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Hire MongoDB Database Developers

A database is the backbone for any software development project, irrespective of a company's size. Recruiting a talented MongoDB developer usually calls for a significant understanding of software development. However, even if the employers or managers lack profound knowledge in MongoDB, this guide will supply the required background and offer assistance to hire the right specialists for the project.


What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a general-purpose NoSQL document-oriented database designed for modern applications. It was created for working with unstructured data.

MongoDB is a distributed database with high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution. It also provides support for ad hoc queries and indexing for easy access and analysis of data.

You can use MongoDB at no cost, however, managed services such as Atlas or AWS DocumentDB offer premium cloud services.

There is a wide selection of computing systems that use MongoDB, such as those on-premise and those in the cloud. Besides its common application, it is also employed in custom database development for configuration management, emerging data requirements, E-commerce product catalogs, and social networking sites.

Implementing suitable indexes to improve performance, refining backup and recovery processes, and following the best practices when integrating REST APIs into a framework or model are all part of a MongoDB developer's job.

Rely on us for quality MongoDB development services. Hire MongoDB database developers for integration with PHP, Laravel, Drupal, Symfony or front-end frameworks like Angular, React. Contact us today to get started.

Benefits of MongoDB

Highly Scalable. Its horizontal and scale-out architecture makes MongoDB highly expandable, allowing it to handle large volumes of data and traffic.

Cost-effective. Using MongoDB can save expenses, as well as reduce maintenance costs because of simpler data models and automatic repair functionality.

User-friendly. MongoDB is a straightforward database that boasts a variety of features, such as ad hoc queries, file storage, load balancing, replication, and more. It provides a set of tools facilitating data manipulation for developers, analysts and data scientists

Globally popular. Facebook, Google, Verizon, PayPal, Intuit, and many others use MongoDB.

Productive and flexible. With rich JSON documents, MongoDB provides the most natural and productive approach to working with data, which enables the creation of dynamic schemas with a high degree of versatility.

Expressive and rich. MongoDB's eloquent query language allows filtering and sorting of records by any field, no matter the nesting.

Hassle-free to manage. Atlas, MongoDB cloud service, offers effortless management on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

What Industries is MongoDB Used for?

Marketing and Advertising. Many companies, including publishing houses, require storage space for large amounts of data, such as articles, digital content, and eBooks, in order to integrate various learning tools onto a single platform. Content-rich applications often rely on metadata and need quick response times. MongoDB makes building content-based applications simpler and quicker, with improved access to data and the ability to store various types of content.

Retail and eCommerce. MongoDB provides a combination of enterprise-level database capabilities and cost-effective technology solutions. It can handle a high volume of transactions with minimal expense.

Media and Entertainment. Through MongoDB, companies can benefit from scalability. It is highly flexible and manages large loading while maintaining low latency in real-time scenarios, such as video and interactive content. MongoDB can efficiently handle millions of active users in real-time events.

Gaming. Engaging games can bring in many users fast, leading to a growth in data volume. For such applications, a database system capable of storing large volumes of data is necessary. MongoDB can run more users and data as it scales up.

MongoDB Developers' Hiring Options

If you want to accelerate project delivery with minimal investment, hiring dedicated MongoDB developers who work exclusively on your project is a smart choice. Other advantages of a dedicated team include:

  • The development team operates as your in-house team, ensuring a close collaboration and seamless communication.
  • Skilled MongoDB developers guarantee high-quality deliverables, satisfying the client's requirements and expectations.
  • There are no start-up or hidden costs associated with hiring a dedicated MongoDB team, providing transparency and cost-effectiveness.
  • You have complete control over the project, allowing you to direct the team towards the desired outcome.
  • The hiring model is both cost-effective and flexible, enabling you to scale the team as per your project needs.

We have customized our hiring models to find MongoDB experts for your needs:

  • Short-term assignments
  • Ongoing projects
  • Full-time contracts
  • Dedicated team

As a top-tier development agency, our professionals adopt a robust and dynamic approach to comprehend the distinctive elements of your concept and execute them with accuracy.

If you need applications developed for your business or require an expansion of your team, Belitsoft MongoDB developers provide the best solution. Let us consider your business case.

MongoDB Services by Belitsoft

MongoDB Database Designing

The service involves the creation and management of databases using the MongoDB database management system. MongoDB database designing covers requirements gathering, data modeling, indexing, ensuring security, scaling, backup, and recovery.

MongoDB Consulting Services

MongoDB's professionals provide expert guidance on performance tuning, data modeling to help design the structure of the database, architecture design in various deployment scenarios, security, and disaster recovery, training and support.

Setup and Implementation Services

Implementing and carrying out MongoDB includes the installation, configuration, deployment, testing, and documentation of the MongoDB database management system.

On demand, MongoDB setup and implementation service may also involve training services to help the organization's staff get familiar with MongoDB and how to use it effectively.

MongoDB Database Development Solutions

The service allows creating applications and software solutions that use MongoDB database management system as their underlying data store. It starts by gathering requirements and data modeling. Then, the service provider develops APIs that allow the application to interact with the MongoDB database and performs the application development, using a programming language such as Java, Python, or Node.js. Finally, your vendor conducts testing and deployment of the app and the MongoDB database in a standalone, replica set, or shared cluster deployment.

MongoDB Integration

Get customized services and integrations from a skilled team who will fully manage this thorough process. MongoDB Integration combines the MongoDB database management system with other software applications, tools. The service involves the analysis of the existing software and tools, developing an integration strategy, data migration, API development, testing and deployment of the MongoDB integration in the organization's IT environment.

MongoDB Support and Maintenance

There is ongoing support for companies that use the MongoDB database management system. The service includes the database monitoring to identify issues, troubleshooting, upgrades and updates to ensure proper functioning, implementing security measures to protect the MongoDB database from unauthorized access, data breaches, etc., performance tuning to ensure peak efficiency, backup, and recovery.

MongoDB Cloud Database

MongoDB cloud database offers cloud-based database management, quick and easy deployment, scaling, and running. The service covers automated deployment, elastic scalability, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, and security.

Migration Services for MongoDB

MongoDB simplifies data migration and is beneficial for businesses upgrading their database systems or switching to a more efficient and scalable system. The service involves data extraction, transformation, and loading. Then, testing and validation take place to verify performance. Once the migration is complete, the service provider will deploy the new MongoDB database and ensure that it is properly configured and optimized for the organization's needs.

Serverless Web Application Development

MongoDB database developers can create robust automated flexible applications tailored to your needs and adjusted to spikes in visitor traffic. For that, the specialists build an architecture, develop front-end using modern front-end frameworks such as React, Vue.js or Angular and back-end logic. Once the web application has been developed, the service provider performs rigorous testing to ensure proper functioning.

Mobile App Backend Development

For developing high-demand mobile apps, a comprehensive database engine like MongoDB is essential. MongoDB mobile app backend development involves building the backend infrastructure for mobile applications using MongoDB, API development (RESTful APIs, GraphQL APIs, etc.), creating cloud-based infrastructure. Also, the service provider can implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms, add real-time data synchronization between the mobile app and the database, and optimize the app performance to ensure that the mobile application is responsive and fast.

Data Analytics

The team of Data Analysts is proficient in the use of MongoDB's analytics and visualization tools (MongoDB BI Connector, MongoDB Charts) to gain insights into a company's data to create custom and visually appealing visualizations. We can also group, filter, and consolidate data in real-time through MongoDB's aggregation pipeline, data modeling, and integration.

Our MongoDB development services enable database scalability and adaptability. By hiring MongoDB database developers, you can benefit from exceptional back-end and database support. Let's talk about more details.

How to Hire MongoDB Database Developers

Hiring a software development company to manage your MongoDB database development simplifies the process to a few steps.

Step 1. Explain your needs to your software partner.

On a set call to go through your needs, do not stress over giving all the specifics - just provide what you can. Share the project goals, skills and requirements for MongoDB developers.

Step 2. Shortlist the best MongoDB developers.

Your partner will review CVs and pick appropriate MongoDB developers. Choose the best ones and schedule a Zoom or Google Meet call with the candidates to evaluate their skills. You may also assign the selection to your vendor's specialist.

Step 3. Start working when ready.

An experienced software development company manages the onboarding process for the MongoDB developers swiftly. Your vendor will take care of the details, so you can focus on your work. It takes the burden of hiring off your shoulders, so you can get to work without delay.

Step 4. Benefit from effective management.

Effective performance management strategies implemented with the help of a software vendor to get a solution that fits your needs to get a customized solution that works for you.

Step 5. Iterate and scale on demand.

Your MongoDB development needs may change as your business grows. The right vendor can quickly build your team, scaling it up and down as needed.

Step 6. Get the results regularly and on time.

Performance reports provide a clear overview of the scope of work completed within sprints every 2 weeks, making the development process transparent and predictable. Use these reports to spot potential issues early in the project.

What Belitsoft does for you to hire MongoDB database developers

We recognize the importance of thoroughly testing and hiring MongoDB developers that suit your requirements. Hence, we have implemented a comprehensive interview process with multiple rounds of evaluations until you feel content. You can examine the candidate's experience in various projects.

Candidate screening. We identify the right talents for you, evaluating tech and soft skills, logical ability and cultural compatibility through interviews.

Test task. We require developers to go through intense testing that our clients typically provide for assessing their skills and confirming their interest.

Technical test. Upon client’s request, we evaluate developers' MongoDB-related knowledge and problem-solving abilities through open-ended questions and tricky problems. Our goal is to assess their technical skills and grasp their mental processes. We ensure a good fit through a background check.

Giving specific feedback. We provide clear feedback on both the test task and the technical test after evaluating the developer's expertise.

Shortlist top talents for your interview. We offer the opportunity to interview the developers we have shortlisted to ensure that they meet your requirements and are a suitable fit for your company.

Hire the best. With our intelligent hiring process, you find the perfect developers for your needs. Our team sources, vets, matches, and manages developers, taking the guesswork out of the hiring process.

Provide Infrastructure. We take care of a range of tasks and costs, including a comfortable work environment, payroll and tax management, legal support, hardware provision, insurance coverage, and robust infrastructure and security measures.

Take on the Back-office process. We can handle your back-office processes, including custom recruiting, HR management, onboarding, retention, employment benefits, and hiring processes.

Belitsoft takes care of all the complexities of outsourcing, from screening developers to international payments, so you can save time and money. Let's discuss your case.

How much does it cost to hire a MongoDB developer

The rates for MongoDB development services may vary based on several factors, such as the developer's experience and expertise, location, and market conditions. Those with a great deal of expertise in the field may cost more, but they can complete tasks quickly, possess specialized knowledge, and can create top-notch results. Conversely, a less experienced developer will offer a more competitive rate, while still having enough proficiency to perform routine tasks.

The cost of MongoDB developers in the US usually varies with their level of expertise:

  • juniors and middle-level developers around $20-90/hr
  • and senior developers charging around $120/hr

Transparency and budgeting are a priority for us. We strive to keep our clients informed of costs and details related to MongoDB developers and are committed to customer satisfaction.

MongoDB Developers' Skills to Require

You or your client may have selected MongoDB for its open-source nature and ability to offer high scalability with in-memory computing, native replication, and cloud compatibility.

However, to fully leverage these advantages and create a well-optimized database that seamlessly integrates with your IT architecture, you require top-notch MongoDB database developers. This is where we come in by identifying and fulfilling the skills and requirements that qualified MongoDB developers must possess.

MongoDB developer skills and job responsibilities

Examples of MongoDB job responsibilities:

  • Management of MongoDB deployments on-premises and in the cloud, including configuration and management tasks
  • Designing, developing, and implementing data architectures to meet specific business needs
  • Providing assistance to IT operations teams with tasks such as virtualization, DevOps automation, and building big data analytics pipelines.
  • Management of databases
  • Analysis of big data using technologies such as Spark and Hadoop
  • Automation of DevOps processes with tools like Ansible and Puppet
  • Implementation of virtualization using platforms like VMware and Kubernetes
  • Expertise in cloud technologies like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure

MongoDB developers should possess the following competences at an advanced level:

  • Extensive experience in MongoDB and NoSQL, including collection formation, index building, sharding implementation, and debugging.
  • Familiarity with other NoSQL tools such as Cassandra, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, and HBase.
  • Good understanding of SQL databases like SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL, to leverage the strengths of both SQL and NoSQL for their projects.
  • Hands-on experience with cloud systems, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or other, to ensure high performance and continuous delivery and integration.
  • Good understanding of the company's technologies.
  • Reading/Writing MongoDB through PHP/.NET.
  • Proficiency in operating MongoDB ODBC Connector and MongoDB Compass JSON.
  • Expertise in replica sets, sharding, database schemas, indexing, query optimization, and performance tuning.
  • Proficient in backup and recovery procedures.
  • Capability of migrating data from RDBMS to MongoDB.
  • Experience developing data cleansing routines through standardization, transformation, rationalization, linking, and matching.
  • Knowledge of infrastructure engineering.
  • Ability to design MongoDB high-availability (HA) strategies.
  • Ability to manage the security of MongoDB databases.

MongoDB Developers Job Description

Clearly define the project, budget, and talent needed in the job post. Include adequate details for contractors to make an informed decision.

  • Be specific in the post title.
  • Describe the project with scope and budget.

We recognize that each client may have their own approach to hiring a MongoDB developer. We'll test the developer's experience in a way that suits you if you share your preferred model with us.

Why choose Belitsoft for MongoDB database services

Our MongoDB developers understand the importance of database systems. They are highly experienced, team players, and innovative thinkers. We also ensure that by hiring MongoDB programmers from us, you get professionals who can follow commands while possessing the flexibility to excel as problem-solvers and visionaries.

At Belitsoft, we take pride in our ability to train and develop highly knowledgeable and skilled MongoDB database developers.

We ensure:

  • Scalability. We modify the structure of your dedicated team as per your project needs.
  • Fast kick-off. We enable a quick hiring process and maintain staff on a bench, so projects can start in days or weeks. , so projects can start in days or weeks.
  • Flexibility. We can tailor the development team size on your demand.
  • Transparency. We make the development process visible to stakeholders, including regular reporting of progress, issues, and risks, so you take more informed decisions.
  • Experienced developers from our 400+ employees’ pool to choose from. Our MongoDB developers team can provide solutions for your business in many fields. They work as an extension of your in-house team, providing error-free code and taking on projects from start to finish.
  • Adaptable and affordable pricing model. Clients can customize their payment plans with Belitsoft on an hourly, monthly, or part-time basis.
  • Excellent communication skills. When hiring MongoDB developers, Belitsoft considers communication skills as an essential factor besides technical and logical skills.
  • Strong Security & protection. We prioritize confidentiality by signing an NDA with all MongoDB developers and maintain high levels of security to protect your intellectual property.
  • No freelance resources. We are passionate about providing the best service to our clients, which is why we have a dedicated team of full-time in-house MongoDB developers. Our team of expert developers, who have been carefully selected, guarantees the on-time delivery of any project.
  • MongoDB Best Practices. Our MongoDB developers leverage automation platforms to conduct code reviews, and we also employ the latest tools to ensure faster and smoother deployment.

Looking for MongoDB developers to take your project to the next level? Contact Belitsoft now to hire MongoDB database developers who can deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your business needs.

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