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ASP.NET Web Application Development for InfoSec Startup


Belitsoft was contacted by a founder of an information security startup from London. They had a vision of a simple yet effective system for preventing data leaks and mismanagement. The client has received a seed round of funding for their project. Their company had a skilled in-house development team but needed extra specialists to release the product faster while maintaining a lean and cost-effective approach.


The client had their own programmers, so Belitsoft handled the admin and user sections of a web application, while the customer’s own developers worked on the database and server-side.

The customer needed long-term and consistent work while remaining in full control of the project. This is why the dedicated team model was the best fit. Despite the distance and time difference, the developers kept contact via Skype and shared information on GitHub, Visual Studio Team System and OneDrive.

The project requirements were flexible and could have changed so that the product can do better in the highly competitive market. That is why it was developed using the Agile methodology, splitting the development process into 2-3 weeks long sprints. Each sprint ended with a demo session, where the team showed the results of their work. This approach allowed the client to see the progress and adjust the requirements as needed.

Team size: 3 full-stack .NET developers, 1 frontend developer, 1 QA specialist, project manager/business analyst


Together with the client’s programmers, Belitsoft has developed a SaaS security platform. It integrates with the existing information systems like Sharepoint or Confluence and allows the administrator to manage the access to certain files and folders.

The system is:

  • Flexible. Numerous options allow administrators to implement a structured and secure data management policies;
  • Simple to use. The streamlined UI is easily understandable to non-technical users;
  • Demanded. The platform can demonstrate the basis for information access and data protection policy, which are both a required part of GDPR and HIPAA compliant solution.

Since its release, the platform has already gained recognition. It was shortlisted for “Most Innovative Cyber Company” and called a “Rising Star in Cybersecurity”.

The Belitsoft team is still working on the project, buffing the system with new features and making changes according to end-user feedback.


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