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QuickBooks Shipping Integration

If you use shipping services from UPS, FedEx, or USPS carrier systems, QuickBooks provide a Shipping Manager that natively integrates with them. After integration, you can schedule and manage your shipments directly from QuickBooks. But step out of line and you are not covered. Business users loudly complain that this shipment integration is only available in QuickBooks Desktop, while others mention international shipment limitations and challenges, even in that version. The native pre-built integration with limited shipment providers is also useless if you want to use different shipment providers or shipment/tracking software. This is where custom QuickBooks shipping integration enters the scene.

QuickBooks Shipping Integration

Drawback of Using Pre-Built Third-Party QuickBooks Shipping Integration Solutions

If the native pre-built integration offered by QuickBooks has such limitations, maybe there are third-party solutions that address the known issues? 

Of course, there are. For example, Shipstation shipping software with pre-built Quickbooks integration available in the Quickbooks marketplace as an official partner solution. But that may not help. 

First, the name speaks for itself - you can use this Quickbooks integration only if you purchase this shipping software. 

QuickBooks Shipping Integration
QuickBooks Shipping Integration

Second, buyers of this product are not among the happiest customers. There are things that drive them mad. 

Customers complain that the integration between QuickBooks Online (QBO) and ShipStation is a one-way street. QBO only receives information from ShipStation but does not send order information back. They want reverse functionality, but the app team doesn’t hear them. Customers are dissatisfied with the constant bugs, which are only added to by updates. Support tickets take ages to receive responses or receive none at all.

Customers complain that many transaction details either do not transfer at all or end up in the wrong places after data transfer. They are unable to export invoices due to failing reports, even though ShipStation confirms the connection as successful. They have to create a sales record manually in QBO because of sync failure.

Common issues include failed client imports, changed invoice numbers, duplicated entries for already existing customers, and new ones with missing order information.

Benefits of Custom Shipping Integration with QuickBooks

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Reduced Manual Work

QuickBooks will be able to automatically send the address and order details to the carrier, and then retrieve the tracking numbers and shipping costs from the carrier to update QuickBooks data.

Shipped order information can automatically be passed into QuickBooks. You can choose whether to record the shipment as a Sales Receipt in an asset account or as an Invoice in accounts receivable. Shipment details can include ship date, carrier, tracking number, and shipping charges collected at checkout. You will be able to synchronize even incomplete orders to ensure more accurate accounting at every stage of order fulfillment. 

Product data from your orders can be mapped to existing product records in QuickBooks or used to automatically create new ones. This integration, to avoid duplicates, looks at products already in QuickBooks by SKU or product name, or some combination of the two. 

Customer data, such as recipient information, can also be synced by matching a field from the order, e.g., the email address. A new customer record can be created automatically if the customer does not already exist in QuickBooks. Existing customer records can be updated with the latest information from each order.

Sales tax information can be populated based on the recipient's address, matched to the tax agencies you've configured in QuickBooks, ensuring accurate tax calculations.

Improved Visibility 

After integrating with the last-mile delivery tool, updates or changes in delivery status can be immediately reflected within QuickBooks, often appearing directly on the invoices or payment receipts.

Billing can be automatically updated when a delivery is completed, and logistics costs can be entered into financial reports without any manual effort. From the same platform where you oversee customer interactions and process payments, you can send delivery notifications along with a tracking link. 

Warehouse staff can instantly access orders and invoices from QuickBooks, with the ability to auto-populate shipping screens by simply scanning a document number. Front office and management can also see shipment history, metrics and reporting. Businesses with multiple warehousing locations will coordinate shipments from various points.

Advanced Mapping Automation

Integration may be programmed to allow orders to be automatically processed using conditional statements like IF/THEN. This rule can be activated if it matches a condition like the status of the order, the overall weight, or the shipping preferences of the customer. For example, if the freight weight surpasses X lbs, a relevant carrier may be assigned automatically.

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