Native iOS and Android Mobile App Development for a Drone Company

Belitsoft has provided the Client with a team of Android and iOS mobile developers to create custom mobile applications for editing the videos that were recorded using the drones, produced by our Client.

  • Technologies and platforms: Native Android development (Android SDK, Media API, Android Canvas), Native iOS development.
  • Effort: 16 man-months.

Our Client and its Customers

Our Client is one of the world’s largest drone companies. Improving customer services is the key pillar of our Client. For those drone owners who care about uploading a brushed and polished piece of footage to Youtube or Vimeo, the Company decided to create a convenient mobile video editing app.

Our Approach and Results

The Client required three full-time mobile developers with extensive experience in Android and iOS development. We gathered the team ASAP.

One of the most important benefits the Client got working with our outsourcing mobile development team is significant cost-savings. To hire mobile application developers with the same skill set in Western Europe would be twice expensive.

During the project implementation, it was agreed to use Time & Materials / Agile model that makes it possible for our Client to manage the development process effectively, change plans and requirements when it is needed, and get improved app functionality on a regular basis. 

The project development was Agile-based, with two-week sprints. The Project Manager from the Client’s side holds meetings every week, where the most important issues and requirements are discussed. To provide effective communication, such tools as Skype, Slack, and Mantis Bug Tracker are constantly used. The Client also used to came to our office in Minsk to meet the development team.

Our team successfully met constantly changing Client’s requirements connected with the design of the application. Working on design, we paid much attention to build a user-centric application that delivers excellent user experience. During the development process, our programmers were also working on the integration of the pre-existing functionality that is used in our Client’s drone app into the new video editing mobile app.  

The impressive feature set of the apps were developed from scratch, including:

  • video cropping and trimming,
  • video filtering,
  • frame grabbing,
  • the provision of flight info,
  • adding music,
  • pointing favorite moments of a video,
  • real-time video preview,
  • playback.

We have also developed a module to handle payment transactions: drone owner can download a trial version of the app, free video editing is available for 20 days since that time.

New functionality has been tested by the Client's QA-team. However, our development team independently checked each release before sharing it with the Client.

Belitsoft's team of Android and iOS developers have successfully delivered the required solution in time and on the budget. Using these applications, a drone owner can import recorded videos and edit them.

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