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Custom Investment Management and Copy Trading Software with a CRM for a Broker Company


Our client runs a financial services business. They operate as a broker company and offer trading and investment services, helping customers to invest in and manage asset portfolios like forex pairs, metals, CFD commodities or cryptocurrencies.


The client had a functioning electronic trading platform of the MetaTrader kind. As in most cases, this type of platform has significant restrictions for broker companies. It is used primarily for account creation and funding and has only rudimentary referral capabilities.

Our client wanted to expand its trading platform with multi-account management module (MAM) and percentage allocation management module (PAMM) functionality. They also needed to implement a multi-tier, and progressive-based referral system with automatic rewards.

It is a classic situation that requires the development of custom financial software. It is one of our specializations, so the customer has contacted us.


MAM Module

This module is the primary method for managing investor funds. This is a system where a trader manages the funds of several clients on a single platform. Funds remain in the clients' accounts, in compliance with the legislation of various countries.

Copy Trading Module

MAM accounts are used by clients who wish to adopt the trading strategies of their selected traders.

Our client, a broker, interacts with traders primarily through the basic functions of an electronic trading platform. The broker works with traders who have proven trading strategies and wish to manage other clients' money in exchange for a commission. Initially, the platform did not support copy trading. We have since integrated these capabilities.

Previously, traders had to log out of the investor's account and log into the account they were managing.

Now, the MAM module automatically initiates trades of the desired volume on all accounts linked with a trader. A trader just needs to make a purchase from their own account.

Risk Management Module

The risk management module allows each investor to set their own risk multipliers (corrective coefficients) and includes loss limiters. They automatically stop the account from following the trading strategy if equity falls to a specified level. This feature is highly attractive to investors.

PAMM Module

We developed and integrated the PAMM module into the platform.

Now, the funds from an unlimited number of clients can be pooled into a single trading account under the management of a trader.

The module has created the ability to automatically distribute returns to investors according to their contributions.

Analytic Instruments

We developed customized tools that provide real-time statistics for managed accounts, and offer detailed insights into the investments. They include a lot of metrics like TWR% (Total/Daily/Monthly/Custom range), Drawdown %, Profit Factor, Expectancy (% and pips), Average Trade Duration, Standard Deviation, Volatility, Sharpe Ratio, Correlation between strategies etc.

This tool also allows investors to understand how strategies correlate and implement strategies with little connection to one another, which decreases risks. Consequently, if one strategy does not perform as expected, it will not significantly impact the entire portfolio, leading to more stable overall portfolio performance.

CRM System

We expanded the capabilities of the broker. They now have a tailored CRM system that allows for the management of traders, investors, and transaction lists. We also customized the referral and reward system. It now automatically calculates and distributes fees using a multi-level, progressive system based on parameters that a broker can set. Traders use this referral and reward system to invite new investors, contributing to the growth of the customer base and increasing investment volumes.

Personal Investor/Trader Dashboard

We developed a personal dashboard where users can make investments, request withdrawals, and fund their accounts with credit cards without invoices

A trader-specific dashboard was also developed to facilitate registration and immediately start trading.


The client can now attract new traders and investors to their platform at scale.’s analysts rated its unique features very highly when compared to other forex brokers. They appreciated the simple registration process and were pleased to see that the system integrates with MetaTrader 4, offers a demo account, and supports copy trading. They were impressed by the focus on risk management, where investors can establish loss limits, and by the ability to manage multiple accounts under one manager with varying degrees of control.

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