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Our company specializes in delivering top-tier Moodle development services to elevate your e-learning platform. Trust Belitsoft company to provide comprehensive, high-quality services that cater to all aspects of your e-learning needs. We can help you create an impressive online learning platform that stands out in a competitive market.

We've created learning platforms for them that have gained a vast amount of users from all over the world

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Moodle development

We specialize in developing content-driven sites using Moodle Technology. Our designers generate remarkable products and can help to shape your ideas into reality. Our websites are completely responsive and pixel perfect, with no coding errors.

Design and Theme developmentMoodle Web Design & Theme development

A great design is not only about appearance but also about function. We provide cleanly designed websites that focus on usability. A thorough set of UI/UX design principles is integral to the development procedure. We take pride in designing and creating custom themes that enhance the appearance and user experience of your Moodle sites. Our skilled developers utilize web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to deliver responsive and visually appealing designs that align with your brand identity.

Custom moodle developmentCustom Moodle development

With our custom LMS development, we address the specific needs of your clients and users by customizing the core system with tailored features, modules, and plugins. If you require further capabilities for your Moodle website, we create custom modules for your unique project and enhance your Moodle functionality with new features. We are dedicated to crafting websites that your customers admire. By adhering to the highest coding standards, we provide tailored module development that ensures the code is not only effective but also easy to extend, maintain, and debug. Our goal is sustainable coding coupled with a personalized approach.

Moodle App Development & CustomizationMoodle App Development & Customization

The Moodle Mobile App, an extension of your Moodle LMS, allows learners to access training on the go. This custom app for iOS and Android supports learning deliverables, enables offline access, and syncs data with your Moodle platform. It comes with comprehensive analytics, provides push notifications, and features your branding. We assist in setting up developer accounts for app store publication. With hosting on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, your app and data remain GDPR compliant, ensuring a seamless, secure learning experience.

Custom moodle development Moodle Performance Optimization

Focusing on performance optimization and efficiency, our Moodle development services improve the overall user experience on your platform. By implementing techniques such as database query optimization, caching strategies, and industry best practices, we ensure a seamless and satisfying learning experience for your users.

Moodle plugin development

Our experienced dedicated development team excels in crafting and maintaining plugins that expand Moodle's core functionality, providing additional features like quizzes, assignments, video lectures, interactive content, and other educational tools.

Improved sorting of Courses

Rearrange the order of the courses quickly and easily, simply by dragging and dropping

Custom Reports with Graphs

Draft customized reports for yourself and follow the dynamics of the graphs

Category View by Role

Set unique restrictions on browsing categories by role

Moodle migration

We can rapidly upgrade your current website to the most recent version of Moodle with minimal interference to the site users or migrate it to a cloud.
moodle migration

Moodle to Azure Migration Services

We facilitate the deployment and management of a highly available and scalable Moodle cluster on Azure for enterprises, educational institutions, and public sector organizations.

We provide expert guidance for large-scale deployments, tackling issues with high concurrent user levels, regional load balancing, and other deployment-specific attributes. We deploy essential infrastructure for your Moodle instance, including an autoscaling web frontend layer, a private virtual network for frontend instances, Azure Load balancer, and Azure Database for MySQL.

We offer optional configurations for additional infrastructure, including Azure Backup for Moodle site backups, and Azure DDoS Protection plan.

moodle migration

Moodle To AWS Migration Services

We can migrate your Moodle LMS to Amazon EC2 instances from physical hardware or virtual machines. Alternatively, we can use Amazon Elastic Container Services. The cloud database recommended for MySQL and PostgreSQL is Amazon Aurora.

To ensure cost efficiency, we'll utilize a layered architecture approach. Once your usage pattern is predictable, we can further reduce your costs by helping you take advantage of AWS savings plans and reserved instances.

Moodle API integration - connect your applications with Moodle

We provide specialized Moodle API integration services for edtech companies looking to enhance their compatibility with the widely-used learning management system. Our skilled developers will tailor a custom PHP plugin for your product's seamless integration with any Moodle environment. With our expertise in Moodle API integration, your edtech solution will deliver an improved and streamlined learning experience for schools and their users. Our team's proficiency in integrating Moodle with third-party software and services, such as Accredible, Eloqua, Hubspot, PayPal,and Tableau, MailChimp, Crowdin and more, ensures a cohesive and efficient learning environment.

Moodle app

Our Moodle localization process

We can design your website to be multilingual, making maintenance more manageable and efficient.
Translate your academy into any language

localization progress

Moodle support

We are committed to promptly identifying, diagnosing, and resolving any issues within the Moodle system. Our development team works collaboratively, debugging code, reviewing logs, and partnering with other developers to tackle complex problems successfully.

Dedicated project manager

Weekly status updates
Monthly timesheet reports
Priority & status management

Priority queuing

24-hours response time
Online support and consultation

Security & Performance

Security enhancement
Moodle core and plugins updates
Full-time or part-time security team

Theme design

UI/UX design
Responsive mobile design
Creating mock-ups & building an individual theme

Moodle Maintenance

We keep your Moodle installations up to date with the latest releases, security patches, and bug fixes through routine maintenance tasks, such as version upgrades, compatibility testing, and issue troubleshooting.

Moodle maintenance services
Adding content & functionality
Technical support, revision and development
Site audit. Overview of the code, modules, updates, APIs, patches, pages, links, etc
Site monitoring
Rapid and efficient elimination of any bugs
Information support
Urgent Moodle help
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Completed projects

Long-term clients 87%

Long-term clients

New Moodle plugins 63+

New Moodle plugins

Successful migration 17+

Successful migration

Our Approach

Our development process is based on agile software development principles

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