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Sports Betting Solution & iGaming Platform Development


Our customer was a startupper based in the USA.


He had the vision to create a new eSports betting service that could get ahead of the competition by providing better odds, yet keep those odds profitable for the owners of the service. While he had competent front-end developers, he required an experienced and mathematically knowledgeable back-end team to create the analytical system


The client wanted to test his idea first, so he decided to start with an MVP of the betting platform. So the first version was done in just 2 months. Seeing it perform in the real world proved that the gamble was worth taking and the project was extended.

Given that the platform was to be delivered ASAP and that it had no formalized requirements, Time and Material cooperation model and Agile development methodology were the most fitting.


The core of the analytical system we’ve delivered is based around processing huge amounts of data gathered from reputable sources on the Web. This includes the teams’ and players’ results, win/loss streaks, outcomes of matches against specific opponents, etc. Moreover, the system can also recognize the “unofficial” and erroneous names of the gamers and clubs to ensure the results are as detailed as possible. The dictionary for the system contains over 40.000 relevant names.

The results pertaining to the upcoming games are presented to the bookmakers so they can have an easier time calculating the odds.

The system is further augmented with a Google Chrome extension which helps in competitor research.

A project like this posed a set of specific technical challenges that we have successfully met and gained valuable knowledge in the process.

For example, finding necessary information related to a “name” (a team or a player) in a database of over 40.000 of them needed optimization, so it would be reasonably fast.

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