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Technical Analysis Software & Stock Exchange Simulator


Virtual Stock Exchange was developed for an investment company to emulate stock exchange information platform with capability of participation in a tendering simulation.

Our client is a Financial Advisor Company. He needed a software for technical analysis of the stock market in Ukraine with the function of real time online stocks trading simulator. It should be a high load website with the capability to serve thousands of users simultaneously.

Stocks in a public company provide a share of the company's future profits in return for the capital invested. For instance, if you buy one stock of some company now, and the company has issued almost a billion such stocks now, you will be assured one-billionth of that company's profits in the future.

Stock Market is a market for buying and selling of equity shares of 1000s public companies who are listed on recognized stock exchanges. Technical analysis in stock markets is a research technique to identify trading opportunities in the market based on the actions of market participants visualized by means of a stock chart.

For fresh entrants (beginners), the market risks might be threatening and discouraging. Therefore, the first thing one should do, before investing into the share market, is to use real time online stocks trading simulators. The process of virtual trading/investment is close to the real market, where it’s possible to use virtual money, but without risks to the real savings.

Belitsoft PHP application development company has implemented the client’s project idea during custom software development.

Technical Features

Tools to pick up data from some specialized sources including and National Bank of Ukraine.

11 homepage modules to display the real time (with 5 minutes delay) data in the form of graphs and tables. Users are allowed to compare and sort the data.

Stock Features

After the registration, the users receive the access to the Virtual Stock Exchange section.

All information is taken from the real stock market with 10 minutes delay. PFTS index is used to conclude a bargain; ASK prices is used for purchases; BID prices is used for sales; Current security portfolio price is estimated on the basis of the latest bargain.


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