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Node.js Development Services

Since the year 2012, Belitsoft Company has been offering outsourced Node.js Development Services in the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe.

Custom Node.JS Development services with Belitsoft company

  • Our team of top Node.js developers has the high level of expertise with MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js (MEAN stack). Belitsoft’s Node.js engineers and software architects are well versed in developing complex Node.js-based applications, which fully meets business requirements.
  • With our custom Node.js development services, you can get server-side web applications, which can perform a huge variety of tasks. Belitsoft delivers extraordinary projects at a price that leaves our clients feeling satisfied.
  • Our expertise in multiple web development tools helps us to choose the right one considering the user base and business growth expectation of each project. We will find the right architecture for scalability and efficiency. This not only helps you deliver your business better but also reduces the project development budget.
Real-time chat applications including chat-bots, real-time analytics dashboards and charts, real-time multiplayer games with WebSockets and Node.js etc.;
Solutions: e-commerce portals and marketplaces, healthcare cloud, social networks, online payments systems, dispatch systems, content management systems etc.;
Enterprise software development with Node.js, SAAS Node.js-based solutions;
Server-side development for web applications, backend development for mobile applications;
Custom Node.js development;
Hire experienced Node.js developers;
Developing microservices, using Node.js web frameworks for building RESTful APIs, building Node.js apps with JSON web tokens;
Test-driven development with Node.js, Development packages for Node.js;

Custom Node.js development;
Single page Node.js apps development;
Node.js consulting.

Belitsoft Node.js Development Services include front-end / back-end development, dedicated Node.js developers (who will work only on your project, under your control) and web design. Get Node.js consulting, development and support from Belitsoft's top Node.js experts! Our offshore software development company protects our clients against privacy risks and are always ready to sign NDAs for additional confidentiality and privacy. If you're looking for the best, make sure you got a free quote from Belitsoft Node.js Development Company!

Our Node.JS Developers

Our Node.js development team is a combination of various Node.js specialists – developers, engineers, architects, project managers, and consultants, who are ready to work on your unique project. Our Node.js developers are experts not only in Node.js, but also in MongoDB, ExpressJS, and AngularJS. A talented Node.js development team of Belitsoft can help you with building the back end, web servers, dynamic web applications, real-time web APIs, and other web tools very fast. We follow Agile development practices (test-driven development) to accelerate the project implementation, using the high speed and efficiency of JavaScript. Our advanced Node.js team is responsible for managing the interchange between the server and the end users, developing server-side logic, and ensuring efficient responsiveness to the front-end’s requests. We write highly testable and maintainable code to build scalable applications of high performance. Our Node.js developers and engineers focus on quality and productivity..

What is Node.JS?

Node.js is a great server-side platform for developing real-time applications (chats, games, video and big data streams without logic) because Node.js servers can be effectively scaled to handle thousands of requests per second without overly expensive hardware and extra hosting costs. Node.js-based applications as a rule are fully compatible with cloud services where resources can be added/removed automatically preventing an application crash after traffic spikes.

Node.js enables creation of web and mobile applications using JavaScript - the most popular programming language among developers all over the world, especially in the USA (take a look at, for example, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 Results). Hence, Node.js benefits from JavaScript’s advantages and popularity too.

How does Node.JS work: non-tech analogy

Node.js is blazingly fast because it runs as a single thread with non-blocking IO for each connection, hence, there is no memory overrun. Node.js turned the difficult task of writing asynchronous applications into an easy one.

Here is a simple analogy from everyday life to the way Node.js works:

Thread-based system (standard tools):you get to the receptionist at the doctors’ office and have to fill out some forms right there at the counter while the receptionist just sits there waiting for you. You are blocking her/ him from servicing any other customers. The only way to scale a thread-based system is to add more receptionists (one has to pay more people and make room for the additional receptionist windows).

Event-based system (Node.js): you get to the doctors’ office; the receptionist gives you the forms and tells you to come back when you have completed the forms. You go and sit down in the waiting area while the receptionist helps the next person in line. You are not blocking her from servicing others. When you are done, you get back in line and wait to speak with the receptionist again. If you have done something incorrectly, he/she will tell you the correction and you’ll repeat the process. This system is highly scalable: if the waiting line starts getting too long, one can add an additional receptionist, but one does not need to do so as often as with the thread-based system.

That is why more and more entrepreneurs choose Node.js as a tool for developing their business applications.

Benefits of using Node.JS for creating chat-bots

  • The chat application is a really good example of Node.js capabilities: it’s a lightweight, high traffic, data-intensive application that runs across distributed devices. Node.js is also perfect for chat bots development:  a simple API can be quickly built with Express; Node.js supports real-time messages for bots etc.
  • Belitsoft Company has the team of developers who can create mobile chat applications for Android and iOS, chat-bots for Telegram and Facebook Messenger and other types of chat applications. Chat-bots are widely used by brands to drive ecommerce as well as lessen the load of a customer service team and sales associates.
  • For example, Belitsoft Company developed chat-bot, that can convert website visitors to leads.

Benefits of using Node.JS for mobile app backend (server-side) development

  • Node.js is best at talking to other services. The mobile app has to talk to the platform API and database, so Node.js is a great tool for this. World titans have chosen to work with Node.js to develop their mobile app backend (server-side).
  • Walmart, the largest e-commerce giant in the world, uses Node.js back-end to execute front-end code in the mobile applications of mobile shoppers. It allows for providing them with rich and dynamic functionality of the Walmart online services regardless of the mobile application’s capacity.
  • LinkedIn, the largest business social-networking site, has its entire mobile software stack completely built in Node.js on the server side.  
  • Using MongoDB with NoSQL data schema and Node.js, Belitsoft developers can build event-driven web or/and mobile backend (server side) and real-time communication applications.

Node.js Development Services

Benefits of using Node.JS for building microservices

  • With microservices, if one script performs badly, it will then only hampers or kill its own service, rather than the entire application. Microservices architecture should be used from the start in the modern application development to prevent software project from been rewritten from scratch in future, because migrating away from a monolith architecture can be extremely expensive in terms of finances and man-hours.
  • Netflix, an American streaming media provider (93 million subscribers), and PayPal (188 million registered accounts) uses Node.js-based microservices to increase developers’ productivity and ability to roll out new features very fast.
  • Mail Online, one of the largest online newspaper in the world (service over 150 million unique visitors each month) also benefits from Node.js-based microservices architecture, for example, by enabling editors to make decisions minute-by-minute and use handy smart integration with ads campaigns and third party ecommerce vendors.
  • With Belitsoft Company, it is quite easy to build microservices, because our software engineers are well versed not just in event-driven and non-blocking Node.js, but also follow key principles of software architecture development.


EHR CRM Integration and Medical BI Implementation for a Healthcare Network
EHR CRM Integration and Medical BI Implementation for a Healthcare Network
The significance of this achievement has garnered the attention of the US government, indicating an intent to deploy the software on a national scale. This unique integration allows for pulling data from EHRs, visualizing them in a convenient and simple way, then allows managing the necessary data to create health programs, assigning individuals to them, and returning ready-to-use medical plans to the EHRs of health organizations.
FDA Cleared Software as a Medical Device (Mobile Stethoscope App) Development
FDA Cleared Software as a Medical Device (Mobile Stethoscope App) Development
Our client is a Canada-based HealthTech startup, aspiring to transform global clinical outcomes by making heart condition detection and diagnosis more accessible. Collaborating with Belitsoft's development team, the company revolutionized healthcare with the creation of their unique medical device software.
API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
API Integration for Digital Transformation of a Freight Management Company
Our Client, a US-based freight management company, needed a custom core business app to optimize their workflows.
100+ API Integrations for Data Security Management Company
100+ API Integrations for Data Security Management Company
Our Client, the US data management company that sells software for managing sensitive and private data in compliance with regulatory laws, needed skilled developers for building API integrations to the custom software.
Instant Payment App Development for Mobile Banking
Instant Payment App Development for Mobile Banking
Belitsoft was contacted by the founders of a startup from one of the EU Member States. They wanted to create a mobile app that would support SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme to make real-time payments.
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Custom Electronic Healthcare Record SaaS Development
Belitsoft has successfully developed an MVP version of a cloud-based electronic healthcare record (EHR) platform for a well-known Company in the healthcare industry.
AngularJS to Angular Migration and Optimization of E-commerce Mobile MVP
AngularJS to Angular Migration and Optimization of E-commerce Mobile MVP
Belitsoft was approached by an e-commerce startup from Israel that had an innovative coupons app in its MVP stage, but needed optimization and improvement.
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
Custom Chat-Bot and SAAS Web Platform For Lead Generation
For our client, chief executive officer of a startup company from Germany, we successfully developed a chatbot to convert website visitors to leads and a database application to store them.
Glass Thickness Calculator Based On Angular and Node.js
Glass Thickness Calculator Based On Angular and Node.js
The main goal of such application is simplifying process of taking orders and calculating some special technical parameters in automatic way to improve speed of forming quotes.

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