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SaaS Technology Stack Used by Best Companies

Choosing the right technology stack before your SaaS development can be a challenging task. What is the best tech stack to develop a SAAS application? Let's discover the hottest technology stacks of the most popular SaaS startups and apps. This list will be updated soon if you would like it, and share it.


InVision SaaS Tech Stack

The Invision design collaboration tool has over 3 million users at companies like Airbnb, Disney, and Nike. InVision SaaS primarily uses Golang, NodeJS, Javascript, Angular, React as well as Ruby, Objective-C (the information is from the official Github's account, their engineering blog, employee's profiles on LinkedIn, and jobs' requirements). They also have Machine Learning team that uses Python.

As of December 2017, they are looking for a Lead Full Stack Engineer who "will contribute to an environment" of InVision's products with the help of the "new web standards and frameworks like ES6, React, MongoDB, Node.js, Go, and Docker" and will "build small, robust backend API services in GoLang that need to perform under load". Among requirements - "solid professional experience in one of the following backend languages: Java, Ruby, Python, PHP".

InVision is also looking for a Senior Engineering Manager who's familiar with the technologies "range from single-page Javascript applications to backend API servers to iOS and Android mobile applications", a Lead Full Stack JavaScript Engineer, who has a "strong proficiency in vanilla Javascript — you don’t need a framework to get things done", a Senior Software Engineer with "3+ years of experience designing and building native mobile applications in Android (Java and/or Kotlin)", and a Software Engineering Manager who "will get to work with the latest tech, including WebGL, and Kubernetes". 

According to Joshua Siok, a Principal Software Engineer at InVisionApp Inc, he has "contributed to almost every aspect of our primary application as well as several NodeJS services. I daily code in languages such as ColdFusion, JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery, NodeJS), CSS (LESS), and T-SQL".

According to Boaz Ruck, a Software Engineer at InVisionApp Inc, he has "automated a Nodejs data-migrator as multiple Kubernete's jobs" and is "working on a new data-migrator (Golang) designed to support private cloud and a micro-service architecture". 

According to Cristoffer Gallardo, a Site Reliability Engineer at InVisionApp Inc, his responsibilities include "server configuration management of 600+ servers", he also "used AWS Auto-scaling groups to provision nodes under certain criteria, worked with teammates on implementing and moving our micro-services to Docker containers, and worked on using Kubernetes to manage the clusters".

Basecamp SaaS Tech Stack

The Basecamp project management tool helped over 285,000 companies in 2013 alone. Ruby on Rails is the heart and soul of Basecamp. David Heinemeier Hansson, Basecamp CTO, the creator of Ruby on Rails web framework, shared a job opportunity for a Rails programmer: "As an experienced Rails developer, you should be intimately familiar with the framework, with Ruby, and with the stables of full-stack web development: HTTP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL. It’s a bonus if you’re broadly familiar with other languages as well — we write our iOS app in Swift, our Android app in Kotlin, and have tooling written in Go — but your main work will be Ruby".

Hubstaff SaaS Tech Stack

The Hubstaff suite of tools for managing remote teams is actively used by over 8,000 agencies, freelancers, website owners and virtual teams all over the world. Hubstaff SaaS primarily uses Ruby on Rails, but also a C++ (for IOS). They are looking for a full-time Ruby on Rails Software Engineer to "assist with the ongoing development of our platform, assist with scaling the service to keep up with our fast growth. Requirements: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, Git, Postgres & MySQL. Bonus: Heroku, Docker, AWS services, React & Redux, AngularJS, Vue.js; service workers architecture; advanced SQL (query optimization, locking, etc.)".

GrooveHQ SaaS Tech Stack

GrooveHQ is a support ticket system (help desk software) used by 6,000 teams. GrooveHQ SaaS primarily uses Rails, Javascript and React. They are looking for a senior full-stack developer who "need to know Ruby (with and without Rails), Javascript, Git, React. Bonus points - a PWA or GraphQL".

According to Marcin Bunsch, Senior Software Developer at GrooveHQ, his projects at Groove include "revamping the search solution utilizing Elasticsearch; building the infrastructure monitoring stack using InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana; rebuilding the Groove widget to a HTML5 powered, API-backed embedded web app; integrating the Groove widget with Olark; building a web-based mobile app, which was Progressive Web Application powered by webpack, React and Redux; building a GraphQL app acting as an entrypoint to the Groove API, used by the web-based mobile app".

According to Gaston Morixe, Software Engineer at GrooveHQ, his experience at the company includeв using "React, React Native, GraphQL, Rails, iOS, and docker".

ConvertKit SaaS Tech Stack

ConvertKit email marketing platform for publishers has more than 14,000 paying customers who sent over 2.3 billion emails (as of June 2017). ConvertKit SaaS primarily uses Rails, MySQL, Redis and Sidekiq to get the job done. As of December 2017, they are looking for a senior Rails engineer, who "loves pragmatic OO design for its long-term cost benefits, and testing" with requirements such as "significant full-stack Rails experience and preferably scaling a Rails app for rapid growth. Strong Javascript experience, specifically with ES6, Webpack and React or Angular".

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