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Social Networking Web Development

Belitsoft is a web development company. We have a well-versed team of social networking application developers, who tailor a unique social networking concept for your specific needs and requirements. We are experts in developing frontend, backend, a database, and an admin panel for your social networking application. First, we deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) and then continue with its enhancement.

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Social Networking Web Development

Belitsoft applies verified technologies and delivers robust customized social networking solutions at competitive prices that meet your expectations.

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Frontend development

We build custom interactive social networking applications: the users can like, comment, and share posts, make reviews, rate etc. The users can create groups and communities to connect with each other, appoint events and meetings, easily communicate via online chats and group conversations, send invites to their friends, get suggestions on new connections, search for people using different filters etc. Our applications can also include voice or video messaging and other value-added functionality you need.

Our web development team can create social network games for community. Social Network games can be easily monetized based on the virtual goods transactions and advertisement (banners, videos, product placement etc.).

Our professional development team creates profile-centric apps, using third party APIs such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. The users of your social networking application will have an opportunity to enrich their profiles by having a possibility to set a profile photo, choose an effect for it, change background colors, add links and other information about themselves and create attractive design.

We develop social networking applications that are highly engaging. The users will stay motivated to get back to your application.

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Backend development

Our experienced web developers build high-performance and secure social networking applications and always aim at accelerating the process of development, using the following technologies: Ruby on Rails; PHP frameworks like Symfony – for social networks, social networking games, websites, blogs, CMS etc.; Drupal – for easily maintainable and extensible community-driven websites; JavaScript frameworks. We choose MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and other databases to support a great variety of different relationships within your social networking application. Our development team pays particular attention to the development of an admin panel that lets you effectively manage your web application and get integrated analytics on your users’ behavior.


Custom Web Development For a Model Agency
Custom Web Development For a Model Agency
ShowCast was thought out as a sophisticated online community across dedicated to international modeling business. The portal gave models, actors and artists an opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience while many model and talent agencies have the option to regularly search the created database.
Social Features for SharePoint Learning Management System Development
Social Features for SharePoint Learning Management System Development
We empowered the SharePoint-based LMS for our Client with popular social communication features allowing students and tutors to collaborate quickly and effectively. Another tricky task was to totally revamp SharePoint User interface according to provided designs.
Custom Healthcare Web Development
Custom Healthcare Web Development
The client's idea was to create a community of people challenged with different diseases to provide live communication among them. The dimensions of the community grow (5000+ members) and that proves the fact that it is a popular site to find friends, share experience and support each other.
Custom Music Social Network Development
Custom Music Social Network Development
Our client from the United States was looking for a contractor to create a music social network with a unique approach. We’ve successfully introduced new music social network and now it’s officially online.
Custom Educational Social Network With Financial Reward For Children
Custom Educational Social Network With Financial Reward For Children
We created for our Client the educational social network for kids with the ability of parents to teach and financially reward their children once they improve their knowledge in the spheres approved by parents and interesting for a child.
Music Social Network Mobile Application
Music Social Network Mobile Application
Our client asked us to create an iOS mobile application for his music social network web portal which we've previously created for him. The distinctive feature of this iOS application is to give its users an opportunity in recording their own multi-tracks with user-friendly interface.

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