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Alexander Kom

Business Development Director at Belitsoft
I build dedicated development teams (5 teams have been created, 500 team members have been hired).

Alexander joined Belitsoft in 2008; he started his career in software development here and has been working for the subsequent growth of the company's customers’ base.

His area of responsibility includes:

  • Being sales manager / account manager / service delivery manager on his projects.
  • Coordination of Recruitment Department in the company.
  • Strategic planning and coordination of some internal departments.
  • Building Dedicated Teams in software development and taking decisions and negotiating issues related to it.
  • Negotiation and deal making process, working with key clients.
  • Organizational issues and improvement of cooperation/communication between development team and direct customers.
  • Assist in resolution of various disputes during software development process.
  • Creating network of Independent Vendors.
  • Helping to get and deliver Fixed Price, Time and Material projects.
  • Responsibility of Income growth of the company.

The main purpose of his activities can be stated as: the ultimate goal of all efforts is the result. The result should meet the qualitative and financial criteria for which it was achieved.

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