s reports and removing any detected issues.

Remote expertise

Hiring an offshore software testing team brings you extensive domain expertise. You get a professional team that specializes specifically in your product’s industry. Belitsoft has testers with various backgrounds, meaning there always is an engineer with the right knowledge.

Great cost-effectiveness

Offshore testing helps you get the best specialists at a reasonable rate. We have well-established processes; therefore, our team saves your time and money.

Fast testing speed

Due to our team’s expertise in the testing domain, we complete all tasks really fast. Our engineers know all processes inside-out, bringing your product timely reports that speed up improvement. Additionally, we have a large talent pool, allowing us to allocate the required specialists for your project at any time. Belitsof can act as your offshore software testing centre.

Types of Testing Services we Provide

Automated Testing

The fastest and most efficient way to detect most bugs is by automating software testing. Our offshore QA team applies all kinds of tools to avoid human error and provide a bug-free product for your company. This is a cost-effective way to find and fix most issues.

Manual Testing

Automated methods can’t detect all issues, especially when speaking of usability and convenience. Our manual software testers use all their knowledge to find all hidden errors in your product. The team estimates the app by its usability, user experience, and device compatibility. As a result, you get a detailed report with multiple recommendations for improvement.

Mobile Testing

Belitsoft’s team tests your mobile application for usability, functionality, performance, convenience, and many other factors. We work with native, hybrid, and responsive apps. Both automated and manual methods are applied to ensure you get the perfect product upon deployment.

Web Testing

Belitsoft is a leading web testing company and we apply various tools and methods to ensure your web application works as intended. Our offshore testing services help you detect issues at any time, preventing critical errors and providing your users with the perfect experience. This involves all testing types.

UI Testing

Our UI or GUI testing services check all your product’s elements that involve user interaction. Usually, this type ensures the software works properly in terms of functionality and performance. We can customize the testing according to your project’s requirements.

Benefits of Belitsoft

Belitsoft has over 15 years of experience in the industry as offshore software testing company. We provide top-tier quality at reasonable rates, bringing you a cost-effective service. Our team provides software testing offshore in different domains like Healthcare, Finances, Retail, Cybersecurity, IT, etc. Hire offshore QA testers to test your software with us to get error-free application!

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Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost
Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost
Our client is an Israeli high-tech company. They’ve grown into a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions (both software and hardware). Among their clients, there are over 500 mobile, fixed, and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises.

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