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Custom C# Desktop Application Development for a Football Federation


Belitsoft task was to create a football management system to register and store information about each player, club, event and related information for the National Football Federation. As a result we created a scalable system of information repositories and modules working seamlessly and effectively.

Approach and result

Football is a popular kind of sports with crowds of funs around the world. They follow such events as national league championships, Champions League, FIFA World Cup. And each of these events is a spectacular show and a source of piles of information to process – about results, about players and clubs.

The list of functional modules of football management system includes:

  • Players. It tracks registration and changes of information about all football players of national clubs and those who are mercenaries in other countries at the moment. It’s possible to store players’ bio, transfers, games statistics, disciplinary penalties, automated eligibility and other details.
  • Stadiums. It has all information about football infrastructure in the country and its current use for different events and for clubs’ routine activities.
  • Clubs & Combined Teams. In this module all clubs, football schools and combined team information is shown, including all games statistics by club. It can retrieve information from the repository of the module Transfers and in this case it allows forming teams and tracking transfers of players.
  • Transfers module let track players’ transfers both home and international following all FIFA and UEFA standards, track transfer conditions and progress (start date – end date). If the loan transfer type is used, the system notices about loan expiration date in automated mode too.
  • Referees, Inspectors, Match Delegates. Using this it’s possible to follow registration and changes of personal data of referees, inspectors and match delegates for each game. Match reports are created after each game, highlighting both game progress and cases of the rules violation which are punished with penalties to be used for games statistics and next matches.
  • Competitions. This module displays all competitions added to the repository. It distinguishes competitions of any type: round robin, play off, mixed. This module uses data from all other modules. Here the calendar of games is created, including Berger’s table pattern. The module sends automated notifications to all game participants: players, referees, etc., when game is near. It also notifies if a player is suspended from a game or competition as penalties or other restrictions are added into the system for this player.

All modules use data stored in all the system’s repositories. It’s possible to issue various types of reports and statistic sheets using scalable filters system on demand.

Besides that there is a special tool to collaborate with mass media where it’s possible to apply for accreditation, learn latest information about upcoming events.

This football management system is a powerful and convenient tool with a Windows desktop application to add, remove and edit all information in the system. Our NET developers focused on effectiveness and practical use questions rather than just technical part of the solution. Due to this we built a modular tool to solve everyday challenges of our client and ease management of big volumes of information as much as possible.

On the one hand, it provides flexible user management. There three types of user roles in the system; these are the System Administrator, Module Administrator and Module Manager. On the other hand, it has reliable security management tools.

System Administrator is the only user who has the right to apply changes to any repository or module of the system and give roles to other users. Other users in the system have restricted rights – according to their role and level of access to information and its management. It’s possible to add custom roles and rights to every user in the system. Module Administrator can create individual list of available actions for each user who has Module Manager role.

This Windows application for football management is integrated into the web site and is actively used by the national Football Federation functionaries. It fully complies with the standards and regulation of FIFA and UEFA.

Technologies and platforms: C#, .NET FW, MSSQL Server, WCF, MS ReportViewer, ClickOnce, SSL, Active Directory, PHP


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