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Ecommerce Inventory Management System Development for a Medical Store


Our client from the USA sells inventory management software for dental clinics in order to maintain control of their materials, equipment, tools, and supplies.


The legacy version of this software was desktop-based, which created no small number of problems:

  • It had compatibility issues with the newer Windows versions and hasn’t been updated in a long time, causing all sorts of bugs.
  • Moreover, supporting such a system was a nightmare - the support specialists had to access the customer’s desktop remotely, which was often impossible for security reasons.
  • Customers complained that they tried to order merchandise that was either out of stock or had a different price.


To address these issues, our client decided to develop a modern custom cloud-based inventory management system. They contacted Belitsoft, a custom inventory management development company, to rewrite their old IMS.


The cloud-based version of this inventory management software turned out to be a powerful dental inventory management system with the following core functions:

  • Barcode scanner integration. Includes printing barcodes that could be scanned to quickly update inventory and make orders
  • Supply management. Creation/tracking of orders to multiple vendors
  • S2K ERP Integration. Allows to automatically update item availability and prices so that the users always have the latest information on hand
  • S2K ERP Integration. Allows to automatically update item availability and prices so that the users always have the latest information on hand
  • Product, Location and Vendor Maintenance. Addition, deletion, updating, and tracking products, product vendors and product locations
  • E-commerce shopping cart development. Creating, editing, updating, deleting users and assigning them roles and access rights
  • Reporting. Order and inventory reports that can be exported as .xls files

As this was a business application, impressive visuals weren’t among the important requirements. To better use the customer’s budget, the team applied a ready-to-use Bootstrap theme instead of a custom design.


Requirements Gathering

The project began with a discovery phase. An experienced business analyst (BA) communicated with the customer to gather the detailed requirements

Prototyping and Design

Based on these requirements, the analyst created interactive wireframes that let the client get a look and feel of how their future system would work

Software Requirements Specification

The BA also wrote a detailed Software requirements specification (SRS). When both the wireframes and the SRS were approved by the customer, the developers got to coding

Fixed-price contract

As this project had an extensive discovery phase, an SRS, and a set of wireframes, the team developed it using Kanban development methodology and Fixed-price cooperation model

Rewriting legacy application

Our inventory management system developers have preserved the proven business logic of the legacy system, while completely redesign the UX. All of the existing features were transferred, and a few new ones were added


The project was developed in 8 months, three of which were spent on the discovery phase. Thanks to the detailed requirements and anticipating the possible change requests, the team was able to complete the project on time and within budget, to the customer’s satisfaction.


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