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Custom Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, Windows) for an E-learning Company


Our Client is one of the largest software development companies specializing in the field of E-learning. It has offices in Denmark, UK, USA, South Africa and Australia and shows 258.4% growth in 2016. More than 4 million customers (enterprises and commercial universities) in 40+ countries use eLearning solutions of our Client.


The main product of our Client is a Learning Management System (LMS). This software is being installed on customers’ desktop computers and used as an interface to access the data that is stored on the Cloud Servers.

Mobile and tablet devices internet usage exceeded desktops worldwide and this trend is expected to penetrate until 2020. To meet that demand our Client needed a mobile strategy and that is why Belitsoft was asked to create mobile apps for this LMS to increase current customers’ loyalty: a lot of them use mobile and tablet devices more often that desktop one.

Belitsoft successfully developed the required mobile apps (both for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems). Now Client’s customers actively use not only a desktop version of the LMS, but also a mobile and tablet one to train their employees or students from all over the world (the app has 12 language versions).

Personal Account of a Learner:

  • List of the courses a user is passing at the moment;
  • Data on each course: status (in progress, or completed), current progress (what percentage of the course is completed), due date or completion date and more;
  • List of acquired certificates;
  • Data on each gotten certificate: its status, issued and expiry dates;
  • An ability to sort the courses a user is passing, the courses a user has already passed and gotten certificates;
  • An ability to print reports with educational activities.

Management of Courses by an Administrator/Teacher:

  • Add, edit, manage courses (drag-and-drop functionality for documents, eLearning packages, links, videos, quizzes and much more);
  • An ability to change courses’ sequence;
  • The opportunity to appoint face-to face classroom meetings with all the registered learners;
  • Analytics including automatic reporting based on learners’ results.


Mobile apps development process

Our development team for this project included 1 Xamarin developer, 1 QA-engineer, 0.25 Technical writer, and 0.2 Back-end developer.

During the project implementation, the team of Belitsoft used a cross-platform framework Xamarin as an optimal solution for development mobile applications both for iOS, Android, and Windows OS. This solution let reduce the duration of the project, saved Client’s costs, and provided the possibility for continuous improvement of the mobile applications.

We use Agile and Kanban-based project management approach with monthly releases, so all our development process was transparent to our client. Jira, Confluence, Skype, and GoToMeeting were used during the project implementation to communication with the Client and reporting to him. Face-to-face meetings in our office supported emotional contact with the Client.

Regular brainstorming and roadmaps creation provided the app’s development according to the wishes and requirements of our Client. The team of Belitsoft was highly motivated and worked fast due to clear tasks set by the marketing department of the Client.


Automated and manual functional testing allowed our Client to be sure in compatibility of the apps with the required operational systems and devices (iOS 8.0 or later (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), Android 4.0.3 or later, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile) and its high usability (user-friendly design).

In addition, our QA engineers applied stress testing (simultaneous use of the app by 6,000 users) and performance testing (applying various load scenarios) to be sure that an application is fast and reliable.


RESTful API development and integration:

These mobile applications interacts with Cloud-based LMS via Open Data Protocol (which is approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for building RESTful APIs). Using API, mobile apps of our Client get the information from the Cloud-based LMS about the courses where a user is enrolled, user’s attempts, and course progress.

Embedded SCORM player:

SCORM is a format for saving e-learning courses for further uploading it to different SCORM-compliant LMSs using SCORM players. With a SCORM player user of these mobile application can pass their courses not just online, but also offline. When Internet is available, the mobile applications automatically synchronizes courses` statuses with the LMS` cloud servers.


All data is kept in the Microsoft Cloud, Office 365, and Azure.


Our Clients' Feedback

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