Dmitry Baraishuk

Dmitry Baraishuk

Dmitry Baraishuk is a CTO/Department Head/Partner.

Dmitry joined the company in 2004 as the first developer – within one month after its establishment and throughout his career at Belitsoft worked as developer, Team Leader, Project Manager, business analyst etc. Currently he is managing several key projects in the company and helps customers to succeed in their software development needs.

His specialties:

  • ELearning software development.
  • Mobile and web applications development.
  • Legacy systems reengineering.
  • Software development consulting.
  • Business analysis/Business development.
  • QA services.
  • Support & maintenance.

He is an inspirational leader capable of organizing work process in the most effective way. Has vast experience in eLearning domain and web development. Dmitry is a proud father of two children. In his free time he mostly enjoys hunting and spending time on physical activities.

BLOG POSTS BY Dmitry Baraishuk

Main eLearning trends of 2020 to start implementing today

Global eLearning market is growing very fast and is predicted to reach $398.15 billion by 2026. If you want a larger share of that market you’d do well to know the trends and stay ahead of your competitors. In this article we’re going to focus on what will be in great demand in the year 2020 and beyond for corporate use. We conclude that these are the five major trends that will define eLearning industry in the next 5 years or so.

Speech Technologies in eLearning: Where to Use Them and How?

The future of eLearning seems to favor personalized and unique experiences, automation, and data-based solutions. Success in this domain lies in effectiveness and technologies like speech recognition that enable an electronic device to understand and analyze spoken word.

Top E-Learning App Design Mistakes

TV series "How I Met Your Mother" is full of fictional theories on how the world works. One of them is that a man has exactly 8.3 seconds to impress a woman as this is the time she decides if you’re good enough for her.

Professional Development in E-Learning

Let’s get straight into the numbers. 10 percent increase in spending for training leads to a 8.5 percent increase in productivity. At the same time, a 10 percent increase in spending on capital expenditures gets only 3.8 percent in productivity.

How to Develop a MOOC Platform in 2019

Quick thought: back in 2011, Coursera, Udacity and edX didn’t exist. In 2017, Coursera alone can brag about 30 million learners, 2,700+ active courses, 237 specializations, and 161 partners. Udacity yearly revenue is at 70 million dollars. edX is a non-profit platform but it is also doing quite well. All these platforms seem like a decent option for college education replacement.

Extra 2.92 million USD in Revenue, 670K Production Hours Saved and More Benefits: 6 Case Studies of Successful xAPI Implementation

xAPI, Experience API, Tin Can API - whatever you might call it - is the latest and one of the most wide-spread data transport standard. We’ve decided to find some real case studies to show the exact impact the company can get from adopting this standard and the results of our research exceeded all expectations. Millions of euros of saved revenue, tons of production hours at huge corporations, hundreds of saved lives due to adjustments in medicine and military personnel training process – these are just a few benefits various companies managed to achieve by adopting xAPI.

How to Develop a Language Learning App like Duolingo

With over 200 million users, Duolingo is the top dog of the language-learning apps. Thanks to its effective curriculum, clean design, and appealing gamification, the app has been able to stay dominant on the market. We have studied the Duolingo's success factors, found its drawbacks and estimated an MVP for a similar app. Read the article to learn more.

Personalized E-Learning in Action: The Tale of Zuckerberg and Summit Public Schools

What do you and your significant other have for a hobby? Pottery, sports, romantic walks under the moon? Hardcore couples work at personalized education! This is by no mean a call to quitting your favorite activities or change your usual habits. This is only a try to describe how Bill and Melinda Gates together with Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg “roll”. We offer a detailed look at their activities for personalized e-learning development in 2018.

VR/AR in E-Learning: The Future Is NOT Exactly Here Yet

“It’s cool to hate,” sang Offspring in their fourth studio album back in the 90s. This was a punk ballad about the rebellious behavior of a teenager at high school. We also have some hatred and we are ready to share it with you.

GDPR Effect on E-Learning Apps, or User Data Protection at All Costs

Please, tell us how paranoid you are about your personal data. We sure hope that your “spidey sense”, combined with two-factor authentication, automatic log-off and plenty of other precautionary measures are a part of your daily routine on the Internet. But what if you are responsible for the storage and security of data of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of your mobile users? In this article, we are going to speculate about the things that are huge for user data protection.

State of E-Learning Funding in 2018

What do you think of when you hear “243 billion US dollars”? It couldn’t be another Marvel movie budget as we speak billions, not millions. It is also not the net worth of Josh Bezos that is still under 200 billion mark (and well over 100 billion mark as well) at 136.2 something billion (according to Forbes). 243 billion dollars is the projected size of e-Learning market worldwide by 2022. Read on for details.

SCORM vs xAPI vs AICC vs LTI: Current State of E-Learning Standards

Knowing stuff and having it presented in a digital format are separate matters entirely. Thanks to the e-learning standards you can do both, but what standard should you choose? Let's take a look at SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and LTI to help you make your decision.

How to Develop a Custom E-Learning Solution: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

This is it. You have a big idea that will disrupt education and propel you to the top of the eLearning industry. Now you just need to... do what exactly? A good first step would be to read this article and learn the steps to launching your own learning software.

Top eLearning Apps Built with React Native

The times when React Native was considered risky to use are long past. Look how EdTech mobile startups built their apps reducing costs and time.

Answering questions, Speaking german and Getting feedback: What Can Chatbots Do for eLearning

While we still have time before the inevitable machine uprising, we can use AI for our benefit. Chatbots (or “artificial agents”) are one of the more popular implementations of it. The experiments show that sometimes they can be indistinguishable from a real person. So it’s time to take a closer look at the examples of chatbots’ roles in helping us learn and teach.

Top Successful Companies using Corporate eLearning

Few would disagree that having well-trained employees is important to business success. But committing money to creating your own corporate eLearning suite is another matter entirely. These companies went for it and succeeded.

7 Reasons to Launch an EdTech Startup

You have a great idea about education technology but aren't sure whether you should start a company? Take a look at these 7 reasons to launch your own e-learning startup.

Top Online Education SaaS Companies from New York

Looking for good startup business ideas and inspiration? Take a look at the list of NY online learning companies we have compiled for you.

List of 20+ Successful Edtech SaaS Companies located in San Francisco

Are you looking for education startups that were founded in the U.S.A and want to learn more about their business models? As a company that develops edtech SaaS startups for the US-based customers, Belitsoft has prepared a list of well-funded subscription businesses located in San Francisco.

Corporate eLearning Trends: Chatbots

Belitsoft develops chatbots for eLearning industry. A chatbot is a software that you can “chat with”. Corporate learning departments need chatbots. But how could a chatbot support corporate training strategy? Let's explore some real-life examples.

Project Management Approach in Belitsoft

The project management approach of Belitsoft Company aims at solving customers’ tasks in the fastest and most transparent manner while simultaneously improving the project by being adaptable due to the use of flexible techniques, as well as a pro-active position.

Microsoft Granted $23, 000 to the Team with Belitsoft's Developer who Created a Chatbot

Our custom software developers devote some of their free time to participate in weekend hackathons*. They are already known among professional developers’ community as winners of the What the Hack 2014 (for the alarm box equipped with LEDs that reacts to signals coming from the Internet) and the winner of the special award for innovation in banking & finance at FinTech Minsk Hackathon 2015.

What Is Scrum Methodology?

In 2015 I would like to continue my analysis on project management. Previously, I touched upon the question of comparison of software development methodologies. Today, we briefly examine Scrum methodology, and have a look at typical mistakes that can lead to problems. This post does not claim to be exhaustive, it is a survey and is addressed to those, who are partially acquainted with it (for example, work in the modified Scrum) or not familiar with the methodology.

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