Belitsoft > Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue

Custom Elearning Platform for Brokers that Helps to Bring Million of Dollars in Monthly Revenue


Our client provides legislative required refresher training for brokers in the USA. For NDA reasons, we can't name the client here as well as the type of the brokers they teach.


To be a broker in the USA one needs to have a license from an organisation designated responsible for the issuing of licences (let's call it National Licensing Body).

Before applying for the first license or for license renewal one needs to complete their pre-license education in one of the accredited schools and pass the licensing exam with a high passing score.

Our client is an approved education provider with the National Licensing Body.

Their original online component lacked flexibility and many modern features, so the company was looking for a customizable elearning platform and a vendor that could tune it to their updated technical requirements.

This laid the requirements for the system:

  • Compliance with the National Licensing Body regulations;
  • Support for multiple teaching formats (self-guided eLearning, blended learning, webinars, etc.);
  • Fitness for both first-time learners and those who engage in continuing education;
  • Flexibility for initial and ongoing improvements.


The customer, being a subject matter expert, provided all the learning content. 

One of the well-known LMS for training providers was chosen as a foundation for the platform. It had many necessary features already built-in (learning paths, webinar support, grading, etc.). In addition, we have intimate knowledge of it, given that we developed the system. All of this helped use the customer’s budget more efficiently. 

As this was to be a long-term project that would expand over the years, the Dedicated Development Team Model was the most appropriate. It would allow the client to use a hands-on approach to direct the system’s expansion the way they want. 

This project can exist without a dedicated developer but given that it is used by thousands of people per day, it needs client support. So while the customer's employees handle working with learners, our developer deals with all the technical issues.

The dedicated elearning developer's work includes making adjustments and improvements that weren't part of the original specification: modifying reports, streamlining course creation process, fulfilling technical requirements for legal compliance, etc.

There are also technical issues that have to be addressed, e.g. replacing Flash with HTML5 content due to the fact that Flash will soon stop being supported.

In content-heavy projects like this one, a dedicated elearning developer is the most cost-efficient option.


The system we’ve developed for the customer has become a resounding success. It operates all over the USA, processing about 6.000 licenses per month and bringing up to USD 1.000.000 in monthly revenue.

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