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Custom Educational Social Network With Financial Reward For Children


Our client wanted to create the educational social network for kids with the ability of parents to teach and financially reward their children once they improve their knowledge in the spheres approved by parents and interesting for a child.

The Overview

Money received by children can be used as their pin money and there is no need to ask parents about it next time! Moreover a child will be taught how to spend his pin money in an effective way. It’s a motivational developed project where like-minded people are able to study and teach their children.

What concerns the roles of website participants, they can be divided into 2 main groups:

  • Parents. Parents are able to purchase the courses and books for their children. The price for each of these courses is not specified, which means that parent is able to spend any sum for his child. 10% of the sum for the purchased course will be transferred to the author, 10% will take NaPlotu and 80% will get a child. So there is a good motivation for everybody to engage!
  • Children. Children are able to read and examine the purchased book or course from his parent and get ready for test and essay. The main motivation for passing the test and writing an essay is money that was spent on a course, because after the confirmation of children’s essay results he/she will get these money back.

So the main process of education for children looks in the following way:

  • Children need to read a book, examine the video course.
  • Then he/she will pass a test on that book or video. Or simply will write an essay.
  • As a result his/her educational process will be checked by his/her parents.

Also there is an option to pass a video course and in the end children need to create video podcast as a reply on video.

The Results

Due to use of many modules and APIs Belitsoft e-learning developers created a custom e-learning solution with educational purpose. This social network offers an innovative and unique way of education and a great variety of powerful features. If you are looking for place where your children can learn something new and leave a feedback of what have been learned, or if you are an author of courses and looking for place where you can earn money feel free to start your process of kids’ education.

  • Technologies and platforms: PHP, Laravel, CSS3, SCSS, SVG graphics, React.JS, Yandex Money Payment System, YouTube API, Third-Party Social Network/Website API, Learning Management System
  • Effort: 20 man-months

Our Clients' Feedback

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