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Technologies and tools:
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, PayPal, 2CO, Joomla CMS
Efforts :  12 man-months

The ShowCast community was thought out as a sophisticated online community across the Internet dedicated to international modeling business and casting. On the portal models, actors and artists are given an opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience while many model and talent agencies have the option to regularly search the created database.

Technologies and tools:
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Maps API, PayFlow Pro API, Joomla CMS
Efforts :  48 man-months, ongoing

The original idea of this site development was to make an online center for real estate professionals and let them create their custom web-sites within the portal, to carry out promotion campaigns, manage their clients, collect knowledge base and many other options.

Technologies and tools:
Joomla CMS, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WEB2.0, Ajax, FlashMediaServer 3, Ioncube
Efforts :  320 man-months, ongoing

Professional high-end elearning software was designed as a request from a number of teachers from colleges and schools all over the world to produce a system that would enhance the pedagogic used overall.

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Joomla! Projects Development

In PHP/MySQL web development we use Joomla! CMS. Over 8 years of Joomla! development experience enables us to implement a web development project of any complexity. We have completed more than 600 projects of various scale (including 20000+ man-hours) and for different business areas. We consider ourselves to be one of the TOP European Joomla! developers.

Find more information about Joomla development possibilities at the corresponding page. Joomla! CMS is a highly customizable system which offers unlimited possibilities for web development. It is equally suitable to develop a personal web site and big corporate web portal with custom business management Joomla! tools, developed for it. Besides this Joomla! is easy to integrate with third-party applications built on other platforms (SharePoint, Magento, Drupal, etc.).

Joomla! CMS is useful for everything: finance, insurance, health case, real estate, manufacturing, etc. You can start with a simple system with relatively limited functional and small tools collection and extend it to the level of corporate portal with sophisticated Joomla! extensions in the course of your business growth.

Our experienced Joomla! developers can deliver you a high quality project in time and at reasonable price. We can develop the following Joomla! solutions:

  • Web applications;
  • Web portal with Internet and intranet functionality;
  • Custom Joomla extensions, systems and software.

Like full-cycle software development company we offer not only development, but troubleshooting and maintenance of the project. For this purpose you can hire a dedicated team at Belitsoft. Contact us to discuss your Joomla! project development possibility.

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