Differences Between React and React Native

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces and is primarily used for a front-end web development. React-Native is a JavaScript framework that includes React but is used for native mobile applications development.
Dec 22, 2017

An Explanation For Technical People

React is maintained by a dedicated team at Facebook, providing a declarative way to display data dynamically using a component-based architecture. React's views can be written as pure functions and simply receive data to display, process the data and render markup representing the data.

All React components return markup, with a parent, normally holding state, calling the render () function inside of a class extending the React Component class, directly manipulating Document Object Model (DOM) elements. This type of functionality is made possible via JSX preprocessing, JSX is an XML-like (Extensible Markup Language) extension to the ECMAScript. This syntax extension grants developers the ability to pass attributes down a tree of view components to render data in a manageable way through a unidirectional data flow. Treating views as functions leads to higher testability including automated testing for client-side code.

Javascript is the #1 programming language in the world

Example code featuring React syntax. Source: eecs.ucf.edu/seniordesign/sp2016fa2016/g09/docs/paper2.pdf

React-Native forms JavaScript bridges with native application code allowing functions to be delegated directly to Java or Objective-C/ Swift, depending on the mobile platform. The featured JSX syntax extension is still used but in a slightly different manner, making calls to the platform-specific markup. Furthermore, access to the device's local storage is provided for the storing of authentication information and caching.

Javascript is the #1 programming language in the world

Example code featuring React-Native syntax. Source: eecs.ucf.edu/seniordesign/sp2016fa2016/g09/docs/paper2.pdf

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