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Custom Mobile App for a Learning Management System


A mobile app today is a must-have feature of a Learning Management System (LMS). The JoomlaLMS Mobile app is simple, modern and also very easy to start working with the JoomlaLMS itself.


To develop such a mobile application, we spent 100 hours for mobile development itself using Intel® XDK, Angular and 80 hours for the Back-end, API work using PHP, MySQL.

With the JoomlaLMS mobile application, students can easily keep track of the announcements, check information about the courses and teachers, access certificates, view course, quiz, SCORMs and assignment grades. Users can download the JoomlaLMS mobile application from the Google Play market or Apple’s App Store.

To start using the mobile application, users need only enter their login, password, and the LMS website URL. A Single Sign-On (SSO) solution allows a user of the JoomlaLMS mobile application to start a course in the mobile version of the LMS website without additional authorization.

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