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Music Social Network Mobile Application


Our client asked us to create an iOS mobile application for his music social network web portal which we've previously created for him. The distinctive feature of this iOS application is to give its users an opportunity in recording their own multi-tracks with user-friendly interface.


Three types of user profiles are available:

Fans And Followers:

  • It allows you to find new friends and music bands;
  • Find music events in your own town and start discussions;
  • Create your own playlists with ability of sharing with your friends.

Musicians And Bands:

  • Ability to create and share new events with your followers and fans;
  • Syndicate your own tracks and creation to the audience;
  • Find new connections in music industry;
  • Also the ability to share your social hubs.

Industry And Venues:

  • Provide professional services for music bands and individuals (photographers, sound engineers and etc.);
  • Promote future events with the abilities of sharing information about it.

The Feature

Besides these main features of social network our client asked us to implement some unique feature - the ability to create multi-track (channels) audio recordings using iPhone or iPad.

Belitsoft has used special iOS Audio Framework to provide easy use of this feature. Users are able to combine their talents to record what they want. For instance, your friend can record drums, the other one can use guitar for that, and the last one can record his own voice. As a result, you receive the record with all listed instruments and voice. With the integration of sharing options in music social network, users are able to share pre-records so easily and they don’t need to use any external application of sharing.

The Results

Within 6 months we’ve created iOS application for MusicReach social network with all its features available for web version, and also with a unique mobile application feature. Our music social network creation is a cloud-based cooperation platform for music fans, industries and bands.

  • Technologies and platforms: Native iOS development
  • Effort: 6 man-months

Our Clients' Feedback

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