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Technologies and tools:
PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XML, Magento, AJAX
Efforts :  5 man-months, ongoing

Each Magento web shop has numerous products. Sometimes you need to set up different options for products or even create groups of products with specific settings. This may seem to be a time consuming task, but itís not. Our MagePlace team developed a number of Magento extensions for catalogue management which solve many problems and saves you much time.

Technologies and tools:
PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, XML, SOAP, Magento, SugarCRM
Efforts :  7 man-months, ongoing

Sales level is dependable on service level. This is why to achieve best result one needs both a professional shop and an effective Customer relationship management system (CRM). Very often these 2 systems work together. This project main requirement was to connect such powerful platforms as Magento e-Commerce platform and SugarCRM to ease business management.

Technologies and tools:
PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, XML, Libchart , Magento
Efforts :  3 man-months, ongoing

Asking for customer feedback is common practice of shop owners. Knowing customer opinion and satisfaction degree is essential for a good shop owner. Knowing what customers want, you can always provide them with high quality service the long-awaited product. This will definitely let you win over your competitors. This project aim was to develop a survey for Magento e-shops to help business owners in monitoring the customers opinions.

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Magento Projects Development

This part of Belitsoft company portfolio is dedicated to custom Magento extensions development and general Magento development. Magento e-Commerce is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world which is used to organize online web-shops and trading portals both for small business and big companies.

Numerous requests for Magento customization evoked the necessity to add this platform development to our expertise list and build a strong team of Magento developers. Our experienced engineers can implement project of any complexity, including fully functional Magento web shop or web site with Magento integration.

If you need individual business needs which cannot be implemented by standard Magento platform, our developer are ready to provide you with custom Magento extension meeting your requirements. Possibly something you were looking for is already implemented by our team - see the list of our ready-made Magento extensions here below and visit our online web shop for Magento solutions! Should you need to modify them, we are ready to do it.

Magento platform is great, but we can make it even better for you. Our Magento development services include not only customization, but also maintenance and troubleshooting for all implemented projects, including custom extensions and Magento web sites.

We offer quality products developed by professional Magento developers. The list of extensions we develop for you is constantly growing; hope you will find something good for you in the list of the extensions below or in our web shop for Magento extensions.

Belitsoft like a Magento custom development company is ready to help you raise your sales volume using our experience and cutting-edge software we produce for you.
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