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Front-end development services

Front-end is all about user interaction with websites, filling out forms, playing videos and much more. Front-end development has changed significantly over the past 15 years, is evolving at a rapid pace nowadays.

Front-end development is client-side programming using primarily HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages to create professional and engaging user experience and user interface. Nowadays, any web application development cannot go without front-end development, therefore front-end is one of the most important parts of the web development process on a par with back-end development. Before the server manages clients’ requests, front-end scripts process those requests.

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The main objective of front-end development is to ensure that everything a user sees and interacts with on the screen is understandable, intuitive, and responsive. Moreover, a front-end developer should ensure that all data comes up correctly in different browsers, operating systems, and on all devices.

Front-end development services we offer

Our team understands your business objectives and creates top-notch solutions that meet your needs leveraging the best front-end development technologies and practices. Our main goal is to engage your customers and deliver robust user experience. We build sophisticated web applications, mobile applications, single page applications, and cross-browser and cross-platform websites.

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HTML5 development

HTML is widely used in website development. Using HTML, we create text with links and hyperlinks that can turn letters into images, tables, and other representations.

JavaScript development

JavaScript development is used to transform an HTML page into the dynamic and interactive ecosystem. It gives a front-end developer a possibility to add rich functionality and interactive elements like maps, films, or online games to the website.

CSS3 development

Using CSS style sheets and effects, we create a unique look of your website.

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AJAX development

AJAX is a data transfer format that we use to create dynamic web applications.

jQuery development

It is a JavaScript library – a collection of plugins and extensions that helps to streamline the development process. jQuery offers ready-made elements that a front-end developer can customize and use in his project.

AngularJS, Node.js, React.js, and Backbone.js development

These are JavaScript frameworks provide a ready-made structure for JavaScript code, so we use them to speed up front-end development. For example, AngularJS framework extends HTML with new attributes, requires less code and helps to build applications quickly. Node.js framework is used for the back-end interface layer creation and helps to optimize application scalability.


UI/UX design

The design is what brings the front-end to life, so each web application development project requires a skilled and creative designer who works harmoniously with a front-end developer and professionally solves any design-related question.

Responsive and Mobile design

Due to the fact that more and more users access the Internet from mobile devices, we are specializing in creating mobile-specific designs. We also take into account the fact that a website can be visited from a desktop, so all our websites’ layouts can adapt to any screen size. Our designs look stunning.

Cross-Browser development

Our team provides cross-browser compatibility of each website and ensures that browsers interpret code correctly.

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Content Management System development

We build Content Management Systems for your specific needs. We work with such popular CMS as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

Testing services

Here, at Belitsoft, we apply various types of testing such as unit testing to test individual parts of code, performance testing, UI (browser/functional) testing to ensure that a website behaves as it should, and much more.

Optimization services

Migration services

Maintenance services

Our front-end developers

Front-developers at Belitsoft work with the client side of the applications – they code everything a user sees and clicks. Our front-end developers use various programming languages, frameworks, and design tools and create user-facing functionality. Our front-end development team is tech-savvy and creative, and it successfully works with both our designers and back-end developers. Altogether, we focus on user experience, bring design to life, and deliver robust web applications. The front-end development team of Belitsoft is highly motivated. Our software engineers have strong front-end development expertise and always maintain high coding standards. We are capable of providing perfect performance and scalability of your web application.

Outsourcing front-end development to our well-versed team means significant cost and time savings, high-quality software, work ahead of schedule, access to top talents, and focus on more important tasks while our team takes full responsibility for front-end development process.

We are professional and dedicated. We use all the latest technologies and have specialized skills in design and software development. Hire our best front-end developers for your project and make sure!


Hotel Business Intelligence
Hotel Business Intelligence
Our client is a startup owner who came to us with the idea to develop a new Business Intelligence System for hotels. He needed more than just senior-level experts who are able to choose the right architecture of the new system - he needed a team that could deliver enterprise-level analytical products.
Ecommerce Inventory Management System Development for a Medical Store
Ecommerce Inventory Management System Development for a Medical Store
Our client from the USA sells inventory management software for dental clinics in order to maintain control of their materials, equipment, tools, and supplies.
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
Game-based eLearning Platform For Selling Math Training for Kids (Supplemental Education for K-12)
We developed custom game-based learning platform for elementary mathematics, Dutch language and their exams for our customer - an educational business owner from the Netherlands.
Elearning Platform For Selling Driving Theory Online Course
Elearning Platform For Selling Driving Theory Online Course
Our Client, the Dutch startup founder Martin Beijer, addressed us to develop a driving theory online course business with automated online payment. The course was aimed to reduce the almost 50% fail rate at driving exams by making learning interactive and engaging. The program has already helped over 22,000 users to pass driving exams.

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