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Our front-end developers continuously focus on the quality, velocity, and stability of your apps. You will receive meticulously crafted web applications to ensure accurate performance across all web browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems, even under heavy load conditions, while maintaining security and accessibility

Front-end is all about user interaction with websites, filling out forms, playing videos and much more. Front-end development is client-side programming using primarily HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create professional and engaging user experience and user interface. Nowadays, any web application development cannot go without front-end development, therefore front-end is one of the most important parts of the web development process on a par with back-end development. Before the server manages clients’ requests, front-end scripts process those requests.

years in Front-end

Hire dedicated front-end developers to ensure that everything a user sees and interacts with on the screen is intuitive, responsive and all data comes up correctly in different browsers, operating systems, and on all devices.

Front-End Development Services You Get with Belitsoft

Our front-end development team understands your business objectives and creates top-notch solutions that meet your needs leveraging the best front-end development technologies and practices. The main goal of our offshore software development services is to engage your customers and deliver robust user experience by building sophisticated web applications, mobile applications, single page applications, and cross-browser and cross-platform websites. We use the following front-end web development frameworks and technologies:

Front-End Web Development with React

Choose React for front-end development if you want to create a highly customizable web app with interactive and complex User Interfaces.

Fast results delivery. React front-end library offers a component-based architecture and ready-to-use packaged components for easy drag-and-drop functionality. React front-end developers don’t spend extra time to write codes for “standard” features due to these components, which ultimately speeds up time-to-market.
Fast performance. React development offers server-side rendering (using NextJS or Node.js) and a virtual DOM program, which ensures swift execution of even the most complex applications, effectively optimizing performance.
Easy to customize and scale. The modular structure of the React code allows easily composing different ready-to-use components to create complex UIs. This not only makes your app scalable and highly customizable but also saves a lot of time and cost during web application development.

Front-end Development Projects with Vue.js

Opt for Vue.js for front-end development if you need to create a dynamic, single-page web application that has the best of both Angular and React.

Rich out-of-the-box functionality. Vue.js has multiple front-end development technologies and instruments that enhance its functioning out-of-the-box without applying 3rd-party tools. For example, Vue CLI, rich GUI for easy project creation, development tools for software testing services, and in-built components (e.g., “transition” for applying animation or “keepalive” for conditional components caching) that help a front-end developer save time and effort.
Fast performance. Vue.js is a lightweight front-end development framework. This peculiarity allows front-end development team to create lightweight web apps with short load time, which improves user experience and search engine optimization.
High integrability potential. Vue.js front-end development framework integration abilities depend only on JavaScript and don’t require other instruments to work well. Besides, it has Web Components (web native APIs) that allow integrating custom elements into an existing Vue application, or using Vue to build and distribute custom elements. As a result, Vue.js can be implemented in almost any kind of a project.

Front-end Development with Angular

Select Angular framework if you focus on building an easily scalable feature-rich web app that can grow up to an enterprise level.

Rich out-of-the-box functionality. With Angular web application development, you won’t need 3rd-party resources, as it has multiple well-integrated libraries, a suite of developer tools to develop and scale projects, and more – all of which enable a front-end developer to create a powerful app for you.
Enterprise-level security. We utilize the Angular front-end development framework, which offers built-in protections against common security threats such as cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, malware, and viruses. In addition to this, our REST API development services include implementing secure HTTPS interfaces for server interactions, providing an extra layer of security.
Easy to bugfix and maintain. Using Typescript as a base language for Angular allows front-end developers to keep the code clean, make bug-fixing easier, and manage and maintain a large codebase (beneficial for enterprise-scale projects) during the front-end development process.

Our front-end developers will apply proven best practices and their 20+ years of expertise in front-end development to deliver you a customer-oriented and engaging web application.


Front-End Modernization Services

We design and code a new modern and responsive system by:

  • modernizing from legacy, often unsupported frameworks to up-to-date and secure versions for enhanced tech performance and long-term service
  • migrating between front-end frameworks to cut maintenance costs and better align with your business’s core technology stack

Disruption-free upgrade with experts taming tech complexities

Rewriting from scratch. We expertly rebuild your app, improving its structure, cleaning up the code, and giving it a new design. It's a good option for small or medium-sized apps as it allows to keep the old version running alongside the new one for a while.
Incremental upgrading. You get a stage-by-stage app upgrade, especially perfect for large, complex apps. We update your app to be compatible with modern tools and gradually replace outdated components, while continuously adding new features without stopping business operations.

UI/UX Design Services

No matter how complex your product is, our front-end developers and designers know how to make its UX and UI design a web interface and experience that your users will love and want to buy. You can come to us with a detailed vision and requirements or let our designers fulfill your ideas from scratch.

To deliver you a feature-rich yet simple-to-use product, Belitsoft´s front-end developer and design team will apply our expertise in building

a user-friendly front-end for Business Intelligence platforms,
a simple-to-use UI for dashboards of enterprise software (ERP, CRM, TMS, etc),
innovative UI/UX design for interactive applications,
highly intuitive interfaces for healthcare apps,
engaging user experience for eLearning apps,
attractive front-end for e-commerce and marketplaces,
and other products.

Belitsoft front-end-development agency helps companies from startups to enterprises to resolve product front-end development and design challenges every single day. Be the next to get professional assistance. Our expertise in UX design services in different domains lets us match your business goals with users’ needs.


Our front-end developers

Front-developers at Belitsoft work with the client side of the applications – they code everything a user sees and clicks. Our front-end developers use various programming languages, frameworks, and design tools and create user-facing functionality. Our front-end development team is tech-savvy and creative, and it successfully works with both our designers and back-end developers. Altogether, we focus on user experience, bring design to life, and deliver robust web applications. The front-end development team of Belitsoft is highly motivated. Our software engineers have strong front-end development expertise and always maintain high coding standards. We are capable of providing perfect performance and scalability of your web application.

Outsourcing front-end development to our well-versed team means significant cost and time savings, high-quality software, work ahead of schedule, access to top talents, and focus on more important tasks while our team takes full responsibility for front-end development process.

We are professional and dedicated. We use all the latest technologies and have specialized skills in design and software development. Hire our best front-end developers for your project and make sure!

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