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Award-Winning Custom Elearning Solution For Selling Courses Online


Our client, a Dutch entrepreneur, wanted to launch an online touch-typing course. One day he bought an expensive typing course for his daughter only to realize that the exercises were boring and ineffective. The 200 Euros he has spent weren’t in vain, though - it was a small price to pay for a great business opportunity, and thus the idea of Ticken was born.
Why Belitsoft?

We got this contract for a number of reasons:

eLearning Expertise

Belitsoft has been successfully working in the eLearning domain since 2007.

Professional Team

Our team was proactive and helpful in communication.


The quote our team has offered was the best in terms of price-quality ratio.

The Solution

Ecosystem KnowledgeLMS Customization

Ticken is based on JoomlaLMS, which is already had some of the necessary features. This saved our client’s money and helped launch Ticken earlier.

Experienced ProgrammersCustom Plugins

The team has built several unique elements, including a plugin for counting errors, new reports, and an interactive online keyboard.

Integration and CompatibilityLearning Games

Game-based learning has proven to be an effective method. Ticken includes it as another way of enhancing the student experience.

The Results

Ticken went live over 10 years ago and has been improved, expanded, and supported ever since. It was and still is the fastest typing course on the market, as all the 30 lessons take only 15 hours and raise the student’s touch-typing speed to 140 characters per minute. Since the beginning, almost 100,000 people have completed the course, with 98% of them passing the final exam from the first try.

The system has won both the hearts of users and those of critics. The reviewers give Ticken at least 8/10. And in 2010 it won a prestigious “Thuiswinkel Starters Award.” The happy founder of Ticken.nl and our customer Martin Beijer received not only a trophy, but also a sponsorship communications package worth €89634.



Ticken has the following core features:
  • Video Lessons to provide learners with a theoretical basis for the exercises.
  • Exercises as a core function to teach touch-typing;
  • Seven Typing Games to entertain the younger audience and help the students retain what they’ve learned;
  • Personal Stats Page to help users track their progress;
  • Statistics Comparison to create a bit of a competition between the learners and motivate them to improve;
  • Exams and certification to test the users and reward them with a personalized diploma when they succeed;
  • Four Language Versions. Includes English, Dutch, German and French.
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