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Custom Agritech .NET and Angular-based SaaS platform for Farmers


One of our customers from Israel asked us to help him with the development of a special informational/expert system for agriculture. The system's main goal is to provide detailed information on fertilizer dosages for specific plants and quantities.


There are extensive databases within the system that include hundreds of vegetables and plants, along with their unique growing requirements. The system can generate custom programs for growing each item based on input data, like selected crops, type of soil, type of tissue, water analysis, temperature, types of fertilizers, etc.

They planned the system as a SaaS platform for thousands of users. Greenhouse farmers specializing in complex watering and fertilization for vegetables and plants are the intended users of this system. The need to display extensive statistical data required a unique system architecture and specialized frameworks for multiple dashboards.

Technologies and platforms: .Net, Asp.Net, MSSQL Server, HTML, Angular, Bootstrap, Grunt

Approach and result

The main part of our SaaS development services was front-end development, specifically dashboards displaying statistical data. We conducted a special investigation to select the proper framework for this purpose. As a result, our NET developers have decided to use Angular. The main reasons for that were:

  • Angular excels at creating dynamic views, making it ideal for dashboards that display statistical data
  • Angular features and tooling speed up the development process
  • The speed of Angular development typically leads to cost savings
  • Angular pairs seamlessly with the .NET backend selected for the project.

By leveraging Angular in conjunction with .NET, we delivered a fully functional software solution with optimal data visualization, all within a tight timeframe and budget.


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