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Easy-to-Use and Feature-Rich Woodworking ERP

Make the work of all your company’s departments more simple, accurate, and faster with the ready-to-use ERP for wood industry. The platform will give you timely analytics for running an agile business that satisfies customers.

Everything Your Business Needs Comes in 7 Modules

Run all wood manufacturing and accounting processes within your company in a single intuitive interface. Advanced features, holistic modules, and simple management.

Accounts Module

  • Tracking balances, incoming and outgoing payments and invoices, maintaining accounts, and managing financial issues. 
  • Possibility to choose currencies and convert invoices and payments at the actual rate set by the National bank to maintain all transfers in the base currency. 
  • Downloadable reports.
screen 1

Purchases Module

  • Detailed information about contracts, orders, invoices, and procurement analysis. 
  • Estimation of progress in fulfilling contracts and orders. 
  • Calculation of raw materials costs based on suppliers’ invoices, agent fees, transport, and collateral costs. 
  • Ability to create invoices for goods, custom supply orders, or multilevel purchase orders. 
  • Analysis of the current warehouse volume against the number of orders.
screen 2

Sales Module

  • Invoices value and margin calculation based on the manufactured goods net cost, agent fees, transport, L/C costs, and other collateral costs. 
  • Tracking the sales orders' fulfillment stage and shipment progress. Ability to create invoices for the sales orders, specify incoterms, and track payments.
  • Detailed reports on shipped goods, customer debts, turnover, and invoice margin.
screen 3

Manufacturing Module with IoT Technology

  • Automatic identification of the number of finished quality products and the number of defects (advanced IoT-based technology).
  • Creation of different types of operations based on your business specifics.
  • Creation of goods, marking them with barcodes and the full history of goods (e.g., operations, dates, etc) with detailed reporting on each stage.
  • Automatic assessment of the goods cost depending on the cost of operations.
screen 4

Production Planning Module

  • The system offers a production plan based on the load, amount of orders, and statistics of the past operations.
  • Ability to view the current amount of raw materials and calculate the number of required products for sale based on the availability of raw materials.
  • Ability to see the number of ordered products and determine how much raw material is needed and in what terms goods must be ready.
  • A convenient search of goods in the warehouse by various parameters.
screen 5

Agents' and Delivery Fees Module

  • Creation of sales and purchasing agents’ fees according to the set commission types.
  • Registration of all agents' fees and invoices that are to be paid in the Accounts Module of the timber industry software.
  • Automatic commissions calculation on the invoice creation with the ability of manual amendment.
screen 6

General Settings Module

  • Adjustment of manufacturing processes.
  • Customization of product characteristics and types.
  • Reporting and specification templates.
  • Setting up parameters of purchases and sales.
  • Management of the price policy.
  • General settings, user management, and information about all company documents.
screen 6
Business Value of Implementing the ERP for Wood Industry

Manage your finances, streamline sales and purchases, automate operations, improve logistics, optimize productivity, and get insightful analytics - all in a single wood manufacturing software. The web-based ERP solution can be customized for your business specifics.

Reduced operating costs

thanks to working in a single integrated system with a clear understanding of the inventory availability, agents’ fees, and collateral costs, which favors smart budget planning.

Advanced accounting management

by generating reports with accounting information in real time for informed operational decisions.

Improved customer service

due to increased order accuracy, faster response time, and improved on-time delivery.

Transparency of business processes

due to the integration of all core processes within the company into a single system and real-time reporting.

Reduced employees’ workload

thanks to immediate input of all data into the lumber software system, improved interaction between employees, automating and dividing complex operations into simpler tasks.

Strong data security

thanks to the provision of a single input system where all databases are centrally backed up to safeguard sensitive data.

Who will benefit?

The Woodworking ERP is ideal for small, midsized, and large businesses manufacturing wood products and having their own product warehouse and(or) production, supply, and sales departments.

Who can benefit from using the woodworking ERP within your company?

  • Top managers to plan production, make management decisions, control manufactured products in real time, etc.
  • Accountants to control the cash flow and the price of materials.
  • Sales managers to communicate with customers and process sales.
  • Purchasing managers to communicate with suppliers and arrange procurement.
  • Stock and other employees to input data into the system and manage operations and products.

This Is How You’ll Get the ERP

How We Work
Stage 1 rhombus
research of your procurement, manufacturing, and sales cycles
customization of the ERP to your business specifics (optional)
Stage 2 rhombus
data migration
integration with banking systems
integration with automated lines - IoT (optional)
Stage 3 rhombus
implementation of the ERP (customized or as-is)
the system launch in a real manufacturing environment
Stage 4
employees’ training
post-launch support
extra reconfiguration or customization on demand

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer a ready-to-use ERP for wood industry. Developed by a professional development team, the platform follows the latest trends, supports all the necessary functions, and is simple to use.
Yes. Our custom ERP software development team will adapt the platform to your business in the short term. By your wish, we can add more modules, integrate your company software or add new features and functions.
No. You don’t need to pay for adding new users to this wood manufacturing software. The ERP allows you to open access to multiple users without disrupting the platform performance.
Yes. You’ll get online technical support together with your lumber software system. If necessary, our experts are ready to come and reconfigure the lumber software system for you. Also, we provide your employees with ERP training for fast and effective system adoption.


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