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Dmitry Baraishuk

CTO / Department Head / Partner
I've been leading a department specializing in custom eLearning software development and Business Intelligence software development for 17 years.

Dmitry joined the company in 2004 as the first developer – within one month after its establishment and throughout his career at Belitsoft worked as developer, Team Leader, Project Manager, business analyst etc. Currently he is managing several key projects in the company and helps customers to succeed in their software development needs.

His specialties:

  • ELearning software development
  • Mobile and web applications development
  • Legacy systems reengineering
  • Software development consulting
  • Business analysis/Business development
  • QA services
  • Support & maintenance

He is an inspirational leader capable of organizing work process in the most effective way. Has vast experience in eLearning domain and web development. Dmitry is a proud father of two children. In his free time he mostly enjoys hunting and spending time on physical activities.

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