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E-Learning for Professional Development

Committing money to creating your own corporate eLearning suite... These innovative companies prove that corporate eLearning provides cost savings, improves staff development, and meet higher profitability. The technology allows businesses to stay competitive in today's fast-moving market landscape.

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Belitsoft has participated in creating software for professional education of teachers NaMaYaIt is a business that provides the teachers in the New York area with different types of online professional certified courses. NaMaYA’s courses complete CTLE (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education) requirements for the teachers. 

We also participated in creating software that would help project managers with professional exam preparations - PM Exam Simulator. It is used for preparations of PMs to three kinds of exams. Those are Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). The active subscription allows the subscribed person to practice each of these exams (depending on which kind of subscription you’re on). Detailed exam reports are available for users to find the weak area.

Benefits of Corporate eLearning

Cost-effectiveness. Dow Chemical saved its budget $34 million dollars by cutting spendings $95 per learner/per course to $11 per learner/per course due to converting from classrooms to online education. IBM also managed to save big bucks in transition to online corporate training. The amount saved is reportedly $200 million, and that is roughly 30% of the previous training budget of the company.

Improved security. US Department of Education in terms of preventing fraud in online education obliged students to be identified throughout the course.  Biosignatures - BioSig ID in particular - are widely used in professional development software as it is an inexpensive way to prevent students from cheating or committing fraud of any kind.

Instant feedback and results tracking. As LMS tracks user activities, it is way easier for the business owner to get information about the courses completed. After getting full information about skills that were in for improvement, employers get a better understanding of how to spread talents of people they are in command of.

Successful Companies Using Corporate Elearning

As of today, nearly half of the most profitable world-known companies use eLearning tools for online training. Are you still teaching your employees the old-fashioned way? Here's how successful businesses use eLearning to keep their workflow more effective.


Shell is a global multi-billion dollar corporation working in oil and gas industry. It is one of the six Big Oil supermajors with an annual revenue of $305.18 billion. Shell operates in over 70 countries, managing 92.000 employees.

In 2006 Shell decided to ensure quality of their services and modify training for its contracting and procurement staff. They wanted to increase the company’s profit by improving staff performance. Besides, they have to support employees speaking in multiple languages and adapt learning to the standards of the Shell management system.

The training program involves an online portal, known as Shell Open University. It offers a wide range of practical, commercial and technical learning tools. Employees have unlimited access to online courses, webcasts, e-books, and guides. They evaluate their own knowledge, capabilities, and competency both before and after completing the program. Moreover, Shell will reimburse the money and time spent on further employee learning if the corporate curriculum is insufficient.


Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational car producer founded in 1937. Their corporate structure consists of over 340.000 employees working in 51 manufacturing branches in 28 countries. Toyota is the world’s third-largest seller delivering its vehicles in more than 170 states. As of 2017, the company has raised $249.9 billion in revenue.

Toyota Motor Europe has been using eLearning to train over 18.000 motor technicians and engineers since 2005. The company upgraded to the latest version of its LMS in 2013 to provide continuous training without having to be re-certified. The platform offers learning materials for dozens of distributors and hundreds of retail outlets in over 50 countries.

‘I’ve found [...] that getting people to embrace e-learning is much more about change management. It’s bigger than making people to use the system; it’s about changing the way they think about getting information.’
Sann René Glaza, Toyota Motor Europe’s senior manager for the Learning Technologies Group

Toyota learning program includes 150 classes for its certified technical staff, as well as training courses for non-technical employees working for distributors in Europe and Asia.


PayPal is an American company managing a global online payments system. The platform supports more than 100 currencies for daily banking operations. As of 2016, it has replaced traditional paper procedures with electronic money transfers for over 188 million people. The statistics show that PayPal’s annual revenue amounted to $13.0B, up from $10.84B the year before.

The company has made a huge contribution to reorganize its employee-training programs. They adopted more nontraditional but at the same time more effective learning techniques. For example, PayPal uses social media like Facebook or Twitter’s Periscope. They created private group and invited experts to help employees or teach short classes.

‘It’s worth making the investment if you want top people to stay longer and do their job better.’
Derek Hann, Chief learning officer at PayPal

For more in-depth learning, PayPal uses Udemy for Business. The employees browse its extensive library of over 2.500 courses and study the content at their own pace.

Since accepting eLearning at PayPal, the number of active learners has doubled. That is to say, there are employees who complete at least two training courses every six months. The company was able to cut corporate training expenses by 25 percent through implementing eLearning technology.

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pitney bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global company best known as a mailing services and equipment supplier. It has more than 1.5 million clients in over 100 countries, including 90% of the 500 largest US corporations. The company was number 634 on the Fortune 500 in 2017, having received $3.4B in annual revenue.

Since its foundation in 1920, Pitney Bowes has spread to 33 cities around the USA. Besides, there are offices located in Hatfield (UK), New Delhi (India) and Tokyo (Japan). As of December 2016, they employed approximately 14.000 people worldwide. Their Presort Services team has over 4.000 employees who speak 17 languages.

‘Through team building, leadership exercises and professional development programs, we’re learning that our common values are so much greater than our differences, and it has greatly benefited our work environment and value we deliver for clients.’
Erika Hohlweck, Executive Customer Service Manager at Pitney Bowes

The company chose Udemy for Business to train their distributed engineering team. Each employee has a lifetime curriculum access and can test their knowledge by taking quizzes. They are able to choose the program most relevant to their specific technical role and training requirements. Besides, the platform provides extra courses about personal development or data analytics.

As a result, 84 percent of Pitney Bowes team used eLearning. The top learners notice a positive effect after working with the content for 16 hours.

booking com

Founded in 1996, Booking.com is an online accommodations reservation platform based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2005 the company was acquired by US-based Booking Holdings for $133M.

As the global online travel market continues to grow, Booking.com decided to implement eLearning solutions to help rookies develop their technical skills. Using online tutoring, the company immediately saw an increase in engagement of workers who on average spend 5+ hours learning on the platform.

‘We were looking to create a culture of learning in general, but wanted to specifically encourage internal Booking.com employees to develop new skills and find new opportunities within our company, rather than leave us after a few years.’
Kirk Davies, Digital Learning Manager at Booking.com


Verint develops software and hardware tools for customer engagement management and information security. Their products enable over 10.000 multinational organizations and government agencies to monitor and analyze voice, video and data on computer networks. The company was founded in 1994 with a headquarter in Melville, NY. Today, they have multiple offices around the globe with 2500 dedicated specialists.

‘The main issue was that our sales team wasn’t consistently making the best use of our CRM system. This sometimes made pipeline forecasting more difficult than it should have been. [...] Gamification presented an innovative—and engaging—approach to help us achieve the results we wanted.’
Graeme Gabriel, Strategic WFO Consultant at Verint

Verint chose eLearning solution to encourage EMEA-based sellers to better understand company’s products and boost their KPIs. One way to drive engagement was to create different content items like quizzes and blended learning sessions. They prepared 2-3 tasks a week making them educational and fascinating at the same time. As a result, their KPIs grew by 300 percent on average within a few months.


Headquartered in San Francisco, Lyft is a fast-growing transportations company doing business through a ride-hailing app. Launched in 2012, Lyft has raised $4.3B in total funding.

The issue with getting budget was one of the problems associated with corporate training and education. New staff came in with different skill sets and it was hard to know how much to spend and what skills to train. Originally, Lyft introduced a half-day in-person training that did not meet the expectations.

The company walked a different path by choosing online self-selected curricula. Managers use eLearning to train their teams. They assign subordinates certain classes to help employees learn new skills. New hires initially access an onboarding platform, so managers can monitor what everyone is learning and help them get caught up as quickly as possible. In the nearest future Lyft plans to record all-hands meetings and corporate events to make them available for 24/7 access.

crouse hospital

Since 1893, Crouse Hospital has taken care for generations of Central New Yorkers. It is a private non-profit health institution that serves more than 250,000 patients each year. With over 2.700 workers, the hospital is one of Central New York's largest employers.

Crouse Hospital modified its training program in 2015 by implementing eLearning technology. Before switching to online education, administrators had a lot of paperwork related to employee professional development. The process was time-intensive when it came to filing handwritten class rosters and paper transcripts.

Using the edtech method, students can access all needed information tailored to the healthcare industry. The software allows the hospital’s educators to create or access existing classes, track students’ results, and generate reports. Besides, managers can easily add or remove employees from the program avoiding red tape. All this resulted in significant time savings, allowing employees to focus on other responsibilities.

csu-global campus

Founded in 2007, Global Campus serves as an online campus of the Colorado State University. In 2016 they launched one of the first gamified strategies for higher education employees. Derrick Pope, Director of Enrollment at CSU-Global Campus, directly led the development process and shared the details on his blog.

‘For several years I’ve explored the possibility of using gamification in higher education administration. While most businesses implement gamification with the goal of motivating customers or users to complete a series of tasks, I wanted to apply this concept to further develop employee skills internally.’
Derrick Pope

Gamification is the process of adding game elements to existing systems to motivate users’ engagement. Derrick saw this as an opportunity to create something unique for the organization and employees. His primary goal was to create an engaging system that encouraged and rewarded participation while employees improve their job effectiveness.

‘If your gamification environment doesn’t evolve with your team and business needs, the experience will get stale and users will become less engaged. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.’
Derrick Pope

Corporate eLearning Trends: Chatbots

Belitsoft develops chatbots for eLearning industry. A chatbot is a software that you can “chat with”. Corporate learning departments need chatbots. But how could a chatbot support corporate training strategy? Let's explore some real-life examples.

Chatbots in Corporate eLearning Example of a Conversational interface (chatbot) for a Corporate eLearning. Source: http://learn.filtered.com/globalfilter

Chatbots For Bringing New Staff Into an Organization

The chatbot can guide an employee from job acceptance; getting them excited about joining and validating their decision, through the initial on-boarding process where they can learn about processes, team structures and brand values. Nothing beats the feeling a new employee gets when they receive a personal message from the company founder or their manager! Millennials (Generation Z) will make up 50pc of the global workforce by 2020. They like messaging platforms, so companies probably should use chatbots to engage these employees.

Chatbots in Corporate eLearning Example of a Conversational interface (chatbot) - Chatterbite - for a Corporate eLearning. Source: http://www.chatterbite.com/internal-comms/r

Chatbots For Skills Gap Analysis

Employees should have the skills to do their job. Skills gap analysis is the process of evaluating their skills to find out where they currently are and where they should be. The paperwork in doing a skills gap analysis in the traditional way is overwhelming. So they don’t happen as often as they should. 

As Sam Hennessy from Filtered (a UK eLearning publisher) noted, “Using a chatbot you could roll out the questions little by little. Then deliver feedback in the form of insight based on the previous batch of questions. This will actually create a positive feedback loop. People will want to give good answers because they are now interested in the results”.

Chatbots For Microlearning

Bite-sized learning (microlearning) is text or video that teaches something in under 5 minutes, like “how to protect a spreadsheet”. It's become popular in corporate learning and can be delivered in the chat interface. Harvard Business Review has created something close to this using a Slack chatbot. Every weekday it picks a random article from a curated pool and sends a summary to you via chat. This is a great example of being proactive.

Chatbots For Getting Feedback

Once someone has taken a course, have the chatbot ask them some quiz questions. Do this over a few weeks. Many people find repetition helps them with learning.

Then look to see if anyone keeps getting the question wrong. If they are then the corporate learning department can step in and give those people a little extra help. You can also get feedback on how good the course was.  

Chatbots for Search Needs

Imagine a machine that could access your company wikis or knowledge bases and serve up information in real time, in a context that’s helpful to the employee who needs it—much like the computer on Star Trek’s “Enterprise.”  

Because of their deep learning ability, chatbots can be individualized to specific employees and eliminate any data that’s not relevant to them. Rather than sifting through work data in an effort to complete daily tasks, workers can simply ask individual chatbots for the information they require.

In essence, chatbots will make the acts of Googling and searching. Anything you use the internet for you can use a chatbot for—without the hassle of sifting through unnecessary information.

‘Enterprises are increasingly turning to web applications to streamline their processes and make collaboration easier. Still, applications are siloed and unable to communicate with one another. A chatbot could one day render apps obsolete. Chatbots can conduct the same tasks as most applications in one integrated system and tailor the results to the user.’
Daniel Newman, CEO of USA-based Broadsuite Media Group

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Dedicated Software Development Team for an E-Learning Software Company
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