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Hire Dedicated Web Developers

Source, hire, and manage top-quality dedicated web developers to build your modern, scalable full-stack web apps that are secure, fast, and can scale to millions of users. We cover everything from the initial business analysis, product roadmap and development, initial prototypes, design, and beta to a final product with its further support. The team of dedicated software developers may include architects, engineers, testers, and a dedicated project manager to facilitate engineering tasks. To rapidly launch your web product, platform, or portal, hire our remote dedicated web developers to work as part of your team.


A dedicated web development team is a collaboration model that utilizes an outsourced workforce for long-term projects. This model is the most effective way to outsource. When you select and hire dedicated web developers, the vendor will assemble a group of professionals who are tailored to meet your business objectives.

The dedicated development team resembles an in-house team hiring model, but it eliminates the need to manage tax, social benefits, and HR issues. Additionally, when you hire dedicated web developers, it allows you to focus on more critical business matters while the outsourced team handles other tasks.

hire dedicated web developers Check out how our dedicated web developers fill urgent need for senior developers to customize the Client's core software product for end customers.

Dedicated Front-End Developers

Get your website/applications user-friendly and enjoyable to use. Our world-class remote engineering talents create interactive web UIs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to interact with your data models.

Our senior dedicated developers are pre-screened across skills in frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Angular.

You’ll get a responsive design that looks, feels, and works great, regardless of the device, and has a competitive user interface that functions seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Dedicated Back-End Developers

Get reliable backend technology experts to help guide you through the web development process, and create business logic to manipulate data received from the client side. Revamp and upgrade your web app’s entire backend including purchase flow, payment processing, backend data repository, and more.

Hire developers skilled in an MVC design pattern, who understand how to protect your apps. We provide high-caliber dedicated backend developers with an in-depth understanding of SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Azure Cosmos DB and other databases.

By choosing to hire dedicated Java developers or specialists in other backend technologies like .NET, you gain access to professionals who create crucial business logic for managing data from client-side interfaces, such as web pages or mobile apps. Their skillset extends to include managing the purchase flow, payment processing, backend data repositories, and more.

Our API developers are experienced in decomposing monolith into microservices, creating RESTful services, deploying, and updating web applications from GitHub.

Typical Structure of a Dedicated Web Development Team

Business Analyst

The main duty of a business analyst is to comprehend the business necessities and convert them into technical specifications that the development team can utilize to construct the web application. They are also vital in ensuring that the final output aligns with the business stakeholders' needs and adheres to the overall business strategy.  They are accountable for identifying business needs, examining business processes, and proposing improvements. Recommendations can include changes to the web application, to the way the project is managed, or even to the way the business operates overall.

UX/UI designer

Hiring a UX/UI designer for a web development project is crucial for its success. They design the user interface and user experience, conduct user research to meet their needs and preferences, and create wireframes, prototypes and mockups for the development team. They also ensure that the design is feasible and within budget and time constraints. A good UX/UI design leads to higher user satisfaction, increased conversion rate and improved business reputation.

Tech Lead

A tech lead ensures the technical aspects of the project are executed successfully. They are responsible for the overall technical direction, design, and implementation of the web project, as well as mentoring and guiding the web development team.

Project Manager

Hiring a project manager for web development is essential for ensuring the success of the project. They coordinate the development team, ensuring tasks are completed on time and within budget. They also identify and mitigate risks, manage resources, and ensure the final product meets client requirements and exceeds expectations. Without a project manager (third-party or your own), the project may not be completed on time and within budget. Investing in a project manager is a wise decision that will pay off in the long run.

Quality Assurance testers

Quality Assurance testers play a critical role in guaranteeing that the web application functions correctly and conforms to the set quality standards. Their responsibilities include testing the web application to ensure that it is free of errors and bugs and that it meets the specifications and requirements. Additionally, they conduct compatibility testing to ensure that the application runs smoothly on various devices and browsers. QA testers use different tools and techniques to perform functional, integration, system, and acceptance testing to detect and report any issues or bugs. They also collaborate with the development team to identify, prioritize and resolve defects promptly.

DevOps engineers

DevOps engineers are responsible for making sure that the application is deployed without any issues, always available and working properly. They constantly monitoring its performance and fixing any problems that arise. DevOps engineers rely on tools such as version control systems, containerization platforms, and infrastructure as code.

When to Hire Dedicated Web Developers

  1. If budget constraints are preventing your company from scaling the web project, either through hiring more in-house developers or keeping up with product growth.
  2. If your team is unable to complete the scope of work in a timely and efficient manner due to a lack of web development resources.
  3. If your developers do not possess the necessary expertise to implement new features and scale the web application.

Types of Dedicated Web Development Team Models

  1. Large team of dedicated web developers to expand the development department's capabilities for a long-term scope of work. Such team may consist of 4-6 web developers and more, with project management on your side.
  2. Small team of dedicated web developers to overcome specific challenges. Typically, 1-2 web developers are enough as team extension resources. The project management is on your side.
  3. Project-based dedicated web development team is suitable for startup founders or product managers. Belistsoft acts as a technology partner to develop the product from scratch, take care of future support, and scaling. The management takes place on our side.

What the Process of Hiring a Dedicated Developer Looks Like

  1. You send us a request with the initial information about your web project, including the desired functionality.
  2. We schedule an introductory call, and if necessary, sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before discussing the project in detail and introducing you to our web development company.
  3. We present you with a list of CVs of the most suitable members for your team.
  4. You shortlist the experienced candidates who are the best fit for the project.
  5. You have a technical conversation with our shortlisted candidates, usually with your CTO or in-house team.
  6. We repeat the search and interview process until you find the right candidate.
  7. Once satisfied with the candidate, we finalize all necessary documents, team models, and the dedicated web developer joins your project.

Why Hire Dedicated Web Developers from Belitsoft

Senior-level web developers without recruiting burden

Belitsoft takes care of the burdensome recruitment process, including HR, payroll, accounting, local management, and the whole infrastructure, saving time and money. 

To find the talents that fit your project best, our HR specialists search for candidates both within our proper talent pool and on the job market. By running multiple interviews, we shortlist only the best ones from whom our clients choose the professionals they prefer. 

Competence in multiple web development tasks

Belitsoft has completed over 200 web projects, from websites to complex enterprise platforms and apps, with 70 of these projects being particularly large and demanding, each requiring over 2000 man-hours.

Now, our teams apply this hands-on experience to build many types of software, including

Belitsoft can also guarantee fast and high-quality results due to years of working in various knowledge domains, with the majority of projects in 

Fair and clear pricing

We always suggest various pricing models to choose from, including a dedicated team model for large projects that require a flexible time frame, budget, and control over the development process. 

Our pricing is structured to provide long-term benefits for projects lasting 12+ months. The dedicated web developers work at a fixed monthly cost, with no hidden expenses. The final monthly fee is determined after all project requirements and needed developer profiles are agreed upon. 

Full control and easy management

Our clients get full control and easy management of projects. We keep business stakeholders informed of progress, development schedules, and deliverables at all times. 

The development process is transparent, allowing our clients to monitor the team's activity without requiring constant attention. We use various project management tools such as Jira, Trello, Taskworld, Worksection, and Fusioo to track the team's progress. Regular meetings are scheduled for the business’s top managers to review what the team has accomplished and their plans for the upcoming days, as well as any issues that may have arisen. 

Adaptability and 100% focus on the project

The dedicated web development team can be adjusted at any stage of the project to meet changing requirements, budget, or market performance, allowing for adaptability and full focus on the project. 

The ability to increase or decrease the number of dedicated web developers, or provide bonuses or salary increases to high-performing individuals, ensures that a business owner gets the most value for investment and sets the foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

We can find the perfect dedicated web developer for you. Don't waste time searching for the right web developer, let us handle it for you! Contact us today to get started.

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