Alexandr Kom

Alexandr Kom

Alexander Kom is a Business Development Director/Head of Sales Department

Alexander joined Belitsoft in 2008; he started his career in software development here and has been working for the subsequent growth of the company's customers’ base.

His area of responsibility includes:

  • Being sales manager / account manager / service delivery manager on his projects.
  • Coordination of Recruitment Department in the company.
  • Strategic planning and coordination of some internal departments.
  • Building Dedicated Teams in software development and taking decisions and negotiating issues related to it.
  • Negotiation and deal making process, working with key clients.
  • Organizational issues and improvement of cooperation/communication between development team and direct customers.
  • Assist in resolution of various disputes during software development process.
  • Creating network of Independent Vendors.
  • Helping to get and deliver Fixed Price, Time and Material projects.
  • Responsibility of Income growth of the company.

The main purpose of his activities can be stated as: the ultimate goal of all efforts is the result. The result should meet the qualitative and financial criteria for which it was achieved.

BLOG POSTS BY Alexandr Kom

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How to find a developer for an app? If you are planning or doing outsourcing by utilizing full-time outsourcing staff and from time to time your outsourcing vendor augments your team, then this article will be interesting for you to read as you will understand what actions your vendor and you should do in order to: Improve speed of augmenting your team, improve quality of staff provided, reduce your efforts and time.

Communication in Software Development: Best Practices From Belitsoft

Here, at Belitsoft offshore software development company, after 10+ years of successful experience in custom software development, we can prove that a good level of communication (between stakeholders/business users and a business analyst, a project manager, developers, testers, and etc.) is about 50-60% of success for a custom software application development.

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