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Create world-class software by hiring a technically proficient team with expertise in building custom software. Our experienced developers will ramp up and down based on your project scope to deliver the result on time and in budget.

Custom ERP for Car Service Networks

Get a scalable and multifunctional custom software to resolve a series of challenges typical for automobile repair shops due to manual, time-consuming, and prone to human errors processes.

Accepting a car for repair and scheduling work

Save managers’ time by automating repair costs estimation, synchronizing media files and assigning them to a certain order, scheduling works, and calculating repair costs in real time based on the technicians’ working hours.

Tracking technician’s working hours

Facilitate technicians’ working time tracking using a web interface or a mobile application. The data about spent hours synchronizes with a corresponding order and permits calculating repair cost and monitoring efficiency of work (the difference between scheduled and actually spent hours).

Ordering and calculating the cost of spare car parts

MSpeed up the work of your managers and accountants by automating the ordering of lacking parts, sending order messages to vendors, calculating cost and profit for each order, and transferring the necessary data to the accounting software.

Calculating the costs of repair, car parts, and technicians’ salary

Exclude human risks and save accountants’ time by integrating your CRM with the accounting software to get detailed and real-time information about technicians’ working hours, cost of parts, payments from customers, and other financial data.

Advanced reporting tools for business owners

Get full visibility and control over a single or multiple auto repair shops thanks to detailed reports covering the major workflows. For example, how much your business earns from each customer, how effective your employees are, or how profitable the cooperation with each vendor is.

Notifying customers about a current repair status

Improve customer service by timely and automatically notifying your customers about changes of the repair status by a convenient means of communication – text messages or emails.

API Integrations for Digital Transformation in Car Repair Industry

Improve customer service and save employees’ time by automating manual processes for car repair services with the help of API integrations.


Integration with accounting software for managing cashflows automatically

Save accountants' time and minimize the risk of human errors by automatically transferring all the financial data from the accounting software, such as Acomba X, Advantage X, QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, Sage Cloud Accounting, or any other. The information about every payment from a customer, every hour spent on repair, and every ordered spare car part is transferred and stored in the auto repair software.
Cost estimation

Integration with repair costs estimating systems for quick evaluation of repair costs

Save your managers' time on estimating what types of work should be performed and how much it will cost, or how much paint is needed. For that, a manager fills in the repair details in 3rd-party repair cost estimating systems (CCC, Audatex, AdjustRite, Mitchell, and others) and paint scaling software (PPG Paint Scales, Akzo Nobel, or BASF, etc) and gets an estimate imported into the auto repair system.

Integration with communication platforms for real-time customers' notification about the repair status

Improve your customer service quality by notifying your customers about the changes in repair status and other updates via text messages or email. For that, the auto repair software can be integrated with such communication platforms as Vonage (ex-Nexmo), Plivo, or others.
Media storage

Integration with media storage for managing photos of damages through a single point of access

Make media files visible and accessible to employees across your company by uploading and storing them in media storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or others. The photos get synchronized with orders automatically.
Rental management

Integration with rental car services for automated rental management

Give your managers the possibility to automatically create rental reservation and let a customer get a rent car directly in a car repair service station by integrating your auto repair software with such rental services as ARMS. Thanks to the integration, a manager simply checks the appropriate box, and an automated request goes to a rental dealer.
Reviewing tools

Integration with reviewing tools for prompting customers to share a review about your service

Prompt your customers to leave their feedback about your service by facilitating this process for them. Thanks to the integration with the reviewing tools, such as Podium, Google review, OneLocal, and others, the auto repair system automatically sends a review invitation to a customer after completing an order. To facilitate the reviewing process for customers, a review form autofills order details transferred from the auto repair software, such as the type of works done, the car service location where the repair was performed, car and customer details, etc.

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