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AngularJS to Angular Migration and Optimization of E-commerce Mobile MVP


Belitsoft was approached by an e-commerce startup.

Why Belitsoft

After considering their options, the client chose Belitsoft for the following reasons:

  • Efficient communication. During the project discussions the managers were professional in understanding the client’s needs, as well as helpful and open to contact;
  • Transparent quote. The estimate that the development team has provided was detailed and realistic, demonstrating their competence;
  • Solid references. Other successful businessmen spoke about Belitsoft as a professional and efficient technology partner

The Challenge

The client had an innovative coupons app. It allowed users to get group discounts on food, clothes, entertainment, and more by playing games with their friends. The app was in its MVP stage when the Client contacted us.

Our Client urgently needed to upgrade their e-commerce mobile app for a sustainable and future-ready framework as AngularJS was reaching its end of life. The goal was to address the immediate concern, support discontinuation and also position the app for long-term success and evolution.

The Solution

There were several major problems that Belitsoft has successfully solved:

Loading time optimization

The MVP application took too long to start. As it turned out, it was due to the 5000 games loading simultaneously whenever the user opened the dashboard. The developer reworked the system, making it so that only the first 10 games were active at the start. The rest were loaded as the user needed them.

New features

The app has already been integrated with Facebook. Belitsoft developer added a feature allowing the users to invite people from their phone book. The invited person received an SMS with the link to the app and then – a notification to join the game.

Code cleanup

Belitsoft has streamlined the client’s codebase, making it faster and cheaper to add new features in the future.

AngularJS to Angular migration

We future-proofed the app by moving it from the legacy framework to the modern and secure Angular version, starting an Angular update and migration process. Our approach included:

  1. Strategic Planning. We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing AngularJS application, planning a migration roadmap to minimize disruption and maximize the app's growth potential.
  2. Angular Implementation. We systematically transitioned to Angular, rewriting the codebase in TypeScript for better scalability. In addition, we developed a dynamic user interface that integrates with backend services.
  3. Feature Enhancement and Expansion. With Angular's modern capabilities, we introduced new functionalities that enriched the user experience, such as an improved search engine and streamlined checkout processes.
  4. Quality Assurance and Testing. Rigorous testing protocols were employed to guarantee that the new Angular app maintained all functionalities and offered an upgraded experience with no regressions.

The Process

The project had a clear set of requirements, so waterfall development model was appropriate for this project.

The developer regularly talked with the client and their project manager via Skype to ensure coordination and transparency.  The day-to-day tasks were tracked through Jira.

All the testing was done by the client who had qualified QA specialists on their team and didn’t need help in this regard.

The Results

The migration to Angular transformed the e-commerce mobile app into a future-proof platform ready to accommodate growth and technological advancements. The app now boasts enhanced features, superior performance, and a scalable architecture. These changes ensure its relevance and competitiveness in the evolving digital marketplace.

  • Technologies:, MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js, Ionic.
  • Team size: 1 full-stack developer

Our Clients' Feedback

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